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Analyst's note:  I have to agree with my source for the head's-up on this article.  If the warning is correct, we will not have to wait long to see ...  Please go to the primary source for the complete interview.

"Don’t know how much to believe any of this…. But I cannot put any of this past the powers that be…… I think that there is a frightening POSSIBILITY that some if not all of this could be possible… 

I remember watching a scene in the T.V. show Alias where a character named Dixon was talking with the evil character Sloan. Dixon was thinking back to a time when he was working for Sloan and thought that they were working for a black ops branch of the CIA when in fact, they were a rogue group working in it’s own interest. Dixon stated (paraphrasing) “…. I wondered why after all those years I could not see you for what you are. For how truly evil you are, and I realized that I simply lacked the imagination….” He was simply stating that he couldn’t see the simple possibility that those things that just didn’t add up were more than minor inconsistencies…. 

Makes me wonder if I lack the imagination to look behind the curtain and see the possibilities…."


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SHTFplan Editor’s Note: The following interview is both informative and terrifying, and essential reading for anyone concerned about what comes next.

What the DHS Insider suggests is about to happen is exactly what many of us fear – a police state takeover of America, with urban centers to be pacified first, all outspoken critics of the government to be silenced, and travel restrictions across the United States to come shortly thereafter.

The dollar collapse, riots, the mobilization of domestic law enforcement, gun control, rationing of food and gas, suspension of the U.S. Constitution and a complete lock-down of America as we know it. According to the report, sinister forces within the U.S. government operating at the highest levels of our country’s political, financial, intelligence and military hierarchies have set into motion a series of events that will leave the populace so desperate for government intervention that they’ll willingly surrender their liberty for the perceived security of a militarized police state.

Interviewer Doug Hagmann cites an anonymous source operating deep inside the Department of Homeland Security, which may leave many skeptical of the accuracy of the reports. But the fact is, were such events being planned behind the scenes we certainly wouldn’t be given official mainstream warning. If real, the report is a game changer, and it makes sense that anyone privy to such information would want to keep their identity hidden. Whistle blowers in America who expose the corruption of officials in our government are treated not as patriots, but as traitors, and are often branded as psychos or terrorists.

What’s most alarming is the speed at which these events may play out.

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