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“War is deceit.”  —Muhammad, Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Hadith 269



Has Fox News Become an Enlistee in the Jihad?

It might seem like an extreme question, but extreme times call for exactly this kind of questioning: Has Fox News become—either wittingly or unwittingly—an enlistee in the effort to bring Sharia Law into America?  The Jihad is, simply put, the Struggle to bring Sharia Law into areas that have not yet submitted to it.  To bring this about, Muslims must immigrate and be given permission to practice their illegal activities (such as sex with children, assassination of counter-jihadists, female genital mutilation, gang-rape of non-Muslim women, plural marriage, etc.) under the aegis of political correctness, by allowing these criminal activities First-Amendment protection.  Allowing in the most extreme bad actors—according to Western standards of criminality—by awarding them refugee status is an important step in giving aid to the Jihad.  So, is it true that, by backing pro-Islamic Republicans in the primaries, Fox News has been helping the Muslim effort to bring the Sharia to America?


Fox’s Muslim Influence: Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal’s 7% Ownership

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is a 7% owner of News Corp., the parent company of Fox News.  Media Matters proclaims the following: “According to a report by Yahoo! News’ John Cook, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal—the second-largest shareholder of Fox News’ parent company News Corp.—has deep funding ties to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the ‘principal planner’ of the Islamic community center in lower Manhattan”.  And Politifact has reported that “Alwaleed owns 7 percent of Class B voting stock with 21st Century Fox, second only to Murdoch, as of Aug. 19.” A photo of Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal speaking with Fox Owner Rupert Murdoch bears the following caption: “Rupert Murdoch, controlling owner of News Corp., with Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit in March.  Waleed holds 7 percent of the voting stock of the media company.”  (Click here for the image.)


Pro-Muslim Bias in Fox’s Choice of Jeb

Jeb Bush Shrug

At the onset of the primary season, Fox barely recognized the existence of the Ted Cruz campaign and disparaged Trump as not being serious.  So who did Fox choose to shower with coverage?  Jeb Bush, the candidate with the strongest ties to the Saudi royal family, through his family’s oil business, was their favorite, despite the fact that his campaign never really received much in the way of traction with the American people.  Americans are wary of Clintons and Bushes these days.  Not only does the notion of two-family rule from within the Washington Establishment pose concerns, but the Bush family’s beliefexpressed by W in the aftermath of 9/11—that “Islam is a religion of peace” holds less water with every Muhammadan jihadist attack.  And, according to NewsMax, Laura Bush recently “bashed Trump’s attacks on Islam and Muslims.  [Laura Bush said,] ‘One of the very first things, one of the reasons we’re a country, is because we believe in freedom of religion. . . .  We don’t have any religious test in the United States,’ she continued.  ‘That’s what we need to remember’”.

Ms. Bush’s suggestion that Muslim immigrants have a right to immigrate here and that, further, they also have a right not to be subjected to a religious test is an uninformed opinion, at best.  Immigrants are typically asked about their religious beliefs, due to the fact that so many seeking asylum in America are doing so because of religious persecution.  And many, ironically, suffer this persecution at the hands of the very Islamic jihadists Ms. Bush seems to be in favor of allowing into the country.  However, the US Constitution does not extend rights to people who are not legal American citizens or resident aliens, thus would-be immigrants have no Constitutional rights whatsoever The lack of a religious test, Constitutionally speaking, that Ms. Bush refers to is meant for those taking the Oath of Office to serve as federal officials.


Passing on the Baton to Rubio

After Jeb dropped out of the presidential race, the Left’s favorite pro-amnesty/pro-illegal immigration Republican, Marco Rubio , became the beneficiary of the “anointed one” status bestowed by Fox.  As Universal Free Press reports, “For the last couple of months there has been an obvious push [by Fox News] to improve Rubio’s polling and his favorability with the American people.  Forget his record on amnesty, drastically increasing H-1B visas and as the deciding vote in passing Obama’s dictatorial approval of TPA for TPP, they’ll spoon feed us how wonderful he is based upon a select [focus] group of dial turners [who register feeling levels by turning dials up and down]”.

Unfortunately, even though Marco Rubio is only in the Senate today because he claimed to be in favor of securing the border and stopping amnesty, his position shifted 180 degrees and he became the front man for the Gang-of-Eight amnesty bill”.  — from Townhall

Rubio also criticized Trump’s statement recently that “Islam hates us.”  According to The Week, “Marco Rubio announced he’s not ‘interested in being politically correct.  I’m interested in being correct.’  There is ‘no doubt’ that ‘Islam has a major problem on its hands,’ he added, but ‘we have to work together with Muslims who are not radicals.’”  Rubio’s remarks were aimed at convincing people that they should not be afraid of most Muslims, but only a few, whereas Trump had included in his remarks earlier on, when asked how many Muslims hate non-Muslims, that he thought the correct answer was “a lot of them.”  Rubio seems to be trying to have it both ways, claiming to be concerned about the problems in Islam, while not being supportive of the common-sense approach that Trump is suggesting: to pause Muslim immigration until such time as we might figure out how to vet Muslims for safety’s sake.


Kasich’s Turn


After Rubio’s candidacy tanked, due to his rejection by the sensible grassroots, Fox took to supporting Ohio Governor John Kasich.  But the Ohio governor has been so tolerant of illegal aliens that he has failed to deport even the most dangerous among them.  According to Dan Golvach, whose son was killed by an illegal alien in Texas, “John Kasich is the most traitorous of the bunch.  What he’s proposing [amnesty within his first 100 days as president] will end America. . . .  He couldn’t care less about what negative effect it [amnesty] would have on American workers. . . .  When you have to go look at your child’s deflated head in a casket, it never gets . . . out of your mind.  And then you look at people like Marco Rubio talking up there, talking this nonsense [about amnesty], your blood starts to boil”.  And the Muslims that Kasich has allowed to immigrate into Ohio have been horrible for Ohio.  Kasich, who is on the record as having saidWe are not at war with Islam, has let into his state more than 45,000 Muslims—38,000 of them into Columbus alone.  Over 90% of them refuse to work and receive government relief.


And Just How Honest Is Fox’s Polling?

A brand new Fox News poll finds that John Kasich and Ted Cruz are outpolling Hillary Clinton in head-to-head match-ups, while Donald Trump, the strongest counter-jihadist in recent political history, is the only candidate who fails in this hypothetical contest.  Predictably—since the polling was done by Fox News—pro-Islam candidate John Kasich does best against Clinton, with a double-digit lead!  He also is the only candidate, incredibly, who comes in above 50% in the poll.  Here are Fox’s polling results: Kasich receives 51% to Clinton’s 40%.  Cruz beats Clinton 47% to 44%.  And Clinton tops Donald Trump 49% to 38%.  These results are just not borne out by experiential reality, when normal Americans talk to each other about their political preferences.  Just who is Fox polling to get these numbers?  And is the sample size even large enough to provide validity and reliability in what is being represented?  Or are these numbers just made up, in a dishonest effort (perish the thought!) to promote Kasich using persuasion by means of polling?  Whatever the case, Fox is happy to provide a representation of American opinion that does not pass muster with most people who live outside the Progressive media bubble.


Changing the Channel

So, if Trump receives the nomination at the Republican National Convention this summer, who will Fox News choose to support?  The Counter-Jihadist Donald Trump?  Or will Fox News support the Israel-hating/Huma Abedin-loving Hillary Clinton?  (Abedin, Hillary’s aide-de-camp, was for twelve years Assistant Editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs for the Muslim Brotherhood.As Fox moves more and more to the left, joining the ranks of our media indoctrinators, an increasing number of conservative viewers are choosing to change the channel on Fox News.

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