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Analyst's note:  This topic was discussed again on FOX last night by Hannity and some guests.  Two agreed that Obama owes it to show his legitimacy.  A black professor, did his best to trivialize the matter and make it go away, but he could not answer the question of "why" the facts are being hidden. 

"Donald Trump has joined those of us who believe that, since the Constitution
requires that our President be a Natural Born American, "We the People", are
entitled to review the proof of his legitimacy. This would most-likely never
have become an issue, had Obama not built such a wall of secrecy around his
past; he has, at considerable personal cost, managed to "hide" all of the
pertinent records of his past life!

There is a very effective tactic, often deployed by the liberal/socialist
"left", in dealing with unwanted criticism, or questioning of their behavior,
and that is to ridicule and deride their interrogators! The purpose of course
to this tactic, is to discredit their opponents, trivialize their effectiveness,
and turn public sentiment against them! There is a very illustrative case of
this, and it is historically well documented; I speak of the Investigations and
Hearings into Domestic Communism by Senator Joseph McCarthy, from 1950 to 1954!
The communists that he was in the process of "outing", used this tactic (which
is described in some detail, in Saul Alinsky's book: "Rules for Radicals"), to
trivialize, demonize, and make him into an absurdity, that the public no longer
believed! Those very commies, labored to make him seem ridiculous, by saying
that he saw a "commie" under every bed, and in every closet! They were
successful in convincing the public that he was some sort of paranoid "nut", who
saw commies everywhere, and the public reacted by ignoring him, and his crusade
to expose the commies in our very Government! Guess what, the commie
"illusions" that Joe saw, are out from under the bed, and out of the closet, and
are now running this Nation; Joe was right, he has been vindicated!

So now, "they" are doing the same thing for Obama! Anyone daring to have
the temerity to question his birthright to the Presidency, is help up to
excoriation and ridicule, as some sort of "right wing nut", and are
sarcastically labeled as "birthers!" The purpose is quite the same, discredit
the interrogators! Well, I, as Donald Trump, believe that I have the Right to
know that my President is legitimately, and more importantly, Constitutionally
entitled to hold that Office; I too, am a "birther!" But do you want to know
something? John Adams, George Washington, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, Thomas
Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and other Patriots of their time, were the
"birthers" of that period!

Finally, the question of Obama's birthright to the Presidency, concerns not
only the place of his birth, which is a factor. But, it also involves the
citizenship status of his parents! If in fact, his father was never a citizen
of the United States, as has been alleged at times, the place of his birth is
irrelevant; he could have been born in Iowa, but still would not be a natural
born Citizen of the United States!="




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