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Analyst's note:  The truth regarding Muslims vs the West is stark ... and near-term.  

"They (Muslims) are winning folks! People have got to wake up here, but sadly, most still can’t believe it can happen to ‘the most powerful country in the world’. This type of denial displays the utmost ignorance of history!"

It is also true that the U.S. IS TARGETED FROM WITHIN: World War III is Not a Rumor.  Learn the patterns.



[....] as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. Since 2005 two Muslims have been elected to the U.S. Congress. He lists the U.S. with a 0.6% Muslim population. From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.

[....] When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues. Their goal is Islamic Sharia law.

[....] the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government at almost every level.

[....]  it is not an accident that we have the President of the United States (Barack Obama) , the Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton), Secretary of Defense (Leon Panetta), U.S. Attorney General (Holder), and others directing us to conform to the dictates of the Muslim Brotherhood.

[....] Obama was providing $3 billion in support to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

[....] a plethora of documentation about Obama’s Communist connections and never before reported by the mainline media.

[....] The Muslim Brotherhood’s own stated mission in the United States aligns beautifully to the Communist’s goal and that is to destroy Western civilization from within by our own hands

[....] Even though more than 50 Democrats, including the two Muslims serving in the House, wrote to King asking him to cancel the hearings, he declined and proceeded with the controversial hearings examining the threat of radical Islam in America. Political correctness has done us in and tolerance will be the death of our sovereign nation unless we wake up.


I simply can not recommend strongly enough that you read "Shariah, the Threat to America: An exercise in competitive analysis, Report of Team 'B'" II


Muslim Demographics shown 2009



The Obama Family Found Involved In Secret Plot To Establish Islamic Law


In Search of a Strategy
Obama isn't the only one who needs a coherent approach to the worldwide jihad.



Iranian Video Says the Mahdi or 12th Imam is 'Near'

... the Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a signal that the Mahdi--or Islamic messiah--is about to appear.

OUTRAGEOUS: New Report Reveals Obama And Holder Are Abusing Power To Fund Radical Liberal Groups

..."This is massive fraud and extortion..."




Pentagon Official: The Facts Are In, And Obama’s Policy Is A Direct Danger To The United States  

....  If there is not an immediate course-reversal, the United States is in serious danger.





3-Star General: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated All Levels of US Govt To Install Sharia Law


“Sharia law is a very serious threat in America. We are being invaded by a group of people who see it as their absolute imperative to establish a legal system in America which will in fact destroy our Constitution and be replaced with this thing called Sharia law,” states retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin.

Boykin has declared that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government at the highest levels in the Pentagon, DHS, both Republican and Democratic parties, and virtually all prominent branches of US government.

“If Americans only took time to do the proper research and find out just how deep this infiltration into our govt is it would just frighten you,” he states.

So we have a Muslim president that’s destroying the country with his ‘pen and his phone’, and he’s got his counterparts set up all over our government. This is not just Obama, this is a well thought out plan to, as the Muslim Brotherhood has already declared, “destroy America from within.”

They are winning folks! People have got to wake up here, but sadly, most still can’t believe it can happen to ‘the most powerful country in the world’. This type of denial displays the utmost ignorance of history!


"Islam, Sharia Law & Chrislam" - Gen. Jeremy Boykin - Islam - Oak Initiative April 2011



Special Forces Lt. Gen. W.G. Boykin Warns of Engineered Economic Collapse, Martial Law, Dictatorship



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