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Analyst's note:  We need more of this kind of straight talk here in America ... and now ... before it is too late.


Analyst's note:  There is no question that Obama is Conducting a Foreign Invasion of U.S., Endgame is Chilling.  We also now learn that the Chinese "... want new home construction. They want two levels. In China, it is considered a mansion if it has two levels."  So we can see that we have poor "illegal immigrants" from South America and the Chinese rich all taking over parts of California.  What possibly could go wrong with all this ....?

"Real estate is well back in bubble territory in some places, notably California. It won't end any differently this time for the buyers, but at least banks will not be on the hook for all of the loans."


Analyst's note:  Chilling evidence is beginning to suggest that Mr. Obama's amnesty endgame, involving trafficking of thousands and thousands of children (another form of "human shields"), is the creation of a North American Union and to secure permanent power. 

"As all “conspiracy theories” go, the term North American Union immediately conjures up thoughts of fringe groups and radical ideologists who ultimately make their way into the main stream media’s consciousness in their depiction of right wing counterparts.  But like every conspiracy theory before them, this one can now be considered a conspiracy fact, especially when we hear former CIA director General David Petraeus’s recent public remarks that “after America comes North America…” while speaking at the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Liberty in late June 2014.  Additionally, Nancy Pelosi recently visited an immigration internment camp declaring “We are all Americans…”.  Until we put the pieces together forensically, we could only theorize about who and what originated this manufactured nightmare.

[....] Why “invade” the U.S. / Mexico Border?  Because the only way to accomplish the goal of installing a North American Union is to destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America.  They will nudge us all into submission politically, financially, electorally, criminally, and militarily if necessary.  Every indication is that they are well on their way to achieving it — if we let them.

[....] (as for the illegal immigrants who are not children) they are planning to be set free, gain free food and healthcare, and vote for those who will continue to give it to them.

[....] once the store shelves are empty, the real disaster begins, as the government will have no choice but to deploy military assets to quell the riots, and that means mass detentions, incarcerations and maybe worse.

Now imagine a United States of America with a majority of Representatives who want to amend the constitution?"

Please review the details of a speech I recently gave .... see Constitutional Convention: Associated Risks & Real Dangers where I explain the risks and dangers associated with the end result of a new Constitutional Convention.

Our trouble is that few now “serving us” have a moral compass, accountability, or commitment to the rule of law and for the Constitution. It is NOT the Constitution itself is somehow wanting.  We do NOT need a new Congressional Convention.

As our way of life is being ‘fundamentally changed’ for the worse by the forces of the Progressives, the Socialists, the elites, the entrenched power brokers, the main stream media, and the supporters of our enemies. I cannot stand by idly nor should you.

We must take back our nation, re-establish the Republic and our way of life. We must re-double our efforts to ensure success on the long road back to the ideals our forefathers laid before us.

We are now witnessing the accelerating decline of America; the purposeful dismantling of our Constitution, and the destruction of the very fabric of our society.  Also see USMC General: Border crisis threatens U.S. very existence.


Analyst's note: Some consider this the worst idea of all in the history of horrible ideas. It seems everything has a political slant in today's world. As for me, I wish this were not being considered in the current Obama regime, as I simply don't trust them. The result is that we have yet another area for which the American people must be vigilant. In any case, this is a topic that could well impact us all, so carefully consider all the material.

"The document sketches an unusually frank and pessimistic view by the industry of its readiness for attacks wielded by nation-states or terrorist groups that aim to “destroy data and machines.” It says the concerns are “compounded by the dependence of financial institutions on the electric grid,” which is also vulnerable to physical and cyber attack."



Analyst's note:  A very disturbing video which indicates how bad the VA system is today.  We can and must do better than this .... Semper Fidelis.


Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read.  Although this situation goes well beyond the children, Corruption (continues) as the children are crying!   Soon enough we will ask What values does America have left? Read on and find out "why"and also Why 'humanitarian' relocations are threat to humaneness.  It also looks like we are about to see another 'flash point' besides California as a Texas Judge says Immigration Protesters Will Be Arrested If They Impede DHS Migrant Buses.

"This was all planed by our commander and chief, who wears several hats. The hat he uses the most is his “Community Organizer Hat!”[....] he has become involved in human trafficking. When you use children as pawns, to promote your agenda of poverty, you are heartless and sick, and deserve special treatment through Obamacare!"

Here is a first-hand report on "Community Organizing" at a national level our military bases being turned into day-care centers we have a Stunning Report: California Couple Says They Were Asked to House Immigrant Children.  Their local Catholic church has advised them that they will reimburse them for any out-of-pocket expenses and they were told not to talk to anybody about it, especially the media.  Also Doctors are being asked not to talk to the media, they're on gag orders, both doctors and nurses, and we got a big problem because there are a lot of diseases that can come through this border bringing all kinds of stuff.   Maybe the lice won't kill you, but Ebola will (90% mortality rate), and so will gonorrhea and there's syphilis and AIDS and hepatitis and diphtheria and polio, meningitis, and a new coronavirus coming in from the Middle East. 

You can be sure that once the American people have been coerced into thinking that what we have to do is make it okay after the illegal immigrants  get here, there's never gonna be an end to it because the Obama regime doesn't want it to stop.  The Obama regime, since they planned this, doesn't see it as an limitless illegal immigration as an emergency. To them it is payback.   But whatever else, it is political. All this with a health care system that's bankrupt, that is being destroyed by Mr. Obama and his "useful idiots."  The whole idea for them is to get as many people across the border and then transferred where they want them to live in this country as they can, as quickly as possible.  That's why gag orders are being issued.  It's also very likely that Obama's and Democrat approval numbers in the Hispanic community might be on the rise as a result.  So this is not an emergency to them.  As pointed out by Cal Thomas in the details of his recent article Immigration crisis: Our Constitution doesn't guarantee entry to the United States.

"The one promise President Obama is keeping is to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” He is transforming the country by flooding it with illegal immigrants that will result in creation of a new permanent underclass beholden to government and thus the party of government, the Democrats."

In fact, pressure is also being put on Republicans to vote for amnesty before the November elections.   So you see, this is seen as "mission accomplished."  Also know that we are not alone in our concerns, USMC General: Border crisis threatens U.S. very existence.  Also know that Illegal Unaccompanied Minors Being Held For Placement in U.S. Admit to Engaging in Torture and Murder.


Analyst's note:  Dragonfly appears to have broad target focus with espionage and persistent access as its current objective with sabotage as an optional capability if required.  Those affected were energy grid operators, electricity generators and petroleum pipeline operators, with the majority of them in the U.S., Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Poland, Symantec wrote. Unearthed by the cyber security firm Symantec, Dragonfly has been in operation since at least 2011. Its malware software allows its operators to not only monitor in real time, but also disrupt and even sabotage wind turbines, gas pipelines and power plants -- all with the click of a computer mouse. For various reasons, Dragonfly is believed to be a state-sponsored operation.


Analyst's note:  Described here is a failure of both political parties.  Americans are Fed up: Anger is rising across America.


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