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Analyst's note:   Absolutely must read.  Until now I'd always thought Secretary of Defense was a full-time job ... apparently not.  One would think we could do far better than Mr. Panetta as SecDef, but with known socialist/Marxist and Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the White House, DoD, DoS, etc., etc., what could at least a communist sympathizer hurt heading our military?  Wait ..... before you answer that question, in addition to the item below, please take a look at the "Related articles."  Like I often have said before, I really don't make this stuff up. Semper Fidelis


[....] factual evidence of Panetta’s associations with friends connected to the Communist Party that include Hugh DeLacy and Lucy Haessler. There are in fact formal tributes made to them in the Congressional record as introduced by Panetta in 1983 and 1984. (Newspaper article here for Congressional Record)

DeLacy had deep ties to Soviet spies while Lucy was a member of a Soviet front organization Women’s International Democratic Federation and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. The State Department at the time cited that the WILPF was a Soviet front operation that Panetta supported. These groups went on to also defend the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan while strongly opposing the United States intermediate range ballistic missile installations in Western Europe. Lucy’s husband, Carl, worked at the Detroit United Auto Workers Union in the mid 60’s and was a member of the Socialist Party USA.

When Panetta ran for Congress in 1976, 2 Socialists devoted to his success worked on his campaign, Don Lane and John Laird. Laird was a member of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee. As a Congressman, Panetta had a voting record that was in complete opposition to Reagan and tendered votes that required continued foreign aid to the Sandinistas and for ceding the control for the Panama Canal among others that demonstrated his deep conviction to reduce and neutralized the United States world power status by reducing arms and nuclear weapons. Panetta introduced HR 2760 which included language to stop all resistance to communism in Nicaragua.

Panetta went on to collaborate with the Institute for Policy Studies  as did his wife Sylvia, who is still there, that among other things provided support for the Chilean Marxist and Cuban agent Orlando Letelier. The IPS is today still a subversive front for globalist think tankers that includes such trustees as Harry Belafonte and Jodie Evans of Code Pink fame. The IPS also has on its Associate Fellows roster, Ajamu Baraka who sits on the Board of the Center for Constitutional Rights  as well as another activist that works for the causes of ACORN.

Turning another page of his activities list, Panetta is involved with many outside organizations that include being a director of Bread for the World Institute, California Forward and the Close Up Foundation. The mission of the Bread for the World Institute  is to change up the domestic farm policy within government legislation for the benefit of third world countries and to the financial exploitation of American farmers. It should be noted that farm subsidies and child labor farm chore bills have been argued in recent weeks that are both to the detriment of our country’s farming industry. Secretary Panetta is also on the Advisory Board for Fleishman Hillard Inc. which is an international firm that is a public relations enterprise that handles scandal control and crisis communications.

Part of their customer list includes unions, the Social Security Administration, banking, elections, lobby firms and big Pharma. Fleishman Hillard is also a political action committee fund-raiser for key candidates and legislative issues where in summary, generous checks accompany language for special interest groups on hundreds of ‘K ‘ streets. Panetta is just one of many high level access conduits for passing up the pipeline political talking points for the administration as actionable government mandates and lobby groups.

Panetta flies home just about every weekend to California where such trips have cost the taxpayers more than $800,000, while he has been only somewhat generous by reimbursing the Treasury $17,000. During these flights Panetta is reviewing government contracts, paying for $400 a gallon fuel due to closed supply routes to Afghanistan, retraining forces on the DADT mandate, closing military operations in 50 states and reassigning 9000 Marines from Okinawa to other AO’s and perhaps on the return flights he is transferring more agenda items from the IPC to K Street and through Congressional office doors. We are within an inch of war anywhere across the globe says Panetta  so it would be prudent to clear his calendar of communist and socialist collaborations and stick to the protection of American interests at home and worldwide.

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