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Most of you are now becoming interested in saving our United States and either stopping or minimizing the next terrorist attack.  You must understand that there will be one. We're dealing with Islamist zealots who have no regard whatsoever for human life.  We may even see a coordinated "international terrorist attack day" by this enemy. This will  add to the terror of it all and prove they have the ability to do so.  To them we are all kaffers.

I'm making this as easy as I can for you to become part of a "jihadist dating service" as they all work to kill kaffers (that is you and your families) to reach for 72 virgins in their life hereafter.  Please do we wait until after Paris comes to American cities, act now!  Study Dr. Edwin Vieira's very precise historical and legal columns regarding the Second Amendment and the constitutional militia on a CD. You can download it here.  If you have to listen to it as you sit in commute traffic, around town... just do it.  Consider giving a copy to your county sheriff.

  Since "Homeland security" is the most serious issue challenging Americans today it is vitally important to study the : Constitutional Homeland Security : The Nation in Arms.   Do NOT overlook opportunity to learn the practical steps Americans must take to revitalize the constitutional Militia in each of the States.  Also learn the True vs. False Militia and Why The Difference Matters.  Please take the time to read (do it at lunch time or on the weekend when the weather is howling out there) these books by Dr. Vieira.  This one is slightly over 100 pages: Thirteen Words. " 

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The Senate Bill 1203 passed the US Senate on November 10, 2015 and now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.  As I understand it, S.1203 of this bill  requires the VA “ensure” veterans receiving medical services from the VA receive each vaccine on the adult schedule.  "It is believed that those who refuse will, under this Bill, lose their medical benefits."  It is also my opinion that this is going to end up being a very important issue for Veterans that already have issues with mandatory vaccinations and the resulting health issues that the VA tries NOT to cover. 

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We've been trying to inform you for the last few years, via this site as proof, what is coming to our American shores SOON.... if we don't stop it NOW!  Lets just say for the record, the Obama administration and other "progressives" are NOT it.  PLEASE SHARE THIS WHILE YOU STILL CAN!  Although the coming attacks -- here in America -- will be spectacular.  Few have been listening and our time is running out.   Maybe this will get the broader citizen attention required.  America is NEXT!!  What I'm trying to share with you a stunning video that thus far has been purposely kept from your view.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will likely be upset, knowing what the American media has kept from your view.  Add this to what is being shown regarding the attacks on Paris.  Take a hard look at the map below, produced by the NYT on October 21, 2015, giving a visual to exactly how spread out the "refugees," (and how many terrorists?) all across America. Look closely because one of these states are most likely going to be the next "Paris."

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Check here for more details on Alinsky.  Note also that Obama straddles the camps of both Alinsky and Muslims ... at war with America (think Paris in November 13, 2015)

Al Qaeda Terror Chief Captured Among Muslim Migrants Storming Europe - See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/11/al-qaeda-terror-chief-captured-among-muslim-migrants.html/#sthash.dreaNudD.dpuf

Properly informed or schooled Americans would not entertain the fool-hearty concept that one is xenophobic because they simply want people to obey our laws and immigrate into the United States legally. Also, perhaps American voters would not have twice elected an individual who literally wants to bring tens of thousands of American hating muslims into our country to try and change our American culture into a bastion of rights inhibiting sharia law.......

We also see that the Al Qaeda Terror Chief Captured Among Muslim Migrants Storming Europe.  A New ISIS manual shows US in crosshairs; FBI has 900 ongoing ISIS-related investigations.

New ISIS manual shows US in crosshairs; FBI has 900 ongoing ISIS-related investigations - See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/11/new-isis-manual-shows-us-in-crosshairs-fbi-has-900-ongoing-isis-related-investigations.html/#sthash.iwqIXRdK.dpuf

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Beautiful music and photography of America.

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U.S. gov't expecting something for "free" and hires a contractor employing  enemy foreign programmers at 1/3 rate of U.S. programmers since 2008. As U.S. Prepares War Against Russia in Syrian Battlefield,  we just learn that we have had "Russian computer programmers were helping to write computer software for sensitive U.S. military communications systems."  The result is that Pentagon’s communications systems are infected with viruses.  We have "greed" on the part of one (who knows who where else) and at least continued stupidity on the part of the U.S. gov't.  One should also be asking exactly "how" did enemy citizens acquire high-level security clearances and "where else" are such people working?  To make it even worse "Russians had been doing computer programming for Massachusetts-based NetCracker Technology Corporation under a federal contract, through an arrangement that corporate officials referred to as its “Back Office,” ... the work had been done in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia. NetCracker was apparently subcontracted to a Computer Sciences Corporation, a Virgina-based firm.

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Thanks to a fellow Sr. Marine officer for the heads-up on this piece.  I got off my sick bed to make this notification to my readers. Please now do you part!

"Read this one and take heed!  If you don't have a weapon, get one! 'The Police' may have to categorize your calls. If it isn't an Emergency you may have to defend yourself.  Semper Fi, Joe B'

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WATCH: Congressman Jim Jordan Spells Out Hillary's Lies to Her Face -- It's Priceless and saved here for the record.

"Do you ever feel like you’re seeing something completely different from everyone else? This morning the media is full of reports that the Benghazi committee’s hearing yesterday revealed “nothing new.” Did you know about Hillary’s e-mail to Chelsea and the comment to the Egyptian prime minister on September 12, saying it was a terrorist attack? Doesn’t that seem significant to anybody? Hello?"

Louie Gohmert is right (see the video), there are insidious people within the Obama administration, who have blatantly committed crimes in their attempts to cover up what happened before, during, and after the Benghazi terror attacks.  Hopefully, Trey Gowdy and his Select Committee will be able to uncover this travesty, and hold those who are responsible accountable for their actions.

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