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Analyst's note:  Learn how Obama, and the "progressives" who proceeded him and their "useful idiots," are crippling the U.S. economy.  As a reminder, the Cloward - Piven Strategy: Seeks to hasten fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

Their work is accomplished through "Trojan Horse" movements -- mass movements whose outward purpose seems to be providing material help to the downtrodden, but whose real objective is to draft poor people into service as revolutionary foot soldiers; to mobilize poor people en masse to overwhelm government agencies with a flood of demands beyond the capacity of those agencies to meet. The flood of demands are calculated to break the budget, jam the bureaucratic gears into gridlock, and bring the system crashing down. Fear, turmoil, violence and economic collapse would accompany such a breakdown -- providing perfect conditions for fostering radical change.... revolution. 

The Cloward-Piven Strategy is a tool devised to achieve economic sabotage.  In order to guide and support the revolution, the socialist/Marxists (progressives) over the years have managed to infiltrate and manipulate the Democrat party, organized labor, Department of State, and now they have placed Communists in Congress & Now the White House - Just count 'em.

"[....] It is impossible to read “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” without being convinced that Obama’s education in communist ideology stretches from the extracurricular education he received from Communist Party mentor Frank Marshall Davis in Honolulu to his recruitment as a New Party candidate in Chicago, with strong ties to the Democratic Socialists of America.

[....] communism in America did not die with the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is alive and well, with ties that run deep today with Barack Obama in the White House and the radical leftist Democrats serving in the halls of Congress."

These people, and many others, are working together to undermine the principles on which this country was founded.  The U.S. Constitution stands in their way.  Forever 21 stores to cap employees’ work week hours at 29.5. Thanks Obamacare!

What we keep looking for coming from Obama is NOT in writing as they work together to destroy this nation.  These people, and others, are all of the same ilk .... they hate this country and they don't need, nor will we find written instructions to them.  There will NOT be a paper trial ... these people do NOT need specific "secret" instructions to create these situations we are now observing.  They even tell us their plans, but we do not believe them .... our response, "That can not happen, this is America."

Exactly the same thing was observed ... after the fact ... in the regime of Hitler.



How Obama is deliberately crippling U.S. economy

by Stan Marszalk for WMD


Ever since Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, Americans have heard a lot about “progressivism,” Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” of orchestrated chaos – basically, intentionally causing an existing system to break down in order to “rescue” it by instituting a new system. In other words, a “fundamental transformation.

[....] For any economy to function properly depends on the availability of capital and credit, raw materials, manufacturing capacity and production, and labor. To intentionally cripple an economy, one or more of these elements would have to be controlled or withheld.

[....] Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, signed by Jimmy Carter .... the two principal economic engines driving the U.S. economy were automobiles and housing. The Act forced banks to misdirect their investment capital to areas and individuals that previously did not merit credit because of the high risks involved. Thus, in place of 30-year mortgage loans that in the 1960s had fairly strict standards and required 20 percent down, we ended up with “liar loans” and 0 percent down, all with the support of Fannie Mae and the blessings of progressive officialdom.

[....] Thus, in place of 30-year mortgage loans that in the 1960s had fairly strict standards and required 20 percent down, we ended up with “liar loans” and 0 percent down, all with the support of Fannie Mae and the blessings of progressive officialdom. At the peak of the housing bubble in 2007, there were roughly 450 trillion dollars’ worth of derivatives and mortgage junk bonds floating in the world markets, while the combined total of GDP of all world economies was estimated at only 57 trillion dollars! Once the housing bubble burst, it almost took the developed capitalist countries down for the duration, and we are still suffering from the after-effects of this blowup.

The 2008 financial fiasco has brought us the Dodd-Frank legislation that will generate many thousands of pages of new regulations and put a stack of new restrictions on the financial community. It has also brought with it a number of new councils, committees, offices and bureaus that will give us an army of new public servants!

[....] In the end, the government will control the allocation of credit, capital flows and the uses of money.

[....] The latest data indicate that 46 percent of such refinanced loans now have defaulted a second time, paving the way for a second financial bubble in the future.

[....] “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.” What that means is a forced integration of housing through zoning laws, infrastructure planning, financial policy and transportation. For an extreme example, it might transplant a “welfare case” from his cardboard box under an overpass into an upscale gated community! What a wonderful example of equality! But one thing is for sure. It would shatter the values in the housing market and achieve one of the goals of the Cloward-Piven Strategy: Push the dissatisfied population to the brink of rioting so the authorities can step in with remedies that result in a new form of government.

As an added “benefit,” this new regulation will also re-energize school integration whose previous incarnation was the government’s intensely controversial forced-busing program.

[....] Finally, if you ask a reality-based economist what is the single most effective way to grind an economy to a crawl, he will have to agree it is curtailing the availability of abundant and affordable energy. This is one reason the Environmental Protection Agency has become one of the favorite tools of progressives in controlling the economy. It came into being to enforce the Clean Air Act of 1963, signed by Lyndon Johnson. Since then, it has muscled its way into almost every area of environment and production, exploding into a force of 17,000 bureaucrats. It mandates, enforces and punishes.

EPA has expanded into a monstrosity that will ultimately strangle this country, as all its actions have the net effect of diminishing the availability of affordable energy.

[....] Add to this Obama’s declared war on “dirty coal” and you will see a sharp increase in the promised skyrocketing electricity costs, which in turn will affect everything from household power to production and manufacturing in this country.

[....] What is disconcerting about all of this is that the right-of-center politicians, journalists and commentators who should know better get preoccupied with some relatively insignificant issue the progressives throw out to them to obsess and fight over, all as a diversion to keep us from focusing on the main agenda and goal of Obama, which is so well defined by the Cloward-Piven Strategy. It is the main method by which Team Obama is attempting to accomplish the promised “fundamental transformation” – another term for “revolution.” absolutely



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