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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read.  Most recently the Associated Press reports that " A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order Monday to block a new amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution that would prohibit state courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding cases."  We must understand that Islamism is a Threat Posing as a Religion.

I also make reference to a document entitled Shariah: The Threat to America: An Exercise in Competitive Analysis - Report of Team B II (pdf).  This study is the product of an extended period of research, analysis and debate, undertaken by a large team of security policy experts, which seeks to re-orientate American national security policy regarding the Islamist danger.

In doing so it focuses on the core of Islam, its system of law, or "shariah", conceptualised as a totalitarian ideology akin to communism, Nazism and fascism, and pursued by Muslim supremacists who seek "to impose ... a global totalitarian system cloaked as an Islamic state and called a caliphate" (p.6).
Measures needed to counter Islamic jihad
Urgent measures recommended by "Team B II" include:
resisting attempts to establish shariah, either as a parallel system of laws or as the sole system in Islamist-dominated enclaves and "no-go areas";
preventing the establishment of such areas;
denying immigration entry to those who advocate or adhere to shariah;
• cutting government funding to shariah advocacy groups and their front organisations;
using hate laws to prohibit supporters of shariah from holding positions in government-funded bodies;
proscribing shariah-compliant finance systems and other practices that promote and facilitate the development of shariah;
enforcing sedition laws and applying them to imams and mosques that advocate shariah;
preventing the use in schools of textbooks that promote shariah and withdrawing funding to such schools; and
generally educating the population about the nature of the shariah threat.

Lets take a look now at what led up to this recent delay regarding the Oklahoma against Shariah.

  • Thanks to the national controversy surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque, this year more Americans became aware of a term many had never heard before—sharia law.
  • This past weekend Human Events published a column (see below) co-authored by ACT! for America president Brigitte Gabriel and executive director Guy Rodgers, dealing with the recent sacking of Juan Williams by NPR and what this means regarding sharia law.
  • One week ago ACT! for America efforts helped win overwhelming passage of a constitutional amendment in Oklahoma prohibiting its courts from using sharia law when deciding cases.
  • Two days later, the Oklahoma chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) filed a lawsuit against the Oklahoma amendment.

These events and more are awakening Americans to the realization that the threat of radical Islam goes beyond the threat of terrorism. Terrorism is but one means to an end, and the ultimate end is the advancement of sharia law around the world, whether through violent jihad or stealth jihad.

In support of ACT for America, we encourage you to 
make a contribution, or start or join a local chapter, you are helping to continue building the grassroots citizen action network that is effectively pushing back against the threat of radical Islam, both violent and stealth jihad, and its objective—the imposition of sharia law.

"NPR’s sacking of Juan Williams was more than the politically correct act du jour.  It was the latest in a series of media and political capitulations to Sharia law.
A central provision of Sharia law is its prohibition against speech that can be construed as “defaming” Islam or the prophet Mohammed.  Where Sharia is practiced and enforced, such “defamation” is a criminal offense that can be punished by death
In other words, what we in America take for granted as free speech is a capital crime in some areas of the Muslim world.
Islamists around the world are seeking to impose Sharia’s muzzling of free speech on free societies.  The Organization of the Islamic Conference, composed of 56 Islamic states, has won passage of a United Nations resolution calling on countries to criminalize speech that “defames” religion—clearly referring to Islam.  After all, does anyone really expect countries like Saudi Arabia to criminalize speech that “defames” Judaism?
Criminalizing speech that is deemed “defamation” of Islam is tantamount to a backdoor enactment of Sharia law.  The law may have a different name or description, such as prohibiting “hate speech,” but the effect on speech is the same as if Sharia law were in place.
The Netherlands and Austria are two countries where such de facto “Sharia-compliant” laws are in effect.  Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders is currently on trial for publicly criticizing Islam.  Austrian Parliamentarian Susanne Winter was convicted of a similar “crime” in early 2009.  And just last week we were informed that Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, an Austrian who is an ACT! for America member and chapter leader in our expanding international program, will go on trial there for allegedly transgressing the same law.
When newspapers around the world, including most in America, refused to publish the satirical Mohammed cartoons, capitulation to de facto Sharia law occurred.  The ostensible reason was to avoid “offending” or “inflaming” the Muslim world.  The practical effect was a widespread media self-censorship that was every bit as much a compliance with Sharia law as if Sharia law were the actual law of the land.
Some Muslims and Islamic organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) argue that such self-censorship is necessary because without it “Islamophobia” will continue to rise.  But there is more here than meets the eye.
Immediately after Juan Williams’ appearance on The O’Reilly Factor, CAIR swung into action and demanded that NPR “address” what Juan Williams said. 
Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman, appeared on Megyn Kelly’s program on Fox News to defend CAIR’s actions.  Tellingly, he failed to reiterate his comment made in a 1993 article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, in which he said, “I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future.”
CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad expressed a similar sentiment in 1998
when he was quoted in two California newspapers maintaining that “the Koran should be the highest authority in America.” 
In other words, he wants Sharia law, not the Constitution, to be the supreme law of the land.
Contrast Hooper’s statement with one recently made by moderate and reformist Muslim Dr. Tawfik Hamid:
"Organizations like ACT! for America have come into existence because of the very real threat posed to free people everywhere by what some call “radical Islam” or “Islamism.”  Sadly, the response I see from too many in the Muslim world is to reflexively label such efforts as “Islamophobic” rather than [to] conduct a serious evaluation of Islam that asks why so many non-Muslims harbor legitimate fears and concerns.  I believe [that] the Muslim world needs to provide a peaceful understanding of the religion that unambiguously rejects the current mainstream teachings in Islam that promote hatred, discrimination, and violence.  It is the responsibility of Islamic scholars to provide such alternative teaching to Muslims before asking the world to stop engaging in so-called “Islamophobia.” 
Hamid’s reference to the harboring of “legitimate fears” by non-Muslims speaks directly to what Juan Williams was expressing.  Don’t shut down free speech.  Instead, we should encourage more speech that candidly addresses the threat of radical Islam and what that threat means to Americans, whether they are Muslim or non-Muslims.
It’s clear that NPR decided to make an example of Juan Williams for crossing a line into the Forbidden Zone of political correctness when he spoke out on the “sensitive” issue of Islam.  But NPR’s action transcends the boundaries of political correctness.  As newspapers did when they self-censored cartoon renderings of the prophet Mohammed, NPR sent an unmistakable message to Islamists worldwide that Sharia law, even when not formally the law of the land, trumps our First Amendment."

America is under attack from different yet related quarters.  We must understand that this is all related.  Here is additional insight into the most recent related news regarding the explosive packages intercepted on their way to America.  I know you've been watching the news, so I'll not repeat that here at this point.  The author of one e-mail reminded me of the known fact that U.S.-based Marxists are working with al Qaeda and "revolutionary Iran."  The "radical left" is not discriminating and will join forces with any group that shares its hatred of Israel and the United States… The Marxist seem to have overlooked the results if the global Islamist jihadist actually come to power.  On a related point, this same friend also pointed out that the notorious Marxist terrorist known as "Carlos the Jackal" converted to Islam. He is now in prison in France. 

Also consider this: Al Qaeda in Yemen used PETN as their explosive in these devices. Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn - admitted Marxist who are known associates of Mr. Obama - used C-4 and pipe bombs filled with nails and heavy metal staples. In fact President Obama started his political career in the Chicago living room of Bill Ayers.  A special report on Bill Ayers endorsing Saturday’s Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally was picked up by BigJournalism.com, BigPeace.com, and World Net Daily. See www.usasurvival.org

Stewart and Colbert are front men for the “progressives.” They should disavow Bill Ayers’ endorsement. But they will not. Although Marxism is not a joking matter, they will try to crack a joke.

You'll also want to examine a 56-page report (PDF) on a October 21 "Marxism in America conference." There are plenty of photos of our speakers and summaries of what they had to say.  This same conference produced a
a 30-minute radio interview .

Action is required by all of us to survive.  But you say, "What can you do?"  You say, "You don't understand?"  The Islamist jihadist enemy is working to keep you in that state of ignorance in order to make it easier to impose a global totalitarian system that is one of the most brutal and unrelenting this world has offered.  In addition to reading this entire article, I encourage you to search within this CSIA Report on the terms of "Phares", "Muslim Mafia", "jihad", "sharia", "CAIR",  "Caliphate", "Awlaki", "Cordoba", "Dhimmi", "Hezbollah", Moderate Muslim", "Muslim Brotherhood", "Panther", "Salafists", "Tawfik", "Marxist", "IslamBerg", "Iran", "PFLP", and "Hawala" and the related CSIA Report: Media Collection for additional insight.

Political correctness is NOT cutting it as Americans are coming to understand.  Will somebody please tell Mr. Obama before even more Americans are killed by this Islamist jihadist threat?

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