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Analyst's note:  In this article we see Robert Spencer demonstrating, just how deeply embedded the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is in American power centers, both official and unofficial organs. In fact, their infiltration has been ongoing for 20 to 30  years, however, their trajectory has catapulted under the "guidance" of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

In the same manner in which a pedophile can hide in plain sight, often under the role of "mentor", so too has the Brotherhood's propaganda/"legal" mouthpiece, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), entered the American body politic. But this didn't happen out of nowhere, it rode on the coattails of multicultural psychosis, as citizens are fearful of being tarred "Islamaphobes" - http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/09/the-silencing...

CAIR is now in the cat bird's seat, as it sits inside the western house, all the while plotting to tear it down. Here is their plan, step by step.  Also see Interesting: Is Allah the Antichrist & Where does the 12th Imam Fit?


Last week, a representative of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) gave a prayer before the Arizona State Senate.

No news media picked it up. No one reported on it. It was a commonplace thing. CAIR, after all, is a “civil rights” organization; why should anyone be concerned if a CAIR leader prays in a U.S. government body? CAIR has been linked by the Justice Department to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, but no one seems to mind. What could go wrong?

[....] Hlayhel, who also serves as the part time imam of the Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley led the lawmakers and all those in attendance through the reading of al-Fatiha (the opening chapter of the Holy Quran) in addition to an additional prayer thereafter.”

He “led the lawmakers and all those in attendance through the reading of al-Fatiha.” So what did they read? The Fatiha, the first sura of the Qur’an, contains this: “Guide us in the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast blessed, not of those against whom Thou art wrathful, nor of those who are astray.” (1:6-7)

It sounds straightforward enough: guide us to the truth, guide us onto the path to God, don’t let us get on the wrong paths, that lead us away from You. A simple expression of piety, that any religious person could endorse, no? No. The traditional Islamic understanding of this is that the “straight path” is Islam — cf. Islamic apologist John Esposito’s book Islam: The Straight Path. It is also traditionally understood in Islamic explanations of this passage that the path of those who have earned Allah’s anger are the Jews, and those who have gone astray are the Christians. [....]


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