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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must see.  Someone is very wrong about the timeline associated with "Benghazi Gate."  How does the gov't explain that the State Dept. Publicized Names, Photos of Stevens' Benghazi Security Detail Before 9/11/12; Yet Suppressed Their Identities Afterward.  See the "Related articles" below and then judge if you think this is just the "fog of war" or a cover-up.

We also learn that in addition to the differing stories  between the CIA & DoS and then something significantly different in the Chairman of the JCS explanation, we find the following:

[....] Dempsey made his claim that the Benghazi event was really two discrete 20-minute attacks six hours apart in responding to CNN’s Candy Crowley, who had asked him why a U.S. military force could not have gone to help out in Benghazi if the terror attack was a seven-hour battle.

[....] Additionally, an account presented by the Senate Homeland Security Committee in its report on Benghazi also does not comport with General Dempsey's version of events.

[....] Why did this rescue team from Tripoli have to charter a plane to Benghazi? Why couldn't the Defense Department send these Americans a plane in the "hours" they were working to get one? No one in the government has explained this.




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