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Analysts' note:  Here is additional insight into Mr. Obama's actions by listening to one of his primary mentors, the radical statist Saul Alinsky Doing Amnesty.


Analysts' note:  As we've said time and time again this Islamist enemy is not only working inside our U.S. gov't, but our schools and universities. We know this enemy by many names to include the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-linked CAIR, just to name a few.   They are our own infrastructure to destroy us from within.  Oh yes, here is another lesson we all NEED to learn, see Islamic Cleric Who Cheered Killing US Soldiers to Pray at Funeral of Hostage Beheaded by ISI.

"This is a pattern. A sick, depraved pattern. Last year a Muslim cleric ‘damned to hell’ our fallen soldiers — at a funeral for our fallen soldiers. Family members of Navy SEALs who died on duty in Afghanistan were there and said that an Islamic cleric “damned” the servicemens’ bodies at their memorial ceremony."


Analysts' note:  Speaking of Destroying America: See "Off The Charts", who said America was too dumb to understand Barack Hussein Obama.  This Alinskyite really is such A Small Man in a Big Office.


Analyst's note:  Mr. Obama is NOT doing his duty to keep America safe as he is making an unprecedented effort to transform and 'dismantling' immigration enforcement to include actually meeting in the Oval Office with illegal aliens, as he follows the radical statist Saul Alinsky Doing Amnesty. Miss this short video at your own peril and that of your family.  Nations do not long survive that can not or will control their borders.  Perhaps we should now ask the question, "Who's side is Barack Hussein Obama on?"  We know it is NOT America's.

"This is an abridged version of Charts as edited and included in Dennis Michael Lynch's 2012 documentary, "They Come to America" Roy Beck is the Founder of NumbersUSA which educates and mobilizes Americans around the recommendations of two national commissions that recommended deep reductions in annual immigration numbers."

In addition to all this, we note that New DHS immigration rules: Drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, gun offenders NOT top deportation priorities.  Now I ask you, "What could possibly go wrong?"  I assure you that our national security is methodically being destroyed as a result of this man Obama and his "useful idiots."

"The Department of Homeland Security has just released new "Policies for the Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of Undocumented Immigrants." Designed to fill in the details after President Obama's announcement that at least four million currently illegal immigrants will be given work permits, Social Security numbers and protection from deportation, the DHS guidelines are instructions for the nation's immigration and border security officers as they administer the president's directive."


Analysts' net:  While we were all looking the other way we just had more treason from Obama, the otherwise unknown man elected to the White House and being directly advised by our enemy the Muslim Brotherhood.  If this is not "aid and comfort" to the enemy, then what is it?


Analysts' note:  This sums up Mr. Obama's speech last night.  As point out by the editor for "Stand Up America," "The liar of the year in 2013 just made it a two-fer several times over. Whether it is Gruber-Gate or now on immigration reform, he is on a roll – and that is no way to govern our nation."  You remember, the Lie of the Year 2013: ‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep it’

On Thursday night, President Obama delivered his address to the nation on his executive amnesty. It was historic, both in its scope and in its dishonesty: the speech represented a closely-woven and incredible tapestry of falsehood, exposited with a straight face by the greatest liar in modern American history. To those versed in immigration and constitutional law, watching Obama lay out his program felt like watching a madman describe, with preternaturally perfect sincerity, how the moon was constructed of cheese: you know the argument is untrue, but it’s incredible to watch its dogged exposition.


Analysts' note:  The fact that it took our gov't so many, many years to get to this point of "open discussion" of this critical national security weakness to the American people is more than a little disgusting. This valid concern is NOT new, but that makes it no less real. Click HERE for the full story.

"At a hearing of the House intelligence committee, Rogers said U.S. adversaries are performing electronic "reconnaissance" on a regular basis so that they can be in a position to disrupt the industrial control systems that run everything from chemical facilities to water treatment plants.

"All of that leads me to believe it is only a matter of when, not if, we are going to see something dramatic," he said."

"We need to define what would be offensive, what's an act of war," he said. STUXNET


Analysts' note:  Most of you already know, but will appreciate the reenforcement provided here:

"As you listen to the president try to explain himself tonight, you are going to hear a lot about how his plan is just a sensible exercise of prosecutorial discretion — how he is just using the sparse resources Congress gives him to enforce the law in more efficient ways. It will sound unobjectionable — even appealing.

But understand, it will be lawless and an invitation to waves of law-breaking. Obama is not merely prioritizing crimes; he is equating his non-enforcement of congressional statutes with the repeal of those statutes. He is not merely ignoring some lawbreakers so he can pursue others; he is declaring that categories of non-Americans of Obama’s unilateral choosing have a right to break our laws and be rewarded for it.

That is not prosecutorial discretion. It is a lawless betrayal of the president’s constitutional duty to execute the laws faithfully."

Click HERE for the rest of the story.  Then read on and learn why many broadcast networks are skipping Obama's speech


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