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Analyst's note:  Obama directs our national flag be flown at half staff for this Comrad Mandela.  Mandela was in prison for 27 years for acts of terrorism that he would not renounce.  Learn what he could have done to get out of prison.  Do you remember "necklacing"  as used in South Africa?  It was NOT the Christmas gift being imagined by our younger generation. 

Why did we see three American presidents-Obama, Clinton, and George W. Bush, along with the former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton going to South Africa for Mandela's state funeral on December 15.  Then we were "favored" by Obama eulogizing Mandela -- his personal hero -- calling him 'the last great liberator.'  But that is not all to which we have been "treated" with Obama’s antics at Nelson Mandela tribute overshadow somber eulogy as well as the picture of Obama's hand shake with the Cuban President Raul Castro — the brother of Fidel Castro ... both tyrants from Cuba.  Not all Americans are in agreement as we see Senator Ted Cruz Walk Out on Castro's Speech at Memorial Service for Mandela.  The effort to enslave South Africa under communist tyranny is not yet complete.

Comrad Mandela is considered Obama's role model. Apparently, it was okay to kill whites in the name of black majority rule.  Mandela was repeatedly offered the opportunity to walk out of jail if he would just renounce violence, which he consistently refused to do.  For the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the international communist movement, he represented nothing less than a hero for his positions and activities.  Obama ordered American flags to remain at half-staff in his honor until sunset on December 9.  You would think that facts regarding murder no longer matter.




The Mandela Cover-up Unravels

by Ciff Kinkaid with WND

It appears that AIM and blogger Trevor Loudon are among the few sources highlighting the official statement of the South African Communist Party (SACP) about Nelson Mandela having been a high-ranking member. SACP deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila is quoted by a South African magazine as saying it was denied at the time for "political reasons."

The communist Workers World Party, which supports North Korea, has also reprinted the official SACP statement about Mandela. The communists are proud of Mandela and what he accomplished. His false claims of being a non-communist fooled South Africa and the world (except for his domestic and international comrades who were in on the secret). The official SACP statement includes these words: "At his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was not only a member of the then underground South African Communist Party, but was also a member of our Party's Central Committee."

[....] on the Fox News "Special Report" show on December 5, Jesse Jackson admitted Mandela told him that he was planning bombings of hospitals and schools in South Africa when he got caught. That is why Mandela went to prison. He ran Umkhonto we Sizwe, the terrorist wing of the African National Congress (ANC) and South African Communist Party. The white minority made a deal to release him because they feared for their lives against a Soviet-sponsored terrorist onslaught that was documented in 1982 Senate hearings entitled "The Role of the Soviet Union, Cuba, and East Germany in Fomenting Terrorism in Southern Africa."

[....] whites are now getting killed regularly in the "new" South Africa, and the country is being featured on "Genocide Watch" because of the racist dangers there. A spin-off from the ruling African National Congress, the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) movement, held a rally in October in South Africa featuring banners saying the "Honeymoon is over for white people in South Africa." The group is openly Marxist-Leninist.

Interestingly, a column in the far-left Huffington Post hints at the truth, noting that Mandela "spent much of his life as a radical Marxist allied with global communist luminaries..."

[....] An objective source of some of Mandela's famous quotations is the book, In the Words of Nelson Mandela, edited by Jennifer Crwys-Williams. They include:

  • "Islam has enriched and become part of Africa; in turn, Islam was transformed and Africa became part of it."
  • "The people of Libya shared the trenches with us in our struggle for freedom." (Spoken at a banquet in Tripoli, Libya in 1997).
  • "He [Muammar Gaddafi] helped us at a time when we were all alone, when those who are now saying we should not come here were helping our enemies." (Spoken at the start of his 1997 trip to Libya).
  • "My brother leader." (referring to Gaddafi).


South African Communist Party Admits Mandela’s Leadership Role

by  Alex Newman with The New American

Conservative estimates suggest that in the last century alone, communist regimes — virtually all of which backed Mandela with troops, funding, and more — have been responsible for at least 100 million murders. The numbers are probably much higher. Mandela’s own admitted terror campaign, including the infamous 1983 Church Street bombing, which killed 19 and wounded over 200, claimed many lives, too. He pled guilty to over 150 acts of public violence.

In the statement released on December 6 and published by assorted Marxist outfits, the South African Communist Party, or SACP, helped shed light on all of it. “At his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was not only a member of the then underground South African Communist Party, but was also a member of our Party’s Central Committee,” the SACP said in the statement, illustrating once again the enormity of the long and successful track-record of communist deception.

As to why it was denied for so long, SACP deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila was quoted in South African news reports as saying it was for “political reasons” — apparently people would have been upset to realize their hero and supposed “liberator” was, actually, a card-carrying communist. “There was a huge offensive by the oppressive apartheid regime at the time against communists,” Mapaila said, adding that all of the terrorists tried at Mandela’s Rivonia Trial were Party members.

[....] Today, the common perception of the South African revolutionary, who regularly sang “struggle” songs advocating the mass-murder of whites, holds that he was a “political prisoner.” Left unmentioned in the SACP statement and the adoring obituaries, of course, was the fact that Mandela was repeatedly offered the opportunity to walk out of jail if he would just renounce violence, which he consistently refused to do. For the SACP and the international communist movement, he represented nothing less than a hero for his positions and activities.

[....] Like countless South Africans, Andre Vandenberg has lost multiple relatives to violence in the so-called “Rainbow Nation.” In separate incidents, according to Vandenberg, a motorcycle exporter and former military man who now lives in the United States, two of his female cousins were brutally and repeatedly raped in front of their husbands. One of the women was pregnant with the couple’s first child. All five victims were murdered. After sodomizing and killing the husbands, in both cases, the ruthless attackers raped Vandenberg’s cousins again.

Enduring the horror for hours, one of the women was eventually shot. The other had a tire filled with gasoline put around her neck and set ablaze — the agonizing punishment known as “necklacing,” which was once commonly meted out to black opponents of the predominantly black African National Congress (ANC) now ruling South Africa in an unholy alliance with the South African Communist Party (SACP) and an umbrella group for labor unions. Nelson Mandela’s wife, Winnie, was known for publicly supporting the barbaric act. Nobody was ever arrested in connection with those two farm attacks. [....]




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