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Analyst's note:  As a nation we must look at the gospel  principles and values that guided our Founding Fathers.  Absolutely must consider the details of this warning.  Also see the related messages in Finally: "State-Run" Churches Caught Red-Handed  --  ISIS is already inside the US -- Reminder of 5 Ways Muslims Contributed to building America.  Please don't miss the video when you open this post. 


Glenn Beck on Monday warned that “we have missed all the exits,” and World War III is at the end of the highway.

Beck took his audience back 15 years to all of the predictions he has made, starting with his warning in 1999 that Osama bin Laden posed an enormous threat to the United States.

“I talked about a guy [Osama bin Laden] — I couldn’t even pronounce his name,” Beck recalled on his television program. “I got so frustrated at one point at a caller, I said, ‘Look, within the next ten years, this guy is going to rain blood and bodies and buildings in the streets of New York. Will you then wake up?’”

Beck said “we could have done something,” but after 9/11, it was “too late.”

He said the same thing about a number of other predictions. Before the housing market collapsed, Beck said he begged his audience not to take out loans they couldn’t afford. Before the banking crisis, he also begged his audience to safeguard their money.

“It was right around here that I started saying, ‘This is a highway; these are off-ramps,’” Beck said. “There are things on the horizon and if you don’t get off here, or here, or here … at some point we run out of road.”

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 11, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program August 11, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

In 2011, Beck warned that Islamists were seeking to re-build the caliphate, and that radical leftists and radical Islamists would unite to collapse the western world.

“I believe we’re at the end of the highway. This is it,” Beck said. “The caliphate is here. We are headed towards World War III … [and] I don’t know how to tell you not to get there because we’ve missed all of the exits. We are headed for massive European anti-Semitism. … We’re headed for a collapse beyond our understanding because we got off the gold standard.”

Beck said that over the weekend, Russia and China took yet another step to cut the U.S. dollar out of their transactions.

“Which side do you think China has just picked? They’ve picked Russia,” Beck said. “Which side is Russia on when it comes to the caliphate? Oh, that’s right, Iran and Syria. What side are we on? Saudi Arabia. Gee, that puts America in the position of World War II.”

Beck said in World War II, America faced communism and fascism and, though we didn’t like either system of governing, we decided to “cozy up to the communists” because we liked them more than the Nazis.

“It’s almost like, who do you want to cozy up to? You’ve got Iran running a caliphate, or you have Saudi Arabia. Well, we really don’t like Iran, but we kinda like Saudi Arabia,” he remarked. “It’s World War II all over again.”

Beck said he thought all weekend about “how to get out of this,” but he’s “already said it all.” He said the only thing his audience can do is embody “gospel principles.”

“That’s it,” Beck said. “Live like Jesus. Live like Gandhi. I don’t care who your model is. Live like Buddha … What you have to be is the impact zone. You have to be the parachute. You have to be the one that helps society absorb what’s coming.”

“If we don’t stand, and stand together, across all political parties, all lines, all classes, and we just help each other, and we exercise the human heart … if we don’t do that, I don’t know if we survive,” he concluded. “I don’t know who does, but the world is about to change.”


This Poor Family Gets Shot with 3,192 Paintballs in 5.3 Seconds to Prove a Powerful Point

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The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights 

by Dr. Bill Warner

The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights was a document put together in 1990 after the United Nations had come out with its Universal Human Rights. The Muslims looked at it and said: “We don't like universal human rights. We will put together an Islamic document about human rights.”

We can learn something very interesting about Islam and about us as Kafirs from this document. It is a 2 to 3 page document that is based on the Sharia. It has some lofty language, which at first seems to be wonderful, until you look at it really closely. For instance, it starts off by saying that all human beings form one family whose members are united by their subordination to Allah. What? Human beings are those who submit to Allah and that's our first insight into the true nature of this doctrine. What about those who do not submit to Allah?

It goes ahead to say all men are equal in terms of basic human dignity. Well, not really because in the Sharia, there are Kafirs and believers and Kafirs are not treated equally under the Sharia. 

The Cairo Declaration states that the right to life is guaranteed to every human being. It is forbidden to take away a life except for a Sharia prescribed reason. What might those be? Well there's the usual ones, such as the penalty for murder. But then there are other reasons to take a life, which I personally don't like. For instance, it's allowed to take the life of a Kafir, if it is in jihad. That is wrong and doesn't really give me a lot of rights. Another reason that you can kill somebody is, buried deep in the back of the Sharia text, is that both parents and grandparents shall not be considered guilty if they kill one of their children. So in other words, honor killings are built into the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights.

It states that men and women have the right to marriage and no restrictions stemming from race color or nationality. What are we missing? Yes, religion! Because you see there are many prohibitions on Muslims. A Muslim woman is not supposed to marry a Kafir male, but a Kafir woman can marry an Islamic male, a Muslim male. Why? The children have to be raised as Muslims.

The Cairo Declaration says that a woman is equal to a man in human dignity. Right. But included in the Sharia are prescriptions on how a woman is to be beaten and the appropriate ways to do this. So much for equality.

It say that everyone shall have the right to enjoy their fruits of his scientific, literary, or artistic work. Well, not really. Because you see, any art which portrays Mohammed or Islam in a bad way is strictly forbidden. 

Then we have one that sounds great. All individuals are equal before the law. But individuals are not equal under the Sharia. A Kafir cannot testify in a Sharia court against a Muslim. That's the equality under the Sharia. 

The Cairo declaration says that everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely. Try going to Pakistan and say something about Mohammed Muslims don’t like and you'll see how much right you have to freely express your opinion. You'll be dead. 

The Cairo Declaration ends with a simple statement. All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this declaration are subject to the Sharia. It is a case where the little print takes away everything that the big print promises. Because there aren't any rights and freedoms inside of the Sharia for the Kafir. Human rights are only for Muslims. Kafirs don't have any rights because Kafirs are not humans. So much for the declaration of human rights under Islam.

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