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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read.  We have been reporting that Iran terrorist sleeper cells are working in U.S. with Mexican drug cartels.  We also know that the Muslim Brotherhood is operating within our U.S. White House, our schools, and our U.S. military establishment.

You say prepare for what (?) ... think war from jihadi terrorist within our U.S. national borders and expect soft targets to include financial related targets to be hit.  Terror cells are said to be preparing to strike United States from South America.  If you think we can permit games to be played with national borders and illegal immigration .... you'd better think again. These people play for keeps. We need to close our borders ... and it may already be too late.  Don't say you have not been warned ... see the "Related articles" listed below.

This is NOT a political game, the enemy originates from the Islamist jihadist ideology wrapped in the religion of Islam and fronted by the Muslim Brotherhood now operating within the highest levels of our U.S. federal government and beyond

Islamist in S. America ... what could possibly be the concern?  You can be sure that U.S. is their ultimate target.  As a result one can only conclude that U.S. national security and the lives of American citizens are at major risk. Sharia law is already operating in the U.S. Iran is the epicenter for the Shiites of the world, and many are firmly behind the regime, and are embedded within our cities. What they do in response to an attack on Iran is speculative, but Iran itself has told us they will rise up, here. Therefore, take the warnings very seriously.  U.S. terror experts warn of growing attack risk to U.S. as Iranian outreach program in Canada mobilizes immigrants for ‘service’ to Tehran

We have enemy agents operating inside and helping to guide our top federal government agencies.  Their insidious work is to sabotage our nation from within using our own hands to do it.  If we don't get control of this and stop it, what will follow within our nation will be beyond imagination.  Their ultimate work of death and destruction will be partially carried out by saboteurs and operatives, many of whom are already in place.   In other words, one must ultimately conclude that either Mr. Barack Hussein Obama does understand this enemy .... the progressives (communists) are using them to help in their efforts to "transform" America OR Mr. Obama and his staff have been duped.  The end result is the same insideous outcome for America.

This enemy will NOT be checking to determine your political affiliation. We can only hope this is not part of the "October surprise" or "False Flag" operations that some are predicting.

Also America can not long ignore the multiple threats posed by the Iranian regime to include the use of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). It has a missile base in Venezuela, it is building nukes, and it is openly calling for a jihad against the USA. Just remember that it doesn't necessarily take a lot of missiles if they are properly employed. Please also read this article posted here I'm talking here about the possibility of approximately 90% of Americans dead following a simple, yet effective attack in which America has AT MOST 33 mins from launch to impact: Then total silence.


All this at a time when our nation defense establishment is about to be destroyed from within and we have known operatives inside our government.  You will then become the "front-line" of defense.  Please don't miss this video below called: Islam, What the West need to know.  You owe it to yourself and your family ..... to your nation.  Presently our federal government is ignoring these truths and the Muslim Brotherhood is doing all they can from within to assure that this ignorance continues among the American people.


Please remember that when considering the 12th Imam, and the resulting threat to the West, it doesn't matter if you believe it or not .... the enemy does!  This enemy has already moved 40,000 terrorist agents to S. America - the Islamist threat here!  Poltital correctness is about to kill againThe time is now for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. Semper Fidelis


"Rafic Mohammad Labboun Allaboun, an American citizen, was arrested Saturday night in the company of a number of suspected Hezbollah operatives, the Yucutan Times reports.

American authorities had already issued an international alert for the man, so after his arrest Allaboun was directly transported to Houston, Texas.

The two other suspected extremists, Justin Yasser Safa from Belize and George Abdalah Elders, remain in Mexican custody, the Times of Israel relates.

Apparently Allaboun attempted to convince Mexican authorities he was from Belize as well, even showing them a fake passport before his arrest.

Though few details about the group have been released, the Yucutan Times adds:

Official sources stated that intelligence agencies from the United States were tracking down this group, allegedly part of the terrorist network of Hezbollah…this cell operates in Mexico and Central America.

[...] Allegedly the group [that was] arrested [was] participating in financing activities in an attempt to bail out incarcerated Hezbollah members jailed in the United States.

American authorities have long been concerned about radical organizations infiltrating our porous southern border.

In 2011, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney warned that the existence of such groups throughout Latin America, particularly in collusion with the drug cartels, pose a “significant and imminent threat to the United States of America.”


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Iran terrorist sleeper cells working in U.S. with Mexican drug cartels

Iran moves 40,000 terrorist agents to S. America - the Islamist threat here!




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