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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read and begin to connect-the-dots.  We suggested this from the very beginning.  It looks like the truth of this suggestions is beginning to come out.  We already know about  Treason: Big Time Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of White House, DHS, DoS, Congress & Pentagon

As "commander in chief," Mr. Obama and team can act quickly when his "six" is on the line.  All the rest are expendable in his political quest to retain power. 

This administration certainly wouldn't want anything to happen to nix yet another Obama's gun running effort ... this time to Syria ... or do anything that would suggest that Mr. Obama can not take "guidance" from the Muslim Brotherhood embedded in his administration. 

Oh well, there went a great chance to return the "blind sheik" thru a planned trade (gone bad) for U.S.. Ambassador Stevens captured in Libya.   I'm just guessing that could have been another first for Mr. Obama.   Not to worry ... there will other chances since Al Qaeda leader urges kidnapping of Westerners.

It is just a hunch, but I think it will eventually come out that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta knows more than he is letting on.  I've not forgotten The Washington Times article Is a General losing his job over Benghazi? that indicated:

[....] General Ham as head of Africom received the same e-mails the White House received requesting help/support as the attack was taking place. General Ham immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he had a unit ready

General Ham then received the order to stand down. His response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow. Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his command.

[....] The story continues that now General Rodiguez would take General Ham's place as the head of Africom.  This version of events contradicts Mr. Panetta’s October 25 statement that General Ham advised against intervention. [....]

As discussed in U.S. Arms Flow to Syria thru Al Qaeda Behind Benghazi Cover-Up?  What is it with this administration and gun running to American enemies?  Talk about failed foreign policy!  First "Fast and Furious" and now leading an even bolder action that clearly points to the Obama administration providing aid and abetting individuals and groups allied ideologically with Al-Qaeda and doing so through a former GITMO detainee.  The same Islamist jihadist terrorist organization that attacked America on the first 9/11. Check a little further and my guess is that one will find the Muslim Brotherhood, now deeply embedded within our federal government, is whispering into the ears of some of our top federal "leaders."

Now Obama is providing stimulus to known enemies of America.  I consider this “Not Optimal.” As has been pointed out by others:  "Once again, the facts and documents are emerging that completely disprove ALL versions of the Obama administration’s assertions about the Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans."

When the truth finally comes out this story is going to have a number of angles that will only make sense when one can finally see the sorted "Big Picture" .... try not to become dizzy.

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[....] A partial transcript of the senator’s Thursday appearance on Fox News featuring his key points on the issue is featured below [emphasis added]:

I really think part of the cause may have been there was a gun running operation going on in Benghazi, leaving Libya and going to Turkey and distributing arms to the rebels… They’ve interviewed the captain of the ship. A ship from Libya sailed for Turkey a week before the ambassador was killed. It was full of arms and they interviewed the captain and he actually specifically talks about the distribution of the arms to Syrian rebels… And I think the administration needs to answer, ‘are they running guns through Turkey to Syria?’


While not as direct as Paul, House Speaker John Boehner indicated in late January that he, too, might have knowledge of a potential gun-running scheme via an alleged “classified source.”

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