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Analysts' note:  Now we see that Mr. Obama through Attorney General Eric Holder is using Bank of America Heisted Funds for Left’s Community-Organizer "Shock Troops."   Clearly a number of people in this Obama administration should not just be removed from office, but imprisoned for racketeering, massive fraud and extortion. Have you had enough yet?

"Most law enforcement can be handled by the states. That is why we did not even have a Justice Department for most of the first century of constitutional governance. Like most lawyers who’ve spent significant parts of their professional lives at DOJ, I am very proud of the work I was privileged to do there. But the Department has a unique governmental mission in that the administration of justice must be removed from partisan politics.  DOJ is only worth having if it is, on balance, a positive for our security and the rule of law. Once the Justice Department deteriorates into a leg-breaker for the party in power, it is no longer worth having."


Analysts' note:  This rebuttal is stunning.  This is not going away " ... until those responsible are held accountable, and a truthful and accurate version of events and motivations in the months and days leading up to this tragic chapter in American history has been established."  This looks a lot like "community organizing" on an internantional level to me.

"The media embraced the report as bipartisan vindication of what the Obama administration has argued: Namely that yes, mistakes were made, we did everything we could to protect our people, and have put into place remedies, and changes in policies, so that nothing like this happens again. But the evidence and the testimony say otherwise."


Analysts' note:  Wow!  What a surprise, with Obama and his "useful idiots" we now have "community organizing" on a national level.  See ENGINEERED FERGUSON CRISIS NOT GOING TO WASTE: Obama Attacks White Cops, Vows Executive Action To Make Black Criminals Untouchable and Ferguson: the progressive socialist Left’s racial Waterloo.  Speaking of the first night of the most recent riot, Obama Likely Ordered National Guard Stand-Down During Ferguson Riots

"White House staff spoke with mayors across the country to coordinate a proper response.

Jarrett and Attorney General Eric Holder also spoke with civil rights leaders the first night of the protests, continuing their close coordination as the grand jury decision approached."

We also note that TIME Justifies Ferguson Violence as Response to White Privilege: “Riots Are a Necessary Part of Evolution of Society”  No doubt we've seen Intentional Ferguson fires set to get federal disaster dollars.


Analysts' note:   Obama who just keeps on giving .... the American people the shaft.  Congress passed Obamacare without reading it, and we are still finding out what's in it.

"Under the president’s new amnesty, businesses will have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal immigrants over native-born workers because of a quirk of Obamacare.

....Just as striking, however, is that overall support for illegal immigrants in America is at an all-time low in the Quinnipiac survey, with 35 percent now saying they should all be pushed out of the country — up from 26 percent just a year ago.  Mr. Obama created the Obamacare loophole incentive in a 2012 Homeland Security decision."


Analysts note:  I've been wondering why the National Guard had been called up but not employed in a major way, now we may well have the stunning truth.  Learn why we think Mr. Obama likely did it again, with another stand-down order.  If so, we have yet another absolutely stunning abuse of power.  Will the Missouri Democrat Governor Jay Nixon now be forced to resign because of his inaction to protect local citizens and property?  It may not be a personal jihad, but Obama clearly is pushing a personal agenda to weaken, if not destroy America.


Analysts' note:  Here is additional insight into Mr. Obama's actions by listening to one of his primary mentors, the radical statist Saul Alinsky Doing Amnesty.


Analysts' note:  As we've said time and time again this Islamist enemy is not only working inside our U.S. gov't, but our schools and universities. We know this enemy by many names to include the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-linked CAIR, just to name a few.   They are our own infrastructure to destroy us from within.  Oh yes, here is another lesson we all NEED to learn, see Islamic Cleric Who Cheered Killing US Soldiers to Pray at Funeral of Hostage Beheaded by ISI.

"This is a pattern. A sick, depraved pattern. Last year a Muslim cleric ‘damned to hell’ our fallen soldiers — at a funeral for our fallen soldiers. Family members of Navy SEALs who died on duty in Afghanistan were there and said that an Islamic cleric “damned” the servicemens’ bodies at their memorial ceremony."


Analysts' note:  Speaking of Destroying America: See "Off The Charts", who said America was too dumb to understand Barack Hussein Obama.  This Alinskyite really is such A Small Man in a Big Office.


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