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Analyst's note: We are not alone in believing that the attack on Iran is approaching quickly.  We have seen reported that the Largest U.S. naval armada in history is in Persian Gulf. Israel will attack Iran before the American election

My personal assessment is that this attack on Iran is coming ... Iran knows it and is preparing.  We might as well get ready for the "blow-back" that will certainly follow here within these United States.  Please don't miss the embedded video and related articles.


If this information is correct, we'd all best standby for "heavy seas and rolls."  For Iran, it is a religious thing.  Nothing we can do will stop them from doing what their religious leaders are telling them to do to facilitate the return of the 12th Imam. Be concerned where the 12th Imam is involved -- it doesn't matter if you  believe it -- the current Iranian leadership does & they are the ones building the bomb and targeting the United States from within. They fully believe that they have to start WW III, before their 'Islamic messiah' will return.  They have told the world this very thing for years now, and for some reason, the world does not seem to be listening, or just does not believe Iran will do it.  Bummer .... political correctness still kills.


[....] In the last three weeks, a steady stream of administration officials have flown to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, among them Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Thomas E. Donilon, the national security adviser. The trips were in part planned for other reasons — Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Panetta were going to Egypt to meet with the new president and so diplomatically could not ignore Israel — but administration officials say that there has been an intense effort to stay in close contact with Israel and abreast of its intentions.

[....] In Israel, there remains feverish speculation that Mr. Netanyahu will act in September or early October. Besides the prime minister’s fear that Israel’s window of opportunity will close soon, analysts cite several reasons for the potential timing: Israel does not like to fight wars in winter. Mr. Netanyahu feels that he will have less leverage if President Obama is re-elected, and that if Mr. Romney were to win, the new president would be unlikely to want to take on a big military action early in his term.

If I were an Iranian, I would be very fearful of the next 12 weeks,” said Efraim Halevy, a former chief of Israel’s intelligence agency and national security adviser.

[....] American defense officials and experts in Israel say that because Israel does not have a bomb powerful enough to penetrate Iran’s underground uranium-enrichment facilities, an independent strike would be likely to set the nuclear program back only one or two years, at most. That has led to major dissent among Israel’s security professionals over the wisdom of such an attack. The Pentagon, in contrast, has the munitions, bombers, missiles, stealth aircraft and drones that would cause far more extensive damage.

[....] “Everybody’s leaking like crazy right now — that doesn’t mean there will be a strike, but it means we’re closer to a decision,” said Amos Harel, defense correspondent for the left-leaning Israeli newspaper Haaretz, who estimated the chance of an attack before November at 50 percent. “It’s probably a more crucial junction than it was ever before.”


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