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Analyst's note:  In addition to the artlcle below, I refer you to 'Dereliction of duty': Obama's worst scandal  and BREAKING! GOVERNMENT ARRESTING PEOPLE FOR ANTI-OBAMA FACEBOOK POSTS! to see just some what is on-going here in America.  If we are going to defeat our Islamist enemy (both foreign and domestic), we must know the truth about it.   Instead what do we see but "Eric Holder launches media campaign against “homegrown terrorists”.

"No doubt the Obama Justice Dept. will eventually use program to target Tea Party"

We already know that Obama's Amnesty Serves Special Interests, NOT Interests of American Workers



Years ago, to protect against deadly gases, coal miners carried caged canaries down into the mines. Monitored closely, the canaries served as "early warning systems." A dead canary sent miners bolting for the exits.

On August 27, conservative talk show host Sean Hannity's interview with British-born Muslim extremist/Imam Anjem Choudary provided viewers with a "canary-in-the-mine" moment concerning democracy's status in the U.K.

That canary may well be dying.

Not discussed during the interview but, explained herein later, the irony  of Choudary's campaign to destroy England's government, replacing it with a theocracy and sharia law, is that London is paying him to do it!

Choudary-a home-grown extremist Islamic convert-has occasionally violated but mostly managed to skirt British law in his support of Islam's ultimate goal of world domination. For anyone doubting his true colors, his recent support of ISIS should be a truth-teller.

What Choudary preaches today is a far cry from the partying, hard-drinking, card-playing, beardless college student he was in the early 1990s. Later, working with a Muslim organization, he became instrumental in recruiting Muslims to train in Britain to fight abroad. His preaching of Muslim's doctrine of HIV (hatred, intolerance and violence) has resulted in three organizations, to which he was linked, being banned.

Undaunted, and undoubtedly encouraged by his progress in Britain, Choudary more recently spread his wings to Denmark. There, during a June 2014 visit, he established yet another organization to broadcast his HIV message against non-believers.

Choudary gains followers there despite the fact Muslims, representing only five percent of the total population, receive 40% of all welfare benefits. Hard-working Danish non-Muslims fill a welfare state treasury for unappreciative and non-working Muslims to drain-with the latter then demanding sharia law.

In his earlier days, Choudary promoted sharia as a duplicate system to co-exist along with British law. In a Muhammad-era tactic, as sharia made inroads into Britain and an increasing Muslim immigrant population gained strength, Choudary pressed for sharia to displace-not co-exist with-British laws. In the interview, he warned, sharia will eventually rule America.

Choudary tweeted followers:

"Whatever Prime Minister Cameron & (Homeland Security Secretary Theresa) May do they can't stop the rise of the awakening giant called the Muslim Ummah (community). Shari'ah will one day be law in the U.K."

Of note, among Choudary's followers, is the British ISIS member who beheaded American journalist Jim Foley.

In the interview, Hannity asked Choudary for direct answers. But, using an all-too-familiar tactic to dodge honest debate on Islam's true intent, an "issue avoidance and deceit smokescreen" was employed.

As the issue avoidance tact wore thin on Hannity, the imam turned to deceit, declaring reports of ISIS atrocities to be Western lies. How Choudary could say that with a straight face reflects the cunning such advocates exercise, planting doubt within Western minds susceptible to naively accepting as gospel what Islam's deceivers say.  

As Hannity became frustrated with Choudary's smokescreen tactics in refusing substantive discussions on issues of critical importance to listeners, he listed numerous human rights abuses sharia law sanctions. Choudary spoke simultaneously, trying to make Hannity's comments incomprehensible.

In a rare moment of clarity, Choudary finally admitted Islam's goal is to establish a worldwide Muslim caliphate. While he continued to blow smoke about what this meant for other religions, it should be obvious-coming from one supporting ISIS atrocities against non-believers-what that is.

Representing only 5% of Britain's population, a vocal and violent Muslim minority is well on its way to changing the U.K. forever.

The Quran actually provides  three submission options for non-believers in Muslim-controlled lands: converting to Islam, paying a tax to Muslim rulers ("jizya") or death.

Unsurprisingly, in a democracy where Choudary takes advantage of free speech and religion to promote a hate ideology masquerading as a religion, he also rapes Britain's welfare system. In a most convoluted view of the welfare payments he receives, the imam views them as the appropriate payment of jizya to him. Thus, Britain subsidizes his hate campaign!

In January 2011, a British father, whose 21-year old son had been killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb, expressed his fury over a hate-mongering Choudary receiving 25,740 pounds (almost US$43,000) in untaxed state handouts annually while his late son had received far less for fighting the hatred Choudary promotes.

Four days after the Hannity interview, Choudary was interviewed on CNN's "Reliable Sources" hosted by Brian Stelter.

Perhaps in shock over Choudary's comments, Stelter allowed the imam to talk at length. Choudary joked about 9/11 (when asked for a sound check prior to going live-typically done by counting to ten-he rattled off 9/11 and dates of other terrorist attacks on the West) and refused to condemn ISIS for the Foley beheading. However, he was willing to condemn "moderate" Muslims speaking out against radical Islam as paid Western agents.

Choudary's interviews clearly reflect his confidence Western democracies are on the ropes.

In 1998, recognizing the havoc and anti-social behavior of youth gangs, London adopted laws to disrupt them. That same aggressive policy is now needed to shut down hate preachers like Choudary. It represents England's last best hope for reviving its canary.

Only time will tell if it is too late for the U.K. to save itself, reversing the Islamization process. But America needs to heed a British canary which, at worst is dying, and, at best, is gasping for freedom's air. 

Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, USMC (Ret.), is a retired Marine infantry officer who served in the Vietnam war, the U.S. invasion of Panama and the first Gulf war. He is the author of "Bare Feet, Iron Will--Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam's Battlefields," "Living the Juche Lie: North Korea's Kim Dynasty" and "Doomsday: Iran--The Clock is Ticking." He frequently writes on foreign policy and defense issues.


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