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Analyst's note:  From the earliest days of this war that was brought to our nation's shores, there were those who chose willful blindness that lead to a tacit kind of conscious avoidance of the issue. It is also true that federal officials who should have known better, passively avoided learning basic, uncomfortable facts regarding our Islamist enemy who called themselves jihadists. For the most part, though during the early days, those gov't officials did not affirmatively obstruct those patriots who were more industrious.  Those American patriots who have spent considerable time and effort to understand this Islamist enemy who has declared war on this nation and people, both by word and deed, are now methodically being diverted to the lines of the unemployed by "useful idiots" who knowingly or unknowingly serve this Islamist enemy.    Does freedom of speech survive in this country, I think not.  As a result, our national security is in critial peril as more and more people do NOT know and understand this hideous enemy ... rather only know and react to enemy propaganda coming from such enemy operatives as the Muslim Brotherhood and The Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR). The fact our nation is now bending to the point of breaking under the weight of the Islamist 'Civilization jihad' and On-going Islamist Infiltration of Key Elements of our U.S. Government.  Political correctness still kills ..... you and your family may well be next.  Are you willing to sit back and let it happen?


By way of a reminder regarding this "Fifth Column" and from their own documents we read [...] the Muslim Brotherhood's mission in America is "destroying Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

For yet additional insight and perspective, please do an internal site search on the following terms:  "Soros", "Progressive", "Czar", "Socialist" and "Responsibility to Protect".  I also strongly recommend an internal site search on the terms of "Team B II" "sharia", "information warfare", "jihad", "Islamist",  "Salafists", "Dhimmi", "Achilles Heel", "Tawfik", "Phares", "Muslim Brotherhood", "Caliphate", "Iran", "Hawala", "Cordoba", "Moderate Muslim", and "CAIR" for yet additional needed insight gathered over time on this site.  


A few years back, I wrote a book called “Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad.” It was about being on the “front lines,” so to speak, of the battle against Muslim terrorism. I put “front lines” in quotes because, though the terrorists saw themselves as fighting a doctrinally ordained war of armed combat, we were treating them as mere criminals — such that our idea of a battlefield was the federal courthouse, and our idea of a commander was, well . . . me.

[....] Today, conventional methods of intelligence collection — along with the basic premise that you need to understand what you are looking for — are foresworn if they are deemed to interfere with Islamic outreach in any way. Counterterrorism is not national security anymore; it is pseudo-psychology. The key to making us safer is making Muslims feel good about themselves, the theory holds. This will nullify resentment, and resentment, not ideology, is the cause of Islamic aggression — except we wouldn’t want to call it Islamic aggression because Muslims would resent that. So we must suppress all references to Islam (Islamist, “political Islam,” “Islamic supremacism,” jihad, etc.). And we must violate the first rule of good intelligence that nothing is beyond scrutiny: It is to be taken as a given that Islam is not the problem but a key part of the solution.

There are many farcical things about Islamic outreach, but the worst is that it miniaturizes the threat of Islamic supremacism. Contrary to popular wisdom, violent jihadists do not kill wantonly. It is a grave error to confuse tactical barbarism with mental dysfunction. They kill for the same reason that non-violent Muslim supremacists champion sharia, Islam’s legal system and societal framework. The rational, coherent goal of both the violent and the non-violent is to Islamize the society by imposing Allah’s law.

Islamized society is antithetical to the Western notion of free society — it rejects liberty and equality. Therefore, the threat to us is not merely violence, or “violent extremism” (the euphemism in vogue for “jihadist terror”). Violence is just the immediate part of the threat. The overall threat is that our liberty will be eroded as sharia mores take root. Sharia is extremism, and it imperils us whether or not it is implemented violently.

Moreover, the animating supremacist doctrine is the same for everyone who hears it, even if only some are moved to violence. All who accept the doctrine have the same ultimate goal; they differ only in their methods of achieving it.

[....] The Obama administration has gone all in with these Islamic leaders. It is not only willfully blind to the threat, a la Clinton and Bush. Obama has made blindness compulsory. Under his direction, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and even the military are taking muscular steps to bleach training materials of any information that these Muslim leaders might find offensive, meaning: anything that explains Islamic supremacism and demonstrates the unmistakable causal relationship between Islamic scripture and Islamic terror. Disappearing along with the materials are the instructors who lecture about them. The idea is not just to airbrush Islam but to intimidate — with the specter of taint and lost employment — anyone who would dare challenge Obama orthodoxy.

The president is purging information on which, not so long ago, juries relied to convict jihadists. Notwithstanding all its willful blindness, the government used to pass out sparkling awards to the officials who stitched that information together. Now, in the era of compulsory blindness, the government stamps “Islamophobe” on your head and hands you your walking papers. [....]


— Andrew C. McCarthy is the author, most recently, of The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America.

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"Yup, that’s Islam. The men can’t take it upon themselves to control their impulses. The women–even on American soil (and the U.S. Naval Base at Gitmo is, indeed, American soil)–must cover themselves completely up, lest someone’s hair or ear’s turn them on.  In Islam, there is no personal responsibility and discipline, contrary to popular belief.  Instead, it’s just women who “deserve to be raped” because they are “unwrapped meat,” as several prominent Muslim imams around the world have declared.  And Ms. Bormann’s display is just more pandering to that backwards world that is quickly, rapidly expanding on U.S. soil beyond Gitmo.

Again, as I always say, the West v. Islam ain’t a clash of civilizations. Because that assumes that the latter is, in fact, a civilization.

The evidence proves otherwise. As do the silly, chutzpahdik pronouncements of this jihadist’s dhimmi lawyer-ette.

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