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Analyst's note:  This will absolutely astound you ... a must see and carefully consider posting.  What is happening here in America is NOT an accident.  You are not hearing this via the main-stream news.  The "Grand-Daddy of all terrorism" is without a doubt operating in the halls of power here in the United States.  You really need to know about this group receiving massive funding from overseas as well as from the American taxpayer. 

The good news is that WE CAN STOP THIS!

Our government has the Muslim Brotherhood secret documents in their possession ... yet we only need to follow the money trail.  What is coming to happen in America is not going to be pretty if we don't stop this.  We only have to look at Europe and the "Arab Spring" to see the what is rapidly coming .... and worse.  It is called the global caliphate. Learn why Marxists and the Muslim Brotherhood are working together in the short term to attack America. 

Even now seven States have passed laws to prohibit state judges from considering Islamic law in family cases ... yes, here in America.  In a primer on Sharia law and efforts to ban it in the United States, Religion News Service explained many Americans view the Islamic legal system as intolerant and overly harsh in punishment.

Here is yet one more addition to the ever growing list by David Kupelian in WMD, explaining How America has morphed into a 'Bizarro World' ... in so many ways opposite of what we once were .... and the ultimate solution to this critical set of problems. 

  • Totally Bizarro.

  • The Fort Hood shooter, U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, was finally convicted of his crimes by a military court and sentenced to death. Thank goodness. But let’s look at how the Obama administration dealt with the massacre for the past almost-four years. Hasan, who shouted “Allahu Akbar” before shooting 14 people to death (including an unborn baby) and wounding more than 30 others, openly admitted he was, is, and ever shall be, an Islamic jihad warrior. Yet the Obama administration refused to call what he did “terrorism,” categorizing it instead as “workplace violence.” Until his recent conviction, taxpayers continued to pay Hasan’s salary as a military psychiatrist of $80,000 a year (more than $278,000 since the Nov. 5, 2009, terror attack).But during the same period, the Obama administration refused to pay to have the remaining bullets removed from the back of a soldier who was shot multiple times by Hasan. In fact, the Army garnished the soldier’s pay when he sought counseling for PTSD after the attack. Likewise, the soldiers victimized by Hasan will not receive Purple Hearts or combat-related benefits intended for victims. When the families of soldiers shot by Hasan complained about all this, the Obama administration slapped a gag order on them.

    That’s not just wrong; that’s Bizarro wrong.

    Of course, the perverse way the government dealt with the Fort Hood terror attack – and continues to disrespect its victims – is merely a reflection of how it relates to the larger issue of Islam, which is still officially regarded in Obama’s Bizarro World as a “religion of peace.” As everyone on Earth knows, Islam hasn’t been a religion of peace for the past 14 centuries and shows no signs of beginning now. Meanwhile, Christianity, the moral and spiritual foundation of Western civilization and the basis of its laws, culture and values – not to mention, the explicit reason for the founding of America – is increasingly denigrated, marginalized and demonized here.

Let’s quickly survey a few more Bizarro World hot spots:

  • Illegal aliens: Although their presence is hurting America’s economy, bankrupting border states, injecting many criminals and gangs into the population, permanently harming our culture, taking jobs away from Americans and threatening (once they get amnesty) to create a permanent Democrat voting majority, illegal aliens are rarely prosecuted and deported and, in fact, increasingly are being treated as a protected class! Meanwhile, those opposed to illegal immigration – which is still a crime – are maligned as bigoted, heartless, “anti-immigrant” and, of course, racist.
  • Voter fraud: The “Department of Justice” is working overtime to block states from passing legislation requiring that voters identify themselves before voting. So, even though you need a photo ID to get on an airplane, cash a check, check out a library book or purchase Sudafed, the Obama DOJ now considers it discriminatory (and, of course, racist) to require people to identify themselves before exercising the most important civic right Americans have, which alone permits them to determine the direction and destiny of their country.
  • Socialized medicine: The greatest health-care system in world history – America’s – is currently being torn down and replaced with a socialist model that has led, everywhere it has ever been implemented, to inferior care, tremendous loss of freedom, increased costs, bureaucratic care rationing (aka “death panels”) and vastly expanded government control in every area of life. And yet, if you oppose Obamacare, you’re vilified for hating poor children. And you’re a racist.
  • Guns: Virtually all of the serious, scholarly research done for the past three decades on the relationship between firearms and crime shows that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens (especially concealed-carry handguns) results in less crime. And yet, there is a never-ending push to take firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens – to “stop the violence.”
  • Energy: America, which like all modern industrialized nations is heavily dependent on oil, is blessed with more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. However, the Obama administration has done everything possible to restrict and hobble domestic production, leaving America dependent for her energy needs on adversaries that turn around and use our petrodollars to fund terrorism.
  • Bizarro government: Although Marxism (or socialism, communism, collectivism, progressivism, statism, “the far left” or whatever name you prefer) has been, over the past century, by far the world’s single greatest scourge, causing more death and suffering than any other force on earth, we are elevating these types to the highest levels of government. Meanwhile, the biggest political devil in modern American history is the late Sen. Joe McCarthy, who claimed the U.S. government was full of communists and Soviet agents. However, the U.S. government was full of communists and Soviet agents. Yet to this day, it is not insane Marxist ideology and practice, but rather, those who criticizethe “radical left” and “progressives” (as Marxists prefer to be called) that are maligned in the press, popular culture and education.For the same reason, free-market capitalism, proven to result in a higher quality of life and greater degree of prosperity and liberty for a larger number of people than any other system in world history, is maligned, while socialistic, all-powerful nanny government, which has proven always to deliver misery, corruption and serfdom throughout history, is celebrated.
  • Abortion: After the Kermit Gosnell trial – in which the Philadelphia abortionist was convicted of first degree murder and sent to prison for life – many in America, even those who consider themselves “pro-choice,” were forced to confront the grisly reality that late-term abortions are virtually indistinguishable from criminal infanticide.And yet, just a few weeks later, Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis filibustered for 12 hours to block a law restricting abortions after 20 weeks – in other words, late-term abortions at the same age Gosnell killed. Davis later called her stand on abortion “sacred ground.”So, what was universally condemned as barbaric murder in May became “sacred” in June.
  • Psychiatric drugs: Antidepressant drugs like Prozac, Paxil and Effexor are given to tens of millions of Americans – in fact, 11 percent of everyone in the country over 12 years of age, according to the most recent stats from the CDC. Yet the most well-known side effect of these drugs is that they cause suicidal thoughts. Mind you, antidepressant-induced feelings of “suicidality” are not so-called “rare adverse events” (i.e., occurring in less than 1 in 1,000 people using the drug) – but rather, are serious side effects for the average user, warned about on a “black box warning label,” the FDA’s strongest possible warning, included on every antidepressant sold in America.Repeat: We are giving depressed people drugs that literally make them want to kill themselves.

[....] There is a simple way out of this state: It’s called repentance. If we will only stop in our tracks and cease being so prideful and angry; if we will stop making excuses, blaming everyone else and justifying everything wrong with us; if we will just relax, take a deep breath and realize that something is seriously wrong with us, but that God can help us; if we will just find the courage, honesty and dignity not to freak out, but to face our sinfulness calmly, and to wordlessly ask God to help us, He will. It’s what He does.

He will take us by the hand and lead us away from Bizarro World – which is just a comic-book term for the angry, rebellious, excuse-ridden, inverted, perverted realm most of us dwell in – and He will show us the way out.

Once we get our feet firmly planted on His path, then everything that once seemed so important and fulfilling to us – when we were tangled up with and compulsively attracted to everything wrong – will just seem, well, bizarre.

The preceding was excerpted from the September issue of Whistleblower, WND’s acclaimed monthly magazine edited by David Kupelian. Find out more about Whistleblower.


Lt. General Jerry Boykin (U.S. Army Ret.):

[....] “There’s a paradigm shift in America where, if you are an outspoken, open, Christian, you are now being labeled as not only a hate-monger, but also as a potential threat to U.S. security, as is evidenced by any number of documents that have come out in the last number of years, one of which came out of the Department of Homeland Security,” the war hero explained.

[....] He was, in part, referring to documents influenced by the Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, “that identified the Founding Fathers as the kind of ‘radicals’ that we should be watching out for today.” [....] 




'We have the bad guys in the halls of power'

byErick Stakelbeck

“People would be shocked to know about the Muslim Brotherhood presence in the United States,” terrorist expert Erick Stakelbeck told an interviewer recently. “They are here.”

Stakelbeck was appearing as a guest of Sid Roth on “It’s Supernatural!” the new television program available through WND-TV.

[....] Stakelbeck points to a document he says was recovered in a raid of a Muslim Brotherhood operative’s home by Swiss authorities. According to the document, Stakelbeck says, the Brotherhood has outlined a four-step plan for “destroying Western civilization from within,” four steps already under full swing in America:

  1. Mass immigration
  2. Proselytizing
  3. Building mosques
  4. Get jobs in the halls of power.





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ALERT-There really is a Traitor our U.S. Whitehouse and more!

Federal Gov't is Preparing for U.S. Economic COLLAPSE & follow-on violence.

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