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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read.  Finally, the word is beginning to get out regarding the seditious threat to our nation and way of life that is the radical Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups operating within America.  They have been here for years.  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors what you are reading here.   All American citizens -- including our elected officials -- are going to have to understand this threat described here.  United we must stand in clearing this insidious threat from our shores or individually we will all fall.

Our thanks to WorldNetDaily for this report (please read the entire original article) and to those in Washington clearly working to identify and clear this threat from our nation.  This will "get ugly" before it is over.  Political correctness must be one of the first victims.

In addition to reading this entire article, I highly encourage you to search within this CSIA Report on the terms of "Phares", "Muslim Mafia", "jihad", "sharia", "CAIR",  "Caliphate", "Awlaki", "Cordoba", "Dhimmi", "Hezbollah", "Gaffney", "Moderate Muslim", "Muslim Brotherhood", "Panther", "Salafists", "Tawfik", "Marxist", "IslamBerg", "Iran", "PFLP", and "Hawala" and the related CSIA Report: Media Collection for additional insight into this threat to our national security.

"In an unprecedented series of Capitol Hill briefings, a coalition of former U.S. intelligence officials, military officials, FBI investigators and federal prosecutors plans to warn incoming Republican lawmakers about what they say is a seditious threat to national security from radical Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America.

The coalition, organized by the Washington-based Center for Security Policy, will urge congressional leaders to "hold urgent hearings to assess the damage" from Brotherhood influence operations, and pass Cold War-style legislation to help ferret out such subversive Islamist elements operating within U.S. borders.

Currently, the officials say, the FBI and Pentagon have no formal counterintelligence programs in place to guard against Brotherhood infiltration efforts targeting Washington.

"Under both parties, the U.S. government has comprehensively failed to grasp the true nature of this enemy," the group warns in a 352-page report distributed to winners of the 2010 elections and other members of Congress.

In addition, the group will present case studies of influence operations the Brotherhood has mounted against the U.S. government.

The Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide jihadist movement based in Egypt and heavily funded by Saudi Arabia, is the parent of Hamas and al-Qaida. It shares al-Qaida's goals of imposing Shariah law in the West and re-establishing the Islamic caliphate to rule in accordance with it.

Shariah law is an Islamic legal code that administers "cruel and unusual punishments" against women, homosexuals and non-Muslims, according to the report. It also limits free speech and expression, including the liberty to analyze and criticize Shariah, making it "incompatible with the U.S. Constitution."

"In fact," the coalition argues, "Shariah's pursuit in the United States is tantamount to sedition."

The group says laws empowering the FBI and other agencies to crack down on Soviet infiltrations during the Cold War may not be enough to protect Washington from Brotherhood penetrations. It warns that the Brotherhood is already "embedded deep inside both the United States and our allies," and its agents are more "sophisticated" than Soviet spies and "highly skilled in exploiting the civil liberties and multicultural proclivities of Western societies."

"The prior experience would not mean the security precautions that sufficed to protect the nation from communism are sufficient to shield us from a totalitarian ideology cloaked in religious garb," the group asserts in its report, without elaborating.[....]"

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