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Analyst's note:  Are you buying this story?  We could say unbelievable, but this is Barack Hussein Obama and his "useful idiots" being advised by our enemy know as the Muslim Brotherhood who are now trying to make the sale.

"It is clear that there were never any “moderates” to begin with, and that the goal was to create and utilize terrorist hordes like ISIS as a pretext for violently reordering the Middle East."


Analyst's note:  Delay, delay, delay, from every angle and eventually potential witnesses are killed off as the truth is guarded by a bodyguard of lies.


Analyst's note:  Ultra high-speed weapons pose a major strategic threat to opposing forces in that they are hard-to-counter and have the ability to defeat strategic missile defenses that might be used against theater-range or intercontinential-range missiles.  China is also developing technology to produce a second generation anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) warhead that is more maneuverable and more difficult to counter.  China, the United States, Russia and India are building high-technology hypersonic strategic arms.

"In a report published in April for the U.S. Pacific Command’s think tank, Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, Saalman stated the Wu-14 appears to be part of China’s efforts to build a counterpart to the U.S. Prompt Global Strike initiative.

Prompt Global Strike (PGS) is a U.S. military program to develop weapons—mainly missiles—that can strike targets at any location on earth within 30 minutes using conventional warheads. China fears the system will be used to knock out its nuclear missiles on the ground in the early stages of a conflict.

The U.S. PGS capability is being designed for use against terrorists or nuclear and other mass destruction weapons that are identified by intelligence agencies and must be attacked quickly before the targets flee or are moved."


Analyst's note:  Barack Hussein Obama aids and abets our enemy with material assistance.  Consider the facts and the consequences along with what should follow. 

"This is a crime punishable by imprisonment of 10 years to life, which covers all Americans--including the President."


Analyst's note:  Learn the details as to what has gone on, and continues to go on, with the help of the Obama administration and others that preceded him.

[....] Islamists have infiltrated the highest echelons of our government and are on the road to achieve their goal to destroy America from within — unless you and I do something about it.  [....] For years Americans have endured the deception spewed out by politicians pandering for Muslim votes, our own government, and Muslim apologists that “Islam is a religion of peace”. . .

Know also that Foley was first kidnapped by Obama-funded “moderate” Free Syrian Army group.


Analyst's note:  Truth is now beginning to come out as to what actually happened.  Justice for all is what is needed.

THE POLICE OFFICER whose fatal shooting of pot influenced, Michael Brown touched off more than a week of often violent demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo., suffered severe facial injuries — including an eye-socket fracture — and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department's top brass


Analyst's note: We must develop a long-view on events within our United States of America fostered by an Islamic enemy (CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood and ISNA just to name a few) that most do not yet understand.  From Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies against the West, by Walid Phares, (also see "The War of Ideas" and "The Confrontation" by the same author) we learn that the Islamic jihadists hope to explode an "ethnic bomb" that is not limited to African-Americans.  Another group they exploit is the Hispanic-AmericanJihad terror groups have long-term grand plan, backed by seemingly endless money, for the erosion and then the collapse of America's ethnic makeup. Such terrorist will eventually be born in the U.S. or the West, speak our local language without accent, know our culture and be part of it, and grow up within the system.  But this domestic enemy will be indoctrinated by jihadists early in life. 

Especially in today's world, there is nothing in use to prevent such penetration.  The practical question is how to make the U.S. public and bureaucracy aware of the likelihood of such scenarios. A number of elements in our societal infrastructure such as universities, and community and religious organizations were/and continue to be targeted by the jihadist.  They have done so for over the past 20 or more years.  To protect their funding, this infrastructure continues to be part of the cover-up (wittingly or unwittingly).  Remember that if the jihadist can poison the factory, they devastate the streams and blur our nation's vision.  From academia the jihadist reach to our media, our government at all levels, our foreign policy, and eventually the thinking of our military.  Yet this, along with our U.S. Constitution, is where we must ultimately look to help fend off the next jihad attacks coming our way.  Wahhabism, Sufism, Shitte, or Sunni, as Hillary Clinton would say speaking of the attack in Benghazi, "What difference does it make?"  It is also good to keep in mind that "President Barack Obama is an Islamist who is intentionally working against the security of the United States, said former Florida Rep. Allen West."


Analyst's note:  Absolutely chilling, please read it yourself & watch the videos.  Martial law and more ....  If we really want national security here in the United States, this is NOT it.  From Boston To Ferguson: Have We Reached A Tipping Point In The Police State?   Also don't miss DOJ, Communists, New Black Panthers Hijack Ferguson Protests --Leader of militant group pictured coordinating with police .... and Proof! America Now Under Martial Law--Infowars reporters attacked by riot police once again.  We also note that Obama Has Fired 9 Generals This Year… So Far. But Why?


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