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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read and carefully consider.  A law firm that defends and promotes Christian heritage and moral values says it has obtained a document that vindicates an 18-year veteran Army officer who is being disciplined by our federal government for telling the truth about Islam. This is all part of a larger picture of treason that those of us who have taken an oath to defend this United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic have been reporting in such articles as (this is a small sampling):

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Enemy Laughs: Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley Fired for Criticizing Islam at Joint Forces Staff College

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HOUSTON We Have A Problem: Al Qaeda Attack in Libya Likely Funded By Obama Administration


The Thomas More Law Center says it has obtained more evidence to prove its contention that the Pentagon is taking its marching orders from Islamic groups in taking extreme disciplinary action against Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley, a 1994 graduate of the United States Military Academy.

The highly decorated armor officer was excoriated and relieved of a teaching assignment because he discussed negative aspects of Islam in an elective course entitled "Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism" at the Joint Services Staff College.

Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, says they have obtained an official communication that vindicates their client.

Thompson, Richard (TMLC)

"In December 2011, the vice president of the National Defense University, a Dr. Brenda Roth, officially confirmed in writing to the Pentagon that all the course materials that were being taught at the National Defense University were vetted and approved by the university and its military command," he tells OneNewsNow.  

But Thompson says the bottom line is that President Barack Obama, the commander-in-chief, is pro-Islam.

"The Pentagon is now doing his bidding," he points out. "And his bidding is there is to be no negative aspect of the religion of Islam or the political ideology of Islam that he is not ready to embrace or which is a concern of national security."

Thompson says the TMLC is considering a federal lawsuit if the case is not resolved by administrative remedy.

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