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Analyst's note:  Like some military friends of mine, when I heard Juan Williams on FoxNews babling about the moral high ground when commenting on the Israel-Gaza situation I was reminded of this article.  Semper Fidelis

"In our modern age, things no longer exist to perform their function. Washing machines aren't designed to clean clothes, but to save water and energy. Food isn't there to be eaten, but not eaten. And armies aren't there to win wars, but to be moral. And the truly moral army never fights a war. When it must fight a war, then it fights it as proportionately as possible, slowing down when it's winning so that the enemy has a chance to catch up and inflict a completely proportional number of casualties on them."

In a related article we note that our  Secretary of State John Kerry was Uninvited to Ceasefire Talks.


Analyst's note:  Standing 400 feet tall, weighing approximately 420,000 pounds, the new Acuity Insurance Flagpole is the tallest flagpole in North America.  Located on the Acuity Insurance headquarters campus in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, along Interstate 43 between Milwaukee and Green Bay, the pole supports a 60-foot-wide by 120-foot-long American flag.  Located at the base of the flagpole is a brick paver patio featuring the names of Sheboygan County residents killed in active duty.  Don't miss the video of this one.


Analyst's note:  Today, the target is the tea party.  Gun dealers are already being targeted (Operation Choke Point).  What or who is next for shut down or blackmail that the Obama regime doesn't like?

“Do you think the IRS partnered with the NSA potentially, to target the tea party?”

“I already know they have access to it,” Binney responded. “One of the answers that came from some of the testimony in Congress by people who are being asked those questions kind of implied that that’s exactly what they were doing.”

[....] “First of all, the IRS has membership on the special operations division of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and that was specifically set up to look into the NSA data to find criminal activity,” Binney said. “See, that’s the major point: It’s not NSA that’s using the data; it’s law enforcement. … They share the results with state and local law enforcement to arrest people, and they also use it in court to convict people.”

Since NSA domestic spying information isn’t admissible in court, however, as Binney explained, law enforcement agencies merely use the NSA data as a tip-off to then re-collect the same, convicting information through legally admissible methods.


Analyst's note:  Learn why our U.S. national security and national sovereignty are compromised.  We have a Constitutional crisis.  Serious health risks to the American public are just beginning to surface. Our own children are now first in line for these risks along with our teachers and healthcare workers.  We add other possible victims to include the unwittingly traveling public on the public transportation such as the buses and planes used for the transportation of these illegal immigrants.  We already see that the Pneumonic Plague Spreads in Colorado as Three More Patients are Found.  Click here for a Relocations of Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors (Updated by NumbersUSA.com on 7/18/14 at 4:27 p.m. EST)

"There is little doubt in my mind that the border crisis is an endgame strategy designed to bring in the people and weapons that will kill us. And Taylor asserts that Obama is in on the plan."

Illegal immigrants have infected a class in Maryland and the Obama White House is bribing health insurance companies to keep rates down ahead of midterm election.  We also note that Feds are Likely Spending Millions on Charter Jets to Transport Migrants to US Cities.  Also realize that Dingy Senator Harry Reid: Believes the ‘Dreamers’ are here legitimately and that in at least one documented case Mexican Drug Cartels laid Down High Powered Suppressing Fire For Immigrants Crossing into the United States.

"Now, with Mexican drug cartels opening fire on U.S. law enforcement agents and in many cases shooting at private American citizens, the events unfolding on the border are nothing short of an armed invasion.

President Obama recently claimed that the border was more secure today than at any time in the last twenty years."

I really like this one  ... Ted Cruz Has A Great Solution For The Border Crisis – And It Involves Abolishing The IRS


Analyst's note: Yet another U.S. "false flag" operation?  Why do we again see mulitiple "evidence" of the downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in Ukraine being reported before the actual event? Also see What Happened to the Malaysian Airliner? Don't miss this very interesting discussion.


Analyst's note:  Purging our military of senior, experienced officers who disagree with the views of the Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and controlling what we can know and speak about our Islamic enemies embedded within our national borders.  Consider what could possibly go wrong ..... history indicates it is never good.

"A Pentagon official who asked to remain nameless because they were not authorized to speak on the matter said even young officers, down through the ranks have been told not to talk about Obama or the politics of the White House. They are purging everyone and if you want to keep your job just keep your mouth shut.

Now this trend appears to be accelerating.   http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/why-are-dozens-of-high-ranking-officers-being-purged-from-the-u-s-military

General Vallely’s comment: Absolutely every communist regime on the planet did this as soon as they got in power.  I am surprised this communist traitor with his feet up on our furniture in the white house hasn’t done this until now!"


Analyst's note:   The Evidence Mounts of a Manufactured Border Crisis. Please read carefully and learn the stunning facts that the press and our politicians are spinning regarding illegal immigration and our ever decreasing national sovereignty now being "reported."  

"In reality, this 2008 measure, known as the “William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act,” was a Democratic amendment, added by Senator Dianne Feinstein and then-Senator (and Vice President-elect) Joe Biden to the seemingly uncontroversial reauthorization of a Clinton-era anti-human-trafficking law."

[....] Finally, even if we were to concede, for argument’s sake, that the human-trafficking law truly applies, its own terms allow its suspension in exceptional circumstances — a fact acknowledged by Senator Feinstein, an author of the law, who told the New York Times that the law has the “flexibility” to allow for accelerated removal proceedings."


Analyst's note:  As you would expect a U.S. Marine General provides a clear, blazingly obvious factual summary on this matter. 

[...] al Qaeda and other Islamic jihad groups are more assertive and aggressive than ever, all around the world. Of course they will be more active in Afghanistan after U.S. forces leave than they are while American troops are there. But the presence of U.S. troops there doesn't do anything to lessen their capacity to bide their time and wait us out, and we are there in service of a corrupt and ungrateful Sharia regime that it is pointless to support. U.S. troops should leave Afghanistan now, and should have long ago, and be redeployed in more intelligent and realistic ways to contain the jihad threat.


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