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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read.  If you're like me, you may have trouble believing all this at first.  This simply can not be true ... but apparently it is true. The proof seems to be everywhere ... you just have to be willing to accept it. 

It is no accident that American patriots and Christians are now on "the list as potential terrorists."  DoD has issued a new list of 'extremist' ... evangelical Christians, Mormons, Catholics listed right along with the KKK, and various Muslim extremists.  How did we all miss the LDS, Catholic, or Baptist fertilizer bombs? Do you believe that these law abiding citizens are extremists by virtue of their membership in a Christian organization? If the U.S. law is whatever the Barack Hussein Obama ... the law giver ...  and his agents decide, what’s left of the law and the United States of America?

Just a few days ago we noted the introduction of a Senate Bill Which Authorizes Feds To Revoke Citizenship Of Americans.

"[....] But it’s necessary to remember who we are dealing with in Washington, DC. To Janet Napolitano and her Department of Homeland Security, it is Libertarians, soldiers returning from combat, gun owners, militia members, devout believers in the Constitution and those who loudly mistrust and criticize the federal government who are the true threats of “engaging in hostilities against the United States.” Perhaps not coincidentally it is also members of these groups who are the most vocal critics of the Obama 

And as the Obama Regime considers each of these individuals a potential domestic terrorist, how long will it be until a member of one of these “highly suspect” groups is conveniently accused of “materially supporting hostilities against the United States?”

Much of this language should sound quite familiar, for it is taken directly from the recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.  There was great concern surrounding the authority given the President by this law to imprison American citizens without trial or charge if he should consider them enemies who present a danger to the United States and its people. And, just as the President is granted that authority by the NDAA, should the Enemy Expatriation Act pass both the House and Senate, he will ALSO have the authority to revoke their citizenship."


We have already reported the New Law By Obama To Jail 500,000 American Citizens Or More For The Crime Of Opposing Their Government?

If 1,200 of America’s top architectural and engineering professionals are deemed terrorists simply  because they question their governments propaganda then truly no one is safe in the United States anymore.

Homeland Insecurity: You're All Militia Extremists Now ... don't miss this is a stunning public service announcement.

"Meanwhile, groups and individuals that federal prosecutors and even federal judges have identified as supporting foreign terrorist groups are actively courted and legitimized by the Obama administration. Leaders from these terror-tied organizations are even being used to help write the DHS department guidelines on “countering violent extremism.”

Is it any wonder then that ... it was revealed that a DHS-funded study likened terrorism to “ordinary crime” while omitting any reference to the radicalizing effects of Islamic extremist ideology?

This week we found where our U.S. Military Forces now have "Don't Ask & Don't Speak" .... for ChristiansWe have reported that the DoD to Court Martial Christian Soldiers Who Share Their Faith.  Obama's Department of Defense (DoD) has confirmed Christian soldiers may soon be court-martialed for expressing or promoting their faith, even between close friends.  Christian soldiers will now be prosecuted as enemies of the state.  This includes Chaplains.  This could effectively abolish the position of chaplain in the U.S. military

Convictions may include imprisonment and being dishonorably discharged from the military.    If you agree with us that our Christian military deserve far better than this, then join us in helping the Family Research Council (FRC) and make your voice heard to protect religious freedom for our troops in this a Christian nation -- not attack it. 

Today we see the following reports:

‘Stuxnet’ Leaks Lead Straight to White House

"Eventually, every story about leaks keeps ending up back at the White House itself. Why, because everything they do has a political goal in mind, especially when they need to ‘spike’ another football.

As we have been saying for years now, the current administration is the team that will say and do anything to achieve an end. Not only do they ‘spike the football’, repeatedly, they conflate the event to be solely as a result of their prowess. Allies be damned, sources get burned, methods are exposed, and it matters little, unless it sullies their image. This applies to all things domestic as well.

The Constitution and our nation-of-laws are just something to avoid, circumvent, or just ignore. If that cannot be achieved, they create or contrive some loophole, set up a list of talking points, couch it in some greater good, and then  release their minions and sycophants to the talking head circuit.

Meanwhile, they turn the tables on their detractors and accuse everyone else of the same thing. Then the willing media echos these talking points, forgets to do any investigative journalism, or simply ignores the issue. [....]"

Judge in Fort Hood jihad murderer's trial BANS evidence showing his jihad motive

FL Sheriff Arrested, Charged With Felony & Suspended For Protecting Citizens’ 2nd Amendment Rights

Federal judge throws out Oklahoma’s ban on Shariah law

Obama Demands to Open Packages So He Targets FedEx, UPS

Where is the Proof that UN Soldiers are Operating on American Soil?  Oh, Right Here ....

We are even being told now about what is called the mother of all conspiracies designed to separate you from your children and give the government complete control over your children. To put it simply, Human, Health and Services (HHS) and their state level emissary, Children Protective Services (CPS) are engaged in a conspiracy which will culminate in (1) the Agenda 21 designed breakdown of the family; (2) the eradication of any semblance of parental authority over children; and, (3) unbridled and unfettered access to seizing children from the home in unlimited quantities for whatever nefarious purposes which might dictate the volume of child seizures.  We have seen the European Commission Announcement of Their 'Full Engagement' In **Agenda 21**... for World Control.

Such problems generated by operations outside the U.S. Constitution did NOT begin 'yesterday'.  Your not likely to be told about this one either .... CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup

Washington, D.C., August 19, 2013 – Marking the sixtieth anniversary of the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq, the National Security Archive is today posting recently declassified CIA documents on the United States' role in the controversial operation. American and British involvement in Mosaddeq's ouster has long been public knowledge, but today's posting includes what is believed to be the CIA's first formal acknowledgement that the agency helped to plan and execute the coup.

The explicit reference to the CIA's role appears in a copy of an internal history, The Battle for Iran, dating from the mid-1970s. The agency released a heavily excised version of the account in 1981 in response to an ACLU lawsuit, but it blacked out all references to TPAJAX, the code name for the U.S.-led operation. Those references appear in the latest release. Additional CIA materials posted today include working files from Kermit Roosevelt, the senior CIA officer on the ground in Iran during the coup. They provide new specifics as well as insights into the intelligence agency's actions before and after the operation.

[....] Unfortunately, they still leave wide gaps in the history, including on some fundamental questions which may never be satisfactorily answered — such as how to apportion responsibility for planning and carrying out the coup among all the Iranian and outside actors involved.

But all 21 of the CIA items posted today (in addition to 14 previously unpublished British documents — see Sidebar), reinforce the conclusion that the United States, and the CIA in particular, devoted extensive resources and high-level policy attention toward bringing about Mosaddeq's overthrow, and smoothing over the aftermath.

Some people just love it when a plan come together.  When that plan is "forward" to a communist Amerika, trust me, it is NOT a good thing.  Will "We the People" wake up BEFORE it is too late? Frankly, it is not looking good. See Barack Obama, the final step of the communist takeover in America.

As pointed out at Infiltrated Nation:

"The entire construct of the constitution is intended to prevent what is happening today. This centralized concentrated power of government, a handful of lawyers on the Supreme Court issuing edicts, a President of the United States legislating and ruling by fiat, Congress getting involved in every aspect of our lives, all of this is contrary to the constitution."

"We have to accept the fact that this is a post-constitutional period and when you look at Obamacare as an example, Congress passed a law they had no power to pass, the President signed a law he had no power to sign, the Supreme Court contorted the Constitution, amended the Constitution if you will, and imposed it on us. Now we are being told, 'that's it folks, you can't de-fund it, you're stuck with it, there's nothing you can do about it."




There is presently a massive conspiracy designed to separate you from your children and give the government complete control over your children. To put it simply, Human, Health and Services (HHS) and their state level emissary, Children Protective Services (CPS) are engaged in a conspiracy which will culminate in (1) the Agenda 21 designed breakdown of the family; (2) the eradication of any semblance of parental authority over children; and, (3) unbridled and unfettered access to seizing children from the home in unlimited quantities for whatever nefarious purposes which might dictate the volume of child seizures. - See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/the-mother-of-all-conspiracies-aimed-at-our-children_082013#sthash.FNKzhTqh.JWrZMSrF.dpuf





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