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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read.  This is yet another Obama scandal that continues.  Does this remind anyone else of Germany in 1930?  Here are a few articles I recommend you read reguarding this matter:

The Second Amendment as an Expression of First Principles


DHS is 'Controlling How Much Ammo is Available On the Commercial Market'

Truth or consequences regarding ammo shortages

Better to learn NOW who the U.S. government is preparing to go to war with when our economy collapses

This doesn't surprise any of us who knew from the very beginning that this is exactly what they had planned all along and the democrats followed along like sheep ignoring all the signs?? They act like we’re all idiots…..So OUR gov't thinks we can buy any gun they still permit .... "THEY" control all the ammo!

We also note The truth comes out: Harry Reid calls his background check bill “Anti-gun legislation”.  There are too many of us paying attention for this to slip past.  Harry Reid’s “universal background check” bill would make a criminal out of virtually ever gun owner in America. 




(PP)- Due to increasing reports of ammunition shortages by gun dealers around the country, Vice President Joe Biden met Wednesday with dozens of law enforcement officials (who) including New York mayor Michael Bloomberg to discuss the idea of rationing ammunition which was initially presented during his controversial gun control task force last January.

No private citizens or representatives from national firearms associations were invited to the meeting with the government officials.


The plan would be to set up a federal distribution system for ammunition that would relieve the free market of the responsibility to supply ammunition to American gun owners who have been growing more agitated by long lines at gun shows and shortages from manufacturers.



“Vice President Biden feels that a voucher system would be a fair and honest way to make sure that gun owners are afforded an equal opportunity to receive their fair share of bullets without having someone go crazy out of frustration at a gun show,” said a senior White House intern.



“Even law abiding gun owners can be driven to violence by waiting in line for seven hours only to find out his ammunition is sold out. Using the power of the federal government to quiet those angry gun owners is the safest option for all Americans.”



Biden’s plan is to set up a Federal Office of Gun Management where gun owners would be required to register their weapons and have a mandatory yearly inspection at which time they would be issued a voucher to exchange for their fair share of ammunition.



“It won’t be as bad as getting a smog check for the DMV because there are fewer moving parts on a gun, so guns are easier to inspect than a car,” said the quasi-knowledgeable White House intern.



“And with the current maximum capacity of ammo delivered by manufacturers we expect that each voucher would allow gun owners to purchase five or six bullets a year. Vice President Biden believes this amount is fair to all parties involved.”

Manufacturers currently supply 14 billion rounds of ammunition annually to United States gun owners including law enforcement. The estimated 300 million privately owned weapons with a ration of 5 bullets per gun equals just 1.5 billion rounds going to the private sector, and a whopping 12.5 billion rounds ending up in the hands of powerful government officers.









With 800,000 law enforcement officers in the U.S. , every agent authorized by the government to use force would be allowed 15,625 rounds of ammunition per year compared to just five or six bullets to each registered gun owner.







“Biden’s plan has a lot of people feeling uneasy about the future of a free America , and on it’s face the program appears to be unconstitutional,” said Larry Lessigia, a law professor at the University of Palookaville.







Any policy to ration bullets in a way that favors the federal government would signal a paradigm shift of power, and allowing the government to out gun it’s citizens with over ten times the firepower seems to be unconscionable. The sad thing is that the taxpayers are foolishly paying to place themselves into a position of weakness.”







The Palookaville Post has learned that although Biden’s government controlled ammunition voucher rationing plan appears to put Americans in danger of losing many of their personal freedoms, advocates of school voucher programs are encouraged to see that some federal officials are now open to implementing at least some kind of voucher system.

Proponents hope that someday a school voucher and education tax credit system to promote free market competition among both private and public schools would improve education to the level where people would understand when the government officials are giving them the shaft.


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