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 Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read and consider carefully how the "dots are being connected."  Shariah law is a threat to American and must NOT be implemented here -- full stop.  The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) spoken about in this article by Dr. Hamid is a known front group for the Muslim Brotherhood -- an Islamist jihadist enemy.  CAIR's executive director totally misrepresents the realities of Sharia law in his statements in Oklahoma. 

We know from uncontested evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood is a full blown conspiracy to subvert America.  The Muslim Brotherhood's mission in America is to "[...] destroying Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions." 


One can NOT uphold the U.S. Constitution and Sharia Law at the same time.  Sharia law has absolutely no place in America and simply must not be supported in any manner.  Please do NOT be fooled by those who support Shariah.  Insofar as authoritative Shariah clearly entails the realization of a transnational Islamic theocratic state, its adherents are committed to, among other things, the overthrow of the U.S. Government, through violent means if necessary.  Federal statutes -- see Smith Act - 18 U.S. Code & 2385 - define such activity as sedition and prohibit it.  Islamic law or Shariah promotes Islam as the only legitimate theo-political system and to accomplish it dominance, through violent jihad if necessary worldwide (This is what is meant by the "Islamist" agenda).  Shariah rules all aspects of life, but are most notorious for the mandate they provide for:  stoning of adulterers, execution of homosexuals, amputations for petty crimes, beheading of Muslim apostates, institutionalized misogyny and myriad other violations of Western values and internationalized norms.

Authoritative Sunni and Shi'a legal schools of Islam consider Shariah the proper way.  They use the Quran and the Hadith, or stories of Mohammed's life and behavior as justification.  Shariah demands that its law be dominate over anything man devises.  Moreover, according to Shariah, a Muslim is a martyr when they die killing/murdering the infidel (think any non-Muslim) in a battle (overt or covert) to spread sharia, as this is an act of obligatory "jihad."

The U.S. Constitution protects freedom and equality, while Sharia advocates violence and domination.  Most recently the Associated Press reports that " A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order Monday to block a new amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution that would prohibit state courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding cases."  We must understand that Islamism is a Threat Posing as a Religion.

I also reference a document entitled Shariah: The Threat to America: An Exercise in Competitive Analysis - Report of Team B II (pdf).  This study is the product of an extended period of research, analysis and debate, undertaken by a large team of security policy experts, which seeks to re-orientate American national security policy regarding the Islamist danger.

In doing so Team B II focused on the core of Islam, its system of law, or "Shariah", conceptualised as a totalitarian ideology akin to communism, Nazism and fascism, and pursued by Muslim supremacists who seek "to impose ... a global totalitarian system cloaked as an Islamic state and called a caliphate" (p.6).  Here urgent recommendations
from Team B II :
• Resist attempts to establish Shariah, either as a parallel system of laws or as the sole system in Islamist-dominated enclaves and "no-go areas";
Prevent the establishment of such areas;
Deny immigration entry to those who advocate or adhere to Shariah;
Cutting government funding to Shariah advocacy groups and their front organizations;
Using hate laws to prohibit supporters of Shariah from holding positions in government-funded bodies;
Proscribe Shariah-compliant finance systems and other practices that promote and facilitate the development of Shariah;
Enforcing sedition laws and applying them to imams and mosques that advocate Shariah;
Preventing the use in schools of textbooks that promote Shariah and withdrawing funding to such schools; and
Generally educate the population about the nature of the Shariah threat.

Frankly, I don't understand how CAIR can be allowed to even operate here in America, let alone make recommendations regarding our Constitution. In addition to reading the article below, a search within this CSIA Report on the terms of "Phares", "Muslim Mafia", "jihad", "sharia", "CAIR",  "Caliphate", "Awlaki", "Cordoba", "Dhimmi", "Hezbollah", Moderate Muslim", "Muslim Brotherhood", "Panther", "Salafists", "Tawfik", "Marxist", "IslamBerg", "Iran", "PFLP", and "Hawala" and the related CSIA Report: Media Collection will provide the additional insight to understand why I speak with such conviction.

Read now the views of Dr. Tawfik Hamid as expressed in his newsletter I just received on the subject.

"A popular new law that bars Oklahoma courts from considering Islamic law, or Shariah, when deciding cases was put on hold Monday after a prominent Muslim in the state won a temporary restraining order in federal court. This ruling was issued in the name of freedom of religion and minority rights.   

U.S. District Court Judge Vicki Miles-LeGrange ruled that the measure, which passed by a large margin in last Tuesday's elections, would be suspended until a hearing on Nov. 22, when she will listen to arguments on whether the court's temporary injunction should become permanent.

"Today's ruling is a reminder of the strength of our nation's legal system and the protections it grants to religious minorities," said Muneer Awad, executive director of Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Oklahoma, who filed the suit last Thursday, claiming the law violated his constitutional rights.

"We are humbled by this opportunity to show our fellow Oklahomans that Muslims are their neighbors and that we are committed to upholding the U.S. Constitution and promoting the benefits of a pluralistic society," Awad said. 

Awad's statement blatantly misrepresents the realities of Sharia law.

Sharia Law advocates the opposite of freedom of religion and minority rights.  For instance, one of the fundamental principles of Sharia Law is that Muslims who leave Islam, i.e., apostates, should be killed. Allowing Sharia Law to pertain in US courts completely ignores the rights of the Muslim apostate minority and in so doing endangers their lives.

Imagine that a Muslim apostate was in the court room in the US.  If an Islamic Mullah insisted that Shariah law mandates that this apostate be killed, would the judge allow this ruling of Sharia Law? If the judge stopped the killing process, according to the ruling by US District Court Judge Miles-LeGrange, the judge would be limiting the religious freedom of the Mullah.  The judge must suppress the "religious freedom" of the Mulla in order to give the apostate his constitutional rights to freedom of religious beliefs.  It is impossible to have it both ways: the man will live if the Constitution is regarded as the law, or he will die if Sharia is allowed to overrule the Constitution.   

The US courts MUST draw a clear line between parts of acceptable parts of Sharia that are considered personal issues, which are usually not debatable in court rooms, such as washing before prayers and those foundational and fundamental parts of Sharia that promotes violence, discrimination, and gender inequality. These Sharia rules include killing apostates, beating women, stoning of women for adultery, killing homosexuals, accepting slavery, and inequality in inheritance between a man and a woman.

Some may argue that Sharia can be accepted in US courts as there are many interpretations of Sharia Law. This naïve approach ignores the fact that differences in Sharia interpretations are not about the acceptability of violent edicts but rather about details of their implementation.  For example, the four main schools of Jurisprudence in Islam are Shafii, Maleki, Hanbali, and Hanafi.  Without exception, including in contemporary times, none of these schools of Islamic jurisprudence have ever condemned the punishment of stoning.  The views of the four schools of jurisprudence differ only with regard to insignificant issues such as the size of the stones that must be used.

Those who promote the acceptance of Sharia Law in the US need to realize that, not one single approved Sharia Law book clearly rejects the Redda Law (Killing of Muslims who convert to other faith or deny a fundamental part of the religion).  Islamic Sharia texts rejecting this inhumane practice does not now exist, and has never existed. The Redda Law is still taught as fundamental part of Sharia, practiced by radical Islamic groups, and is considered the law of the land in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Others may argue that Sharia in the US should be allowed only to influence American courts with regard to regulation of family matters.  While this arena may sound innocent, the family practices that Sharia allows and even encourages include beating women, polygamy, and forcing underage girls to marry older men.   Women and girls within Islam need American laws to protect them from the injustices of Sharia.

In short, it is impossible to uphold the US Constitution and Sharia Law at the same time.  It is impossible to accommodate both systems together because the one protects freedom and equality of humans and the second advocates violence and domination." 

We must understand that America is under attack from different yet related quarters.  We must also understand that this is all related.  Here is additional insight into the most recent related news regarding the explosive packages intercepted on their way to America.  I know you've been watching the news, so I'll not repeat that here at this point.  The author of one e-mail reminded me of the known fact that U.S.-based Marxists are working with al Qaeda and "revolutionary Iran."  The "radical left" is not discriminating and will join forces with any group that shares its hatred of Israel and the United States… The Marxist seem to have overlooked the results if the global Islamist jihadist actually come to power.  On a related point, this same friend also pointed out that the notorious Marxist terrorist known as "Carlos the Jackal" converted to Islam. He is now in prison in France. 

Also consider this:   Al Qaeda in Yemen used PETN as their explosive in these devices. Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn - admitted Marxist who are known associates of Mr. Obama - used C-4 and pipe bombs filled with nails and heavy metal staples. In fact President Obama started his political career in the Chicago living room of Bill Ayers.  A special report on Bill Ayers endorsing Saturday’s Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally was picked up by BigJournalism.com, BigPeace.com, and World Net Daily. See www.usasurvival.org   Stewart and Colbert are front men for the “progressives.” They should disavow Bill Ayers’ endorsement. But they will not. Although Marxism is not a joking matter, they will try to crack a joke.

One has to wonder what is the associated funding over the years from the radical, fun-loving, George Soros and his shadow government?  Soros funded groups are seen to be participating in a much repeated pattern consisting of:

  • Form a shadow government
  • Control the airwaves
  • Destabilize the State
  • Provoke and election crisis
  • Take power

You'll also want to examine a 56-page report (PDF) on a October 21 "Marxism in America conference." There are plenty of photos of our speakers and summaries of what they had to say.  This same conference produced a a 30-minute radio interview .

Action is required by all of us to survive.  But you say, "What can you do?"  You say, "You don't understand?"  The Islamist jihadist enemy is working to keep you in that state of ignorance in order to make it easier to impose a global totalitarian system that is one of the most brutal and unrelenting this world has offered.  In addition to reading this entire article, I encourage you to search within this CSIA Report on the terms of "Phares", "Muslim Mafia", "jihad", "sharia", "CAIR",  "Caliphate", "Awlaki", "Cordoba", "Dhimmi", "Hezbollah", Moderate Muslim", "Muslim Brotherhood", "Panther", "Salafists", "Tawfik", "Marxist", "IslamBerg", "Iran", "PFLP", and "Hawala" and the related CSIA Report: Media Collection for additional insight.

Political correctness is NOT cutting it as Americans are coming to understand.  Will somebody please tell Mr. Obama before even more Americans are killed by this Islamist jihadist threat?


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