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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read and carefully consider.  Like I've said before, this investigation on a man who now calls himself Obama and who is likely in the office of U.S. President illegally is not going to stop until the full truth comes out.  Assuming this is true, eventually the evidence will tip the scale of justice and the American people will demand action be taken to correct this on-going Constitutional issue.

This report shows that someone has tampered with the evidence related to Obama’s supposed birth in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. A subpoena associated with the National Archives the “Arrival Records” for August 1 through August 10, 1961, of all passengers arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii to see if records existed that Obama and his mother arrived in Hawaii during that time frame.  We now know that microfilm for the August 2 through August 7, 1961 arrivals .... is now missing

"We the People" simply need to read our own Constitution and then DEMAND that our representatives take the appropriate actions in what is the biggest, most far reaching, Constitutional crisis in the history of our United States. 

We don't need a birth certificate on Mr. Obama.  We know that at the time of his birth, his mother -- was according to the laws of the land -- too young to rightfully transfer citizenship.  All we need to know now need to understand is that his father was NOT an American citizen.   This alone disqualifies Barack Hussein Obama -- this fact alone (listen to the first hour and hear Dr. Herb Titus explain) proves that he is NOT a natural born citizen as required for our President by our Constitution

Are you perhaps wondering about the changes you see coming to America?  Does your wonderment include our ever growing, soon to be impossible, high tax rates being imposed on those few of us who still pay taxes? We can NOT forget the history, what little we know, about the man who now sits in our Oval Office in our White House. 

Some of us reasonably believe that Mr. Obama wants more than redistribution of our nation's wealth, he is now very much working to "realign" (downsize) America on the world stage to put us in line with his Father's dream.  Please remember that Mr. Obama, Sr. ... didn't like America very much.  The same can be said for far too many of those who raised, befriended, tutored, and now surround and advise Mr. Barack Obama in his treasonous operations from our nation's highest office.   Now you are hopefully beginning to understand why our Founding Fathers placed the Constitutional requirement for our President to first be a "natural born citizen."  Even Congress is Beginning to Understand that the Muslim Brotherhood is advising Obama ...but that is yet another story.



Emergency Motion Filed: National Archives Caught 
Altering Hawaii Arrival Records For August 7, 1961



WASHINGTON D.C. - The multifaceted litigation that Montgomery Blair Sibley has initiated in an attempt to get to the truth regarding the birth records of Barack Hussein Obama II has both produced fruit and met judicial stonewalling.

Yesterday, Sibley filed an Emergency Second Motion for Order to Release Privacy Act Protected Records. That motion presented photographic evidence to Judge Bates that someone has tampered with the evidence related to Obama’s putative birth in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. Sibley had subpoena from the National Archives the “Arrival Records” for August 1 through August 10, 1961, of all passengers arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii to see if records existed that Obama and his mother arrived in Hawaii during that time frame. What NARA produced were two microfilm spools of the arrival records for July 28 through August 1, 1961 and August 8 through August 12, 1961. As detailed in the Emergency Motion, the original date on the box of “August 7” has been altered by “white-out” and a new date of “August 1” had been written on the box. Proof of that alteration comes from a photograph of the same box taken nine months earlier which reveals the date was originally “August 7”. Thus, indisputably the box has been tampered with – a criminal offense – to hide the fact that the microfilm for the August 2 through August 7, 1961 arrivals is now missing.

Judge Bates continues to ignore Court Rules and stonewall the resolution of Sibley’s pending Motions for a Contempt against: (i) Obama 1st and Obama 2nd, (ii) Harvard Law School, (iii) the Social Security Administration, (iv) the Selective Service System and (v) the State Department.

Sibley said: “To me, Judge Bates is no Judge John Sirica of the same Court who, in 1973, ordered President Nixon to turn over subpoenaed tapes of White House conversations. As all who remember know, when the Supreme Court upheld Judge Sirica’s order in July 1974, Nixon resigned in the face of impeachment and nineteen officials from the Nixon White House were convicted. It is a sad commentary on the state of our so-called judiciary that even when faced with evidence of criminal behavior related to birth records of Obama, Judge Bates refuses to rule in order to shield Obama from the engine of truth which is a judicial proceeding.” -#

EMERGENCY MOTION W/EXHIBITS BELOW OR HERE: http://www.scribd.com/doc/117532988

Previous reports on Mr. Sibley's case here: http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/search?q=montgomery+sibley



Sibley V. Alexander - Emergency Motion - National Archives Caught Altering Hawaii Arrival Records for 1961 ...




2006: Obama In Kenya: I Am So Proud To Come Back Home - VIDEO HERE. 

2007: Michelle Obama Declares Obama Is Kenyan And America Is Mean - VIDEO HERE. 

2008: Michelle Obama Declares Barack Obama's Home Country Is Kenya - VIDEO HERE. 

FLASHBACK: Obama Is The Original Birther! Obama In 1991 Stated In His Own Bio He Was Born In Kenya. DETAILS HERE. 


-ARTICLE II ELIGIBILITY FACTS HERE: http://www.art2superpac.com/issues.html

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