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The author, Jim Sumpter has nailed both the problem as well as the solution. You absolutely must carefully read and share this article .... while you still can.


The act of overt treason on the part of the Republican members of the House of Representatives that is in the process of being forced upon 'We the People' is without precedent in the history of our country. Whether it passes or fails, the great sin is the RINOs who are so comfortable in selling out the principles they have been elected to represent.

Obamatrade is nothing short of handing complete dictatorial powers to a man who has given every indication of his commitment to the implosion of the USA - financially and foundationally – a man who has already assumed the position of a de facto dictator.

The problem is not Obama. The only people surprised by Obama's actions are those who are either terminally stupid or perpetually and willfully ignorant.

The problem is the wussie boy Republicans who, in fact, are not adherents to Republican principles but rather claim the Republican appellation as a matter of convenience. Owned by special interests and/or compromised by personal corruptness, they are nothing more than useful idiots for the Obama Agenda - unable and unwilling to stand in defense of the Constitution they, by oath before God and 'We the People’, swore to uphold and defend.

The biggest media voices continue to mislead their listeners and viewers by concealing their purposeful misdirection presented with just enough truths to make them palatable while refusing to bring accountability to the politicians they have access to.

It is imperative for patriots to recognize this absolute truth: The only reason anyone in the media has access to any member of the House or the Senate is because the elected elites know there will be no questions of accountability.

Big name hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, et al may rail about the 'Republican weasels' in DC, but fawn all over them on the air. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, will confront Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal (should he announce) about their ineligibility to be president because none of them are natural born citizens of the United States of America and every one of them do it with full knowledge of the law as it exists. If the question comes up at all, it's gently finessed or played with using Saul Alinsky-type tactics of ridicule.

We have foolishly created a political class dedicated not to upholding and defending the Constitution but, rather, to doing the bidding of those who fund their elections and lifestyles.

I frequently am asked, "What can we do to stop this?"

There's a more powerful question that must be addressed by the electorate in order for the nation to be preserved as a Constitutionally-based representative republic and it is this: Do you have the courage to seek and speak the truth with a commitment equal to the determination our ruling class has in order to stop them?

We must demand immediate deportation of anyone who is in the country illegally. This social re-engineering of our demographics is the ultimate, fastest, and least-resistant path to the dumbing down of the electorate and solidifying the control the ruling elites have captured of almost every aspect of our lives. The swarm of illegal aliens creates a new class of ‘takers’ – those who are willing to be virtual wards of the state - waiting for their instructions from the elites as to what they should believe, how they should behave, and for whom they should vote.

We must demand immediate impeachment of any elected official who will not support the enforcement of the law - starting with the double-talking RINOs who capitulate to the wishes of sell-out Republican leadership and all the others who march in near lock step with Obama. Obama should have been impeached long ago. I hear chatter that "...we can't impeach the first black president." Obama's anti-American approach to governance has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his ideology. Obama hasn't been impeached for the same reason Clinton wasn't removed from office - the Senate is too corrupt to cast a vote of honorable conscience.

Impeach the most offensive RINOs in the House and then never, ever, ever again vote for an incumbent - regardless of party, promises made, or a misguided sense that “my guy’s a good guy.”

The elites will quickly get the message if 'We the People' put them on notice that "We are term limits".

There's more to be done, but "Gee whiz, Wally, wouldn't this be a great start?"
Of course, there is a third option: Buy into Obama and his trons' approach to governance, and blissfully believe that everything's gonna be fine.

The enormous amount of change that Obama and his Republican co-conspirators have forced upon our country and all of it against the will of the majority of the people is about to reach critical mass as it all transitions from dormant law to ever-encroaching implementation by force.

The end result of Obama’s success is the end of government of, for, and by the people to the new approach to governance that is of, by, and to the benefit of the elected and appointed elite and the hyper-monied evil-doers who financed and orchestrated all of this.

But even this grand conspiracy - that is almost complete – still needs the stamp of approval of ‘We the People’ that only our apathy can provide.


Jim Sumpter is a 43-year broadcast industry veteran who has been a disc jockey, program director, general manager, group executive vice president, as well as involvement in radio station ownership and consulting. Until recently, he was a nationally syndicated talk show host on the USA Radio Networks. He’s a Marine Corps veteran who spent 22 months in Viet Nam. Father of four and grandpa to many more.

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