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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read.  I have been considering this morning what I just witnessed yesterday.  Frankly, it was something I never expected to see as I had misplaced confidence in the American people.   Over generations America has gradually lost its moral compass.  Our direction, power, and influence are now all but lost as a nation and as individuals.  We have drifted away from our Founding Father's original success formula for our nation.  We proved this point on the night of November 6, 2012. 

Yesterday was the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.  In that effort we failed to act properly and will suffer the natural consequences that are sure to follow.  For those who are not too blind to see or to deaf to hear, having reelected the man who now calls himself Barack Hussein Obama, a "progressive" as President here is what is now coming our way.  Buckle up, the ride will get extremely rough over the next four years.


 U.S. Cycle for Prosperity



"The best is yet to come."


Below is a prediction from a close friend that I endorse and I can only hope that the POTUS and the Congress will find a way to cooperate and at least agree that we can't continue to spend more than we take in and borrow to make those expenditures.

"My predictions for the next four years:

1 - Further erosion of the First Amendment 
2 - Full out assault on the Second Amendment
3 - Further egregious expansion and misuse of the Commerce Clause
4 - Continued erosion of the Tenth Amendment
5 - Another credit rating downgrade in the next nine months
6 - Skyrocketing costs for gasoline, food, and electricity that will make the last four years look tame
7 - Less access and higher costs for healthcare resulting in a government takeover of the entire system (which was the stated goal to begin with)
8 - Burgeoning bureaucracy 
9 - Unemployment numbers climbing above 10%
10 - Further radicalization of our youth through indoctrination
11 - Continued abdication of social values to political correctness
12 - Further loss of our cultural identity to mandatory "diversity"
13 - The US Dollar will no longer be the world's currency
14 - Military cuts that make Red Dawn a real possibility
15 - The US will devolved into a European-style, fiscally-insolvent, semi-socialistic has-been super power
16 - Like many European countries, we will have to endure austerity measures
17 - There will be many "temporary" measures taken in the name of the "common good" and "shared sacrifice" and how we have to do our "fair share." 

Why do I believe this? Because POTUS will likely appoint at least two Supreme Court justices and for as much as it's overused, we are headed towards a fiscal cliff with unsustainable expenditures.

Those two alone will secure most of these predictions.
Keep working. Write your congressmen and senators. Stay involved and ensure your voice is heard."

Our Republic will *"hopefully" endure...


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