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Analyst's note:  As a result of an on-going investigation, it is now reported that the "Barack Hussein Obama regime" and other "'progressive' useful idiots" switched sides to support known al-Qaeda operatives and otherwise failed to respond was the reason for the set up leading to the Benghazi disaster and deaths of Americans.  Remembering More Secrets regarding Huma Abedin (Clinton Jihadist Connection) and Federal Government, and The Secret Document That Set Obama's Middle East Policy along with Treason: Big Time Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of White House, DHS, DoS, Congress & Pentagon and Enemy Combatants on American Soil my money is on the fact that further investigation will once again show that the Muslim Brotherhood has known operatives inside and directly influencing as they guide, if not lead, this Obama regime.  

"The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,’ Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told MailOnline.

She blamed the Obama administration for failing to stop half of a $1 billion United Arab Emirates arms shipment from reaching al-Qaeda-linked militants.

‘Remember, these weapons that came into Benghazi were permitted to enter by our armed forces who were blockading the approaches from air and sea,’ Lopez claimed. ‘They were permitted to come in. … [They] knew these weapons were coming in, and that was allowed..

‘The intelligence community was part of that, the Department of State was part of that, and certainly that means that the top leadership of the United States, our national security leadership, and potentially Congress – if they were briefed on this – also knew about this.’

The weapons were intended for Gaddafi but allowed by the U.S. to flow to his Islamist opposition."

In addition to an internal site search on the term "Muslim Brotherhood", also please see Intel analyst: Gadhafi wanted out

"They suggest that there are those within the U.S. government on both sides of the aisle who could be implicated based on the fact that they may have material knowledge of the U.S. government’s material support for terrorism.

The committee is gathering the evidence, and members told reporters they are “very close” to closing the gaps to reveal who is responsible for U.S. soldiers’ deaths in Benghazi, the new U.S.-backed, al-Qaida-supported Libyan National Transitional government and a resurrected Middle East turmoil – all of which they say could have been easily prevented."


Analyst's note:  Absoluetly must read.  We have heard in recent days about "Prince" Harry Reid and his ever more bazaar statements, but are you aware of how YOU, the well-armed, educated American conservatives,  are now viewed by the federal government?  Clearly as the Obama regime and other progressives in Washington, D.C. choose "politics over policy and facts," they continue to operate with deeply infiltrated Muslim Brotherhood operatives (enemy).  As they are devising new “counterterrorism strategy,” common sense is replaced by paranoia and suspicion in a most unusual manner not seen in this country since the days of the Revolutionary War and later the Civil War.    I see this as additional evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood continues to mobilizes and elect Democrats while they guide Obama's regime in governance @ gunpoint.

"....The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) informs the public of the statistics that this adminstration doesn’t want you to know in its 40 year study labeled Profiles of Perpetrators of Terrorism in the United States.

... the federal government that (now) depicts the modern day American citizen as a terrorist for protesting against the legitimacy of the federal government."

".... indicators to look for regarding terrorist activity, buying in bulk basically anything with cash should be reported to the authorities. Other indicators include such things as, people in places where they do not belong, vehicles that appear to be overloaded and people overly dressed for the weather.

"....Ultimately what we are witnessing today is the shift in the narrative that surrounds counterterrorism operations. The narrative was initially based upon the threat of Muslim fundamentalists following the September 11th attacks, now the focus of the government has shifted to suspicions of gun owning, law-abiding citizens.



Analyst's note:  I honestly believe this is a state sovereignty issue.  We have just now been given word, yet unconfirmed from any other source, that federal agents have about "eighty miles of motels filled up."  If true, the federal gov't may well be staging for yet other events. There is a case showing that the federal gov't has no authority in this matter even if a tortoise is involved.  Congress needs to rein-in "Prince" Harry Reid along with their other progressive operatives.  Don't miss the BLM whisle blower comments.

If federal actions in this matter are beyond the enumerated powers in the Constitution, and I believe it is, then any law by the federal government in this matter is without authority.  If I dress up as a sheriff, with a uniform and badge as well as drive a car with the words sheriff on the side, any action I might take as "sheriff" is without authority and thus invalid.  What is the difference?


Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read and carefully consider.  The meaning of the word home is not just the dwelling place of the family, but the family institution itself.  The family is the foundation of this nation. The family, centered on marriage, is really the basic unit of any successful, sustainable societyThis institution is under significant attack.  Although some would have us to believe otherwise, the correct principles associated with families have remained true throughout time. It has been said that  The home is the first and most effective place for children to learn the lessons of life: truth, honor, virtue, self-control; the value of education, honest work, and the purpose and privilege of life. Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children, and no other success can compensate for failure in the home.”  To those who bear the standards of truth, opposition is bound to arise and courage is needed to do what is right.  For example, in California we learned today that Protecting sexual integrity of boys disqualifies you as a judge.

The Gay Gestapo has made a big-time move in California. If you're a judge in that state and you happen to be a fan of sexual normalcy and want impressionable young teens to be protected from sexual predators, your professional career in the law could be over.

Even though Infant mortality declines in the U.S., CDC report says, problems still exist.

"The U.S. infant mortality rate is higher than rates in most other developed countries. In fact, by her reckoning, "the relative position of the United States in comparison to countries with the lowest infant mortality rates appears to be worsening."

[....] A graphic created by political blogger Juan Cole using U.S. Census data shows that Southern states average infant mortality rates between 8 and 11 per 1,000 live births, while the Coasts and Midwest average between 4-6 deaths per 1,000.

Please read on and learn about studies that have also uncovered a destructive downward cycle involving the young boys here in America.  A lost generation of American boys will ripple through our society in many and varied ways, with devastating results to our nation and ultimately our national defense.  Large-sample social science examining the family structure finds that children of both genders raised by their biological parents, on average, fare better. That’s one reason state policies promoting traditional marriage are both rational and beneficial.

Because of government policies that fail to protect families and improve opportunities for employment, the Brookings Institute has observed in the last 10 years, the poor population in our suburbs across America has ballooned to 64%, compared to 29% in our cities.  It is time to stop social experimentation and get back to the basics.  There are ways to end poverty and it is not simply a matter of money.  It takes more than just good intentions or some form of wealth redistribution.  Learning responsibility and self-reliance are good places to start and they are best learned in the home.


Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read.  When will you be next? America must learn the details about this issue ... BEFORE it is too late.  Please note that "The cultural Marxist American left is 100-percent serious about “purging” Christians from society."  It really is fight or flight time, America.  I’ve made my choice. What about you?

They were always deadly serious about criminalizing Christianity and killing free speech, but now the American left has stopped pretending otherwise.

[....] I was referring specifically to the left’s well-organized and highly disturbing character assassination of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for his private support of natural marriage. I was also addressing the larger goal of the American left to completely shut down free speech and freedom of religion and to severely punish anyone who maintains both biblically and biologically correct views on human sexuality.

[....] “They smell blood in the water. I’ve often said that these folks want those who speak biblical truth about human sexuality and legitimate marriage either 1) dead, 2) imprisoned or, if they can have neither of these, 3) marginalized to the point where they can’t even support their families.

[....] “Check No. 3 off the list. I guess they’re working backwards.”

[....] The list provides the exact names, employers, places of residence and dollar amounts of every single person in America who donated even a dime to the Golden State’s campaign to protect natural marriage (I realize it’s hopelessly symbolic, but as matter of principle I will not link to the list).

This is a level of voter intimidation and journalistic terrorism on the part of the Obama administration and the L.A. Times that is unprecedented in American history.

[....] You do understand this, right? Obama, the L.A. Times and America’s larger “progressive” movement are dead serious about purging Christians and other traditionalists from both the workplace and society at large. It’s coming. Mozilla was just the opening salvo.


Analyst's note:  America .... standby for heavy seas and rolls.  What do YOU think America, are you really going to pay for all this?  The Obama regime considers American citizen patriots to be "domestic terrorist" while helping protect our Islamic enemy operating inside out borders.  All this while the Obama Regime Officials Now also Admits Iran Will Get $20 Billion From Sanctions Relief, Not $7 Billion As Previously Lied About while telling America that American citizens "You have no reasonable expectation of privacy" (This is in regards to anything regarding your medical records ... under ObamaCare).

"The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is urging mosques and Muslim institutions nationwide to consider applying for funds available through the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP).

The program is designed to assist nonprofit organizations that are vulnerable to terrorist attacks with procuring and installing security equipment to enhance safety."


Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read and carefully consider.  I love it when a new source of material is found written by an author, such as Nick Short, who understands America and knows how to make a stunning difference for her defense.  Thus far we still have the ability in America to handle this situation better than a communist nation, see Chinese Citizens Beat Government Bureaucrats During Mass Riot.

"These three men make up the loyal henchmen of the Barack Obama adminstration and are directly responsible for undercutting the credibility of our law as these falsely believe they are above it. The Attorney General, the Senate Majority Leader and a ranking member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform have become tyrannical in a sense that is beyond the word corrupt.

They are hypocrites who politicize their views while disenfranchising the truth. They render their opponents as racist, terrorist and supporters of McCarthyism. Yet, at the same time, they work to divide the country by selling out American’s faith in the law they purport to enforce for they do not answer to the American public. They only answer to one thing and one thing alone, themselves."


Analyst's note:  Absolutely must see this video.  It is beyond hard to stomach what the ‘Progressives’ and many RINOs are doing to our U.S. military forces.

We are defanging our military. What's more, is that we are taking away their basic human rights to defend themselves, their Second Amendment rights to bear arms in their own self-defense, while asking them to volunteer to defend us. Moreover, we are choosing time and time again to deny them the mental health and veterans' benefits, while giving more money to entitlements for other communities. Meanwhile, shootings on bases have occurred now multiple times, and 22 people in our armed services commit suicide daily. This is unacceptable--hear why in this Afterburner with Bill Whittle.


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