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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read and carefully consider what is presented in this posting.  Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country!  Continue on and find out why? Barack Obama, the final step of the communist takeover in America and When it comes to Gun Control: People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

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People with $7K Worth of Food Stamps?

According to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, there are more than 238,000 people on SNAP in Hidalgo County (Texas), costing tax payers more than $28,000,000 dollars this month alone,” the report notes.

“For Cameron County, 119,000 people are receiving assistance, at a $13,000,000 cost for February,” it adds.

“Where’s this going? What’s wrong with this picture?”


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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 
This past weekend I had a private dinner with three Congressmen.  I can't tell you who they are, other than one is the chairman of a powerful committee, the second the chairman of another major committee, the third a freshman.  I can't tell you where the dinner took place either.

Ostensibly, we gathered to discuss threats to national security such as Islamic terrorism, Iran, Pakistan support for the Afghan Taliban, and the Chicoms.  After we got into this for a while, I decided to see what would happen if I said what I really wanted to say:

"Fellas, what about the single greatest threat to America's national security, far greater than anything else?  That's the traitor in the White House."

I expected them to recoil in shock and dismay, but they didn't blink an eye.  All three nodded grimly in agreement.

"This is so off the record, Jack," said one, "but that's what we know is true.  How dare we even hint this publicly without being destroyed by a tsunami of smears and hate by the media?  That's the question."

"There might have been grounds during his first term for cutting him some slack," said another, "...maybe... but now it's clear as Boodles gin that his goal really is to destroy our country and its preeminence in the world."  He was a decorated Vietnam Vet, so he focused on the military.  "That's why a major priority of his is to damage our military.  That's why he wants that p**** Hagel, whose job will be to maximize the damage."

"Being from Texas," spoke up the third, "I can tell you the only thing he hates more than Texas and the Second Amendment is fracking.  Fracking and cheaper energy are what's preventing our economy from sinking into the pit he wants it in.  That's why he keeps up the ‘climate change' claptrap, the attacks on the basis of life -carbon - calls for carbon taxes, blocking fracking on federal lands, blocking Keystone, on and on.  In fact, everything he does is designed to crush our economy."

Wow.  I frankly did not expect such an unabashed outpouring of disgust and contempt by Congressmen towards the President of the United States - but they were just getting started.

"And to pay off his cronies.  Obama is the greatest crook who's ever occupied the Oval Office.  No president in US history comes remotely close.  Fracking will kill off all his crooked subsidies for his buddies' ‘renewable energy' scams, which will then kill off his buddies' payoffs to the Democrat Party.  Another reason he hates fracking."

"But it's not just an assault on our economy.  He's making a frontal assault on our culture, our moral foundations, our very existence as a cohesive society.  Everything he does is to divide us against each other, by race, by class, or any other division he can get a wedge into.  He wants amnesty and citizenship for tens of millions of illegal aliens not just to get an insuperable number of Democrat votes, but to create a culturally divided society, divided by hate and envy."

"His assault on guns and the demonization of the Second Amendment is a key part of his agenda.  As we here all know, the constitutional purpose of an armed citizenry is not hunting for food or defense against criminals, it's protection against government tyranny.  Anybody in government, any politician or bureaucrat, needs to be afraid of the citizenry, which is why the citizenry needs to be armed.  Obama wants to take people's guns away not so there will be less violence but that there will be more violence - not criminal violence but government violence upon now defenseless people."

I asked, "What's his end-game, then?  What does he want to ultimately accomplish?"  The answers: 

"There are three kinds of traitors - people betray their country for money, or fear - blackmail or threat, say their family will be killed - or the worst, hate.  Obama's the third kind.  He was raised in hate by that Commie Frank Marshall Davis, whom many think was his real father, his mother devoted her life to drowning in white liberal guilt.  He's devoured by envious hate of all that America stands for and has accomplished, and is dedicated to tearing it down in revenge."

"Well, let's face it.  He's one of these narcissistic, charismatic sociopaths history has been bedeviled with for millennia.  These folks are pathological liars, they care nothing for ‘the people' whom they pretend to love, their lives are devoted to ruling over others and controlling their lives, they bring misery to those they rule yet are worshipped nonetheless.  Obama-worship is like some kind of religious cult, whose high priests are the media elite.  Obama feeds off it, so his desire for more power and creating more misery increases.  The human capacity to worship such sociopaths is one of life's mysteries."

"I'm convinced he is increasing our debt to astronomically unsustainable levels not just to have the money to make more people dependent on government programs who will then vote Democrat.  It's to destroy the dollar on purpose.  That will cause such an economic collapse it will enable him to surrender most or all of US sovereignty to global institutions or some form of global governmentHis end-game is for America to cease to exist as a sovereign nation.  That's why I agree that he's that third kind of traitor, it's all for hate and revenge."

All I could think of in response was to talk about Nietzsche (1844-1900).  He wrote Twilight of the Idols in 1888, which contains one of most famous and least understood aphorisms:

That which does not kill me makes me stronger  

In other words, taking and overcoming risks is what life is all about.  If we don't, we vegetate and stagnate.  If we don't put sufficient stress on our muscles, they will atrophy.  If we put sufficiently acute (not chronic) stress on them, they will overcompensate and grow bigger and stronger.  The same with our businesses, our careers, our lives.

After quoting Nietzsche, I said, "You guys have a choice.  You can remain silent and express your convictions only privately.  Make sure you say nothing that will put your reelection in dire jeopardy, never push the envelope of controversy too far.  You may then accomplish something on the political margins by staying in office, but mostly you'll end up on the side of the status quo.  

"Or you can stand up to this traitor and denounce him for what he is.  Millions will hate you and the media will demonize you.  But millions more will stand up with you and cheer.  I know you're well aware that the very existence of our country is at stake.  You're standing up and telling the truth about Zero could be the start of saving it."

"Jack, let me tell you a story," came a reply.  "Not long ago, I held a townhall meeting in my district at the request of my Tea Party constituents.  I'm a big supporter of the Tea Parties as you know.  They were fired up, full of demands to cut spending for real, railing against this and that program which they thought should be eliminated (and so do I).  So I asked them a question:  The biggest problem by far in federal spending is the entitlement programs such as Social Security.  In the interest of really cutting spending, how many of you would be willing to temporarily forego your Social Security check for a short time, say three months?

"There were well over 100 people there, many of them 50+.  Guess how many hands went up?  Realize that these were hard core Tea Party firebreathers.  Not one.  Not one single person raised their hand.  It's easy to target us in office.  And sure, we ought to be targeted.  That's fair.  

"And we can blame the moochers and the takers.  But when even Tea Partyers are so addicted to government they can't imagine going without it even for a short while, we've got a far deeper problem than the moochers, the media, Hollywood, our colleagues on the other side of the aisle and the wimps on our side, or a traitor in the White House."

He looked at his two fellow Members.  "Here's what really keeps us up at night, Jack.  We're afraid - afraid that Zero, as you appropriately call him, is an effect, a consequence not a cause of what's happening to our country.  We're afraid there is a rot in the American soul.  Not all Americans, obviously - but enough to cause a national sickness, a cultural loss of confidence.  So many people, including many Tea Partyers, believe in government more than in themselves."

There was the silence of agreement, then a glass of wine was raised.  "I want to offer a toast," the speaker said, "to the American spirit and the President who most believed in it - Ronald Reagan. Americans had lost faith in themselves under Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan restored it.  That's what he would do today were he with us, so it is up to us to act as Ronald Reagan.  To the Gipper.  Let's live up to him and the best of America."

I came away from the evening with hope - that with men such as these three in Congress and others like them on Capitol Hill, Red State statehouses, plus millions of American patriots who feel as they do, we can triumph over the tragedy of the traitor in the White House.  That America can someday be as Ronald Reagan envisioned it, a shining city on a hill.
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