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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read. Here is more detail on a group that has infiltrated the United States, to include our White house, DoS, DoD, elements of our FBI and CIA along with many colleges and universities as well as some local schools throughout our nation.  We are talking about the Muslim Brotherhood. Hopefully you will have already reviewed

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ABU DHABI — A defector has exposed the Muslim Brotherhood’s campaign to dominate the Gulf.

Tharwat Al Kherbawy told a conference in Abu Dhabi that the Brotherhood, with headquarters in Egypt, was infiltrating Western and Arab states by recruiting their Muslim citizens. Al Kherbawy said the Brotherhood established secret societies in more than 80 countries, with recruits pledged to violence.

"They are taught to regard the movement as their home and that standing to the national anthem of their country is polytheism."


Tharwat Al Kherbawy: “They are taught to regard the movement as their home and that standing to the national anthem of their country is polytheism.”

“So these novices are raised on obedience and allegiance to the supreme guide, accepting no criticism of him or his actions,” Al Kherbawy told the conference, entitled “Challenges and Threats posed by the Muslim Brotherhood to UAE and Countries of the Region.”

“They are taught to regard the movement as their home and that standing to the national anthem of their country is polytheism.”

In an address to a conference on Feb. 24, Al Kherbawy said the Brotherhood has rejected loyalty to any host country. He cited the refusal of new Brotherhood parliamentarians to stand during the playing of the Egyptian national anthem in 2011. Instead, the Islamist deputies stood during the United States anthem when they later met the American ambassador in Cairo.

Al Kherbawy said the Brotherhood recruits teenagers in a ceremony in which they kneel before a masked member and take a vow over a gun and Koran. He said the recruit, whose progress is monitored, is warned that any violation of orders means death. The movement has been cautious in promoting members in an effort to protect the Brotherhood from infiltration by intelligence services.

In late 2012, the UAE reported the arrest of 94 suspected Brotherhood members accused of trying to overthrow the Gulf Cooperation Council state.  Officials said the Brotherhood marked a leading threat to the UAE as well as such neighboring states as Kuwait.

“It does not believe in the sovereignty of the state,” UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan said.

Al Kherbawy said the Brotherhood presence in any country consists of three units. They included a unit comprised of local residents, a secret Egyptian cell, and what Al Kherbawy termed an international group that reports to superiors in the American city of New York.

“For Emirati members of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is a proxy allegiance oath, whereby these members swear allegiance before another veteran leader in the UAE, who in turn swears allegiance before the supreme guide in Cairo,” Al Kherbawy told the conference, organized by the Al Mezmaah Studies and Research Center at Zayed University.

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