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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must consider this fascinating interview with Daniel Pipes, one of America's leading experts on Islam and the world's response to it.  In addition to this article I recommend Barack Obama And John Brennan are Muslim Brotherhood Operatives and Cloaks and Keffiyehs

For a necessary perspective, learn about the greed, political correctness, fraud and ultimately about treason involving a number of American companies as well as the American Bar Association as they participate in another form of dhimmitude with a cunning Islamist enemy.   Americans are Funding the Islamist Enemy  Still don't believe that Islamic Shariah Compliant Finance exists? It's actually gone mainstream - check out this


 I recommend  Islamic Finance 101: Brown Bagging Shariah at the DC Bar. You will want to read Shariah Finance Watch. Some are unwittingly contributing to the destruction of the U.S. Constitution through sharia and zakat. Others know exactly what they are doing to take down our United States.  Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood is involved as they push politically correct concepts on this issue, along with their lies.  This is jihad with money ... working to destroy America from within.  For additional insight please click here

For a more in-depth look at Shariah, see Shariah: The Threat to America, a report by 19 top national security practitioners– including the former Director of Central Intelligence, the former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, and the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Shariah: The Threat to America (Report of Team B II) is available on paperback and Kindle at Amazon.comWhy wait until it is too late on a central issue regarding our national security?  Lets stop sharia now!


[....] TB: At the same time you have raised an odd question: "Can Islam survive Islamism?" Can you explain that?

DP: I draw a distinction between traditional Islam and Islamism. Islamism emerged in its modern form in the 1920s and is driven by a belief that Muslims can be strong and rich again if they follow the Islamic law severely and in its entirety. This is a response to the trauma of modern Islam. And yet this form of Islam is doing deep damage to faith, to the point that I wonder if Islam will ever recover.

TB: Give us the historical context.

DP: The modern era for Muslims began with Napoleon's invasion of Egypt in 1798. Muslims experienced a great shock at seeing how advanced the blue-eyed peoples from the north had become. It would be roughly analogous to the Eskimos coming down south and decimating Westerners, who would uncomprehendingly ask in response, "Who are these people and how are they defeating us?"

[....] TB: What about Islam in the United States?

DP: In the long term, the United States could greatly benefit Islam by uniquely freeing the religion from government constraints and permitting it to evolve in a positive, modern direction. But that's the long term. Right now, American Muslims labor under Saudi and other influences, their institutions are extreme, and things are heading in a destructive direction. It's also distressing to see how non-Muslim individuals and institutions, particularly those on the left, indulge Islamist misbehavior.

TB: How do they do that?

DP: Well, turn on the television, go to a class, follow the work of the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center, and you will see corporations, nonprofits, and government institutions working with the Islamists, helping promote the Islamist agenda. The American left and the Islamists agree on what they dislike—conservatives—and, despite their profound differences, they cooperate.

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