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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read.  Clearly Mr. Obama is suing to restrict military voters ... many of whom will vote republican.  He is doing this while trying to see that  Defense Contractor Pink Slips Do NOT Go Out 5 Days Before Election'.  We also reported here on associated articles to include one entitled Wait, Gunny - I Have to Change my Diaper.  Yes, all this material is related to buying votes and otherwise controlling those who properly vote

Facts and truth:

1 - Center for Military Readiness: Problems with Gays in the Military

Gag factor of ten:

2 - Military indoctrinated on gays kissing, behavior
3 - LEAKED: U.S. defense officials deliberately skewed survey results to sway ‘Don't Ask’ repeal
4 - Feds find fix was in on 'study' of homosexuality in ranks
5 - Homosexual Assault in the military
6 - The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party
7 - New military policy a 'disgrace,' says Land
8 - Sham (queer) Marriages Got Marines Housing Money
9 - Sen. Scott Brown getting “highest award” from Log Cabin Republicans for voting to repeal “Don't Ask Don't Tell”
10 - The Queering of our military and God's wrath
11 - Not born this way: Facts and help


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This all is going on while President Obama's Creates a Record of Dismantling Immigration Enforcement.  This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Obama administration's relentless effort to undermine the enforcement of most U.S. immigration laws. The study details dozens of incremental steps taken by the Obama administration to weaken and restrict immigration enforcement, acts of raw intimidation against state and local governments that have attempted to enforce our immigration laws, and a campaign of deception designed to convince the American public that immigration laws are being respected and executedRead the report here

The Democrats, with the help of George Soros & other donors, are planning to buy their votes to re-elect Obama over Romney.  Whatever happened to national security (?)  Never mind! We also pointed you to articles entitled  Texas Demolishes Eric Holder's USDoJ Case Against Voter I.D. and Barack Obama Violates Federal Law Funding Voter Fraud To Win 2012 Election?

Obama is also prepping thousands of lawyers for reelection work in his behalf.  In Florida alone the Florida voter fraud is massive: Rolls reflect roughly 53K dead, 2,600 ineligible.  We reported here that 23 Democrat Attorneys General snag $1.1 billion slush fund to buy Obama votes  We expect a Tsunami of Voter Fraud in the Upcoming Presidential Election.

Do you really think all this and much more is all a coincidence?  What could possibly go wrong here ....?  Think people BEFORE it is too late. We are doing our best here to help you connect-the-dots.


Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) posted a scathing statement on his Facebook page Friday, saying President Obama’s decision “to unleash his campaign cronies against our military is unconscionable.”

[....] “To have the Commander in Chief make our US Servicemen and Women the target of a political attack to benefit his reelection actions is reprehensible. The voting privilege extended to these Warriors who represent the best among us should not be a part of the collective vision of this inept President who is more concerned about his reelection than sequestrationAs a Combat Veteran, for this President to unleash his campaign cronies against our Military is unconscionable….how dare this President compare the service, sacrifice, and commitment of those who Guard our liberties not as special and seek to compare them to everyone else. Barack Obama is undeserving of the title Commander-in-Chief.

West’s statement was in response to decision by the Obama campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party, to sue the state of Ohio last month in an attempt to strike down changes in the state’s law that limit in-person early voting for some and not others.

Under the law, members of the armed forces and their families as well as civilians overseas can vote through the Monday before an election, while early voting for all other Ohio residents ends on that Friday. This is the disparity that the Obama campaign reportedly believes is “unconstitutional.”

And though the Obama campaign and the other Democratic groups do not want to eliminate the military’s early voting extension, as some outlets first reported, West argues the “collective” shouldn’t enjoy the same voting privileges as the men and women of the military.

Hot Air has more details about the Ohio voting lawsuit: [....]


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