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Analyst's note  Absolutely must read.  An aging infrastructure coupled with a rise in natural and man-made disasters threatens our entire modern day digital infrastructure. How do we prepare for a breakdown? The answer is no, we are not ready unless you consider Marshall law to be the solution.  Extreme natural disasters, terrorist acts, or just the failure of an ailing power grid itself represent real problems to this nation -- think return to "horse & buggy" days.  If you think this is still just a distant worry, then know that studies indicate from no less than the Heritage Foundation that "[....] within a year 9 out of 10 Americans would be dead [4] from starvation, disease and violence." 

This is an extremely troubling message with extreme results if our enemies are successful in this area.  With some backward engineering of the Stuxnet virus we could be in real trouble.  If used in conjunction with other forms of attacks, we can only imagine the end results of an effective cyber or Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack against our U.S. infrastructures such as our electrical grid.  It is not good to be in the bulls-eye for these kind of weapons.

Iran has tested the delivery system of just such a weapon.  China is preparing this weapon for use against our U.S. carriers. Please do an internal site search on the term "Electromagnetic Pulse".

While our politicians are "politicking" and spending our tax money and that money coming from our children yet unborn, the ability to essentially "unplug" this nation for an extended period of time and create a new dark age is known to exist.  The only thing that seems to explain their inaction beside their greed and desire for power is either they are scared into inaction or they believe they should simply "... be merry, for tomorrow they die."  In either case, the American people stand to lose it all.  The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), of which I'm speaking about here, could come from a naturally occurring solar flare from our sun according to NASA (we've already been known to have one such natural event in the 1800's) -- or according to other multiple sources -- from a single a high-altitude nuclear weapon exploded over the United States. 

An EMP weapon could be launched from ship(s) off our shores from a second-rate missile system.   A Russian company is marketing a devastating new cruise missile system which can be hidden inside a shipping container

This is not a newly recognized threat.  We now have Iran building nukes (some experts actually believe they already have 30 to 40 simple nukes -- see BOMBSHELL ALLEGATIONS...), and N. Korea already has them.


"Iran has been working on cyber warfare capabilities that security experts say are aimed at critical U.S. infrastructure systems, and could be launched in retaliation to any attack on its nuclear facilities, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

In addition to Iran, China and Russia also are assessed to be able to attack America’s power grid and industrial control systems, which not only are highly complex but are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks.

One U.S. intelligence source said that the Chinese have attempted to map U.S. infrastructures, particularly the electrical grid. Another source added that the Russians have been doing the same thing and may have penetrated the U.S. electrical grid system and left behind software programs to disrupt the system.

According to the open intelligence company Lignet, Iran may have shifted from defensive to offensive cyber operations following the Stuxnet virus cyber attacks that targeted its infrastructure and nuclear facilities.

[....] The vulnerability stems not only from critical infrastructures being heavily dependent on electricity and electronics but the increasing reliance by utilities on Internet-based transmissions that have increased the vulnerability of control systems.

Just as Russia and China may be assisting Iran with developing cyber warfare capabilities against U.S. systems, there also is the increasing prospect that there is collaboration with North Korea, which now is assessed by intelligence sources to be developing cyber warfare capabilities. [....]"


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