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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read and carefully consider the messages.  " Dad, will you be there when I come home?" This is a question from a son years ago to his father.  Read on and hear the answers repeated again and again..  Let me tell you simply, we now have American fathers and mothers who are standing up  for their sons and daughters when their bodies come home ... if anything is left.  Others are injured and will carrry the wounds for life.

When will their country support them?  It starts with dissolving this Obama administration and undoing the results from their vile deeds of treason.  If America fails to solve the resulting problems caused by this administration, it will not be a son or daughter but an entire nation that will be lost.  Our Constitution give us the means to solve such problems, we simply need to demand it ... NOW!.   Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and political correctness still kills.  Semper Fidelis.


April 14, 2013. Chabad House. Great Neck, Long Island. Greg Buckley Sr, father of 21 years old Green on Blue Marine,Greg Buckley Jr. who was executed, murdered, by a Jihadi T-Boy in 2012 in Afghanistan. A crime that has not be investigated properly by the Obama administration. A powerful speech.



Admiral James Lyons (Ret.) Calls Benghazi Hearing ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’

Family Security Matters - by ROGER ARONOFF

Revelations at Wednesday's Benghazi hearings in Congress were "just the tip of the iceberg," said Admiral James Lyons (Ret.). I caught up with Admiral Lyons, the former Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations, at a press conference in Washington today, and asked him a few questions.

"We failed to protect those Americans who were under attack. There's no other way to describe it," said Lyons. Referring to the Obama administration's original story that it was the anti-Islam video that sparked a demonstration, which led to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, Lyons said, "As Richard Nixon found out, you don't lie to the American public. Hopefully that theme will be picked up and carried on, and those that were perpetuating the lie will be held accountable. Resignation does come to mind."

Back in January, I had a much longer discussion with the retired admiral, about Benghazi, Hillary Clinton's testimony and question, "What difference does it make?," the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Law of the Sea Treaty and much more. Adm. Lyons is a national treasure who candidly speaks his mind.


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“Extortion 17″ – Ramp Ceremony – Imam Damns Heroes to Hell

By Scott W. Winchell, SUA National Editor-in-Chief


In a few minutes from the time of this post, the press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. by the families of our heroic warriors we lost on August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan will have begun. Many of the fallen were members of SEAL Team VI, and the announcement will have revealed new information and an astonishing video of the “Ramp Ceremony” held for members of “Extortion 17″  who were ambushed by the Taliban.

Larry Klayman moderated the press conference and some of the parents gave moving speeches regarding the loss of their sons. Stand Up America’s MG Paul E. Vallely and many others spoke in support of the fallen warriors. Billy and Karen Vaughn with their daughter Tara and their granddaughter Annabelle were in attendance, along with Charlie and Mary Lou Strange, Doug and Shawne Hamburger with their son Jeremy, and Mr. Sidh Douangdara, all family members of some of the fallen heroes of “Extortion 17″.

Also speaking were Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Navy SEAL Ben Smith, Capt. Larry Bailey, Adm. “Ace” Lyons, former Congressman Lt. Col Allen West, and Brigitte Gabriel of ACT. Two Representatives from Congress also showed their support by attending for as long as they could, they were Michelle Bachman (MN) and Louie Gomert (TX). Tom Trento of United West recorded the event and provides us with the video below. Billy and Karen Vaughn provided the “Ramp Ceremony” video that was edited and captioned by Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch.

Other family members of our fallen heroes like the Benson Family wished to attend but were unable to be there.

Scroll down for the video of the Ramp Ceremony.

Here is the live recording of the press conference in its entirety:



The fact that a Muslim ceremony was included is not the point, what is, are the words spoken over members of our lost warrior team by a Muslim in uniform, flown in especially for the event. The Imam’s words were not only insulting, it was undoubtedly an attempt to curry favor with our enemies at the expense of American heroes and their families. It not only denigrates the faith of the fallen, it damns them to hell.

The Commander-in-Chief and his Administration is once again revealed for their true loyalties, and their concerted efforts to denigrate and dismantle our military. Military morale is at an all-time low, we wonder why!

How do you think the families felt hearing a translation of what was said? Their loved ones in flag draped coffins being damned to hell by a Muslim in uniform. Ft. Hood quickly jumps to mind, as does the way Obama and his crew prioritizes its message to the world – damned be the American families and their grief and beliefs.

Then ask yourself why this administration insisted upon this type of funerary “ramp” service. Who thought this up? Who made this happen? Why did the content of the Muslim sermon not get vetted before it was spoken over the souls of our fallen warriors? Did they think we would not eventually know what was said over the souls of our heroes, those who lived up to the ultimate extent of their oaths?

With the hearings on Benghazi restarted yesterday in the House of Representatives, one must seriously question the motives and loyalties of our federal leadership concerning the interaction America has with the Muslim community worldwide and the failed foreign policy of Hillary Clinton and Barrack H. Obama. It is time for all Americans to stand up and take notice.

Hear are the words of the Muslim speaking over the flag draped coffins of our dead heroes in the video:

“Amen, I shelter in Allah the merciful forgiver. The companions of the fire, the sinners and the infidels who are fodder for hell fire are not equal with the companions of heaven. The companions of heaven, Muslims are the winners. Had we sent this Koran to a mountain, you would have seen the mountain prostrated in fear of Allah. (Mocking the God of Moses) Such examples are what we present to the people, to the people so that they would think. (Repent and convert to Islam). Blessing are to your God (Allah) the God of glory of what they describe. And peace be upon the messengers (prophets) and thanks be to Allah the Lord of both universes of mankind and Jinn.”