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Analyst's note:  Yes, we have enemies both foreign and domestic here in this United States.  Many of us have taken an oath to defend against such in accordance with our U.S. Constitution.  As citizens, we all have a responsibility to protect our nation.



Which global hotspots should US keep an eye on in new year?



Breach: Man Defeats $300 Million Airport Perimeter Fence: “Substandard Security System”

So much for scrubbing granny’s wheelchair for explosive residue at the airport’s TSA checkpoint…




BOMBSHELL REPORT…Delta Force was in Tripoli at the Time of Benghazi Attack

"This is unbelievable.  We didn’t have assets close enough to save Benghazi?  Since when is Delta Force and Green Berets considered nonassets?  I can’t wait to hear what crap democrats will put out to defend the traitor in chief this time.

The Washington Times reports that contrary to what Barack Obama and Leon Panetta have said, there were 8 special forces commandos in Tripoli the night of the attack, just 400 miles away.  They were made up of Delta Force, the country’s leading counterterrorism force and Green Berets.  Two of the Delta Forces volunteered to go to Benghazi, along with 5 private contractors.  Both have been quietly awarded medals for their bravery for turning back the attackers. [....]"


Former Ambassador, Rep. Ann Wagner: The President Gives The ‘Stand Down’ Order



Former Ambassador, Rep. Ann Wagner: The President Gives The ‘Stand Down’ Order - See more at: http://danaloeschradio.com/former-ambassador-rep-ann-wagner-the-president-gives-the-stand-down-order/#sthash.3WGy8lHV.dpuf


Military documents confirm Obama is silencing, criminalizing Christianity





General calls for massive march on Washington

'We need to get off our derrieres. ... Hope is not a strategy'




Conservative lawmakers’ secret Mideast trip could foreshadow Obama downfall

"[....] In short, I believe that this trip lends credence to recent disturbing reports coming from the Middle East which have implicated the President in illegal activities. It is likely that this was a mission to gather sensitive evidence in the face of their knowledge that the Obama administration is a dangerous criminal enterprise from which America must be rescued – and soon.

I believe that details surrounding the President’s actions in these areas will prove damning to him when this information becomes known to the Republican lawmakers who made the trip, and later, to the Congress at large.

It is possible that this and other developments not widely known to the public are the reason for a certain desperation on the part of the administration, President Obama’s recent preoccupation and distraction, as well as his abandonment by many supporters and factions within the Democrat Party. I also believe that the recent proposal of HR 3741 (The Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act) by Democrat lawmakers was initiated in anticipation of charges of treason being brought against members of the administration and its surrogates.

Comparatively few Americans have been tried for treason, and even fewer convicted. Whether a grand jury or US Attorneys become sufficiently motivated to level and pursue such charges, actionable evidence against a sitting President would have to be extremely abundant as well as compelling – and Congress would definitely have to be materially involved.

My belief is that in the case of the individual representing himself as Barack Hussein Obama, an abundance of such evidence exists; it is simply a matter of the proper parties obtaining it, and being willing to act upon same. There are several other prosecutable offenses in which many (including myself) believe this President has engaged, although treason obviously remains the most serious, as it still carries capital punishment according to US law."


War On Coal To Skyrocket Energy Prices





Obama’s Tyranny Brings Call for Revolution



Obama has gutted our economy and amassed a staggering national debt—projected to be $20 trillion by 2016. But this is child’s play compared to what is to come. [....]







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