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Analyst's note:  Thus far we find our American Congress Funding Massive Expansion Of TSA 'Occupying Army' Checkpoints Beyond Airports to American highways, bus and train terminals, at sports events and even high school prom nightsHere in America, we also find that a Shariah Front Group Now Teaches Govt Counter Terrorism Classes. As our own Dr. Lloyd Case points out, we "...need look no further for proof  that the administration is trying to compromise America than at its use of Muslim Brotherhood staff to teach counter terrorism training to our defense establishment.  When did the brilliant thought occur to us that using the enemy  to teach us how to defend ourselves from them? We have come to expect some idiocy from our leaders but this is just incredible!  Doesn't someone up there care about America any more? Wouldn't you consider this letting the enemy inside our defenses?! ..."        Frankly, the American people deserve better.


"Iran has been transferring in recent years large amounts of weapons to well-known terrorist groups in Lebanon and Gaza by various means. One of the ways Iran has found to be very effective is using maritime containers which ship through intermediate ports on their way to their final destinations. Iran exploits the fact that those containers, which are also known as “transit containers,” almost never have their content screened at the intermediate ports. In this article we propose a global solution for the problem, one that will increase substantially local authorities’ chances of apprehending Iranian weapons at the intermediate ports before they reach terrorist organizations.

[....] The purpose of this intricate Iranian operation, in all of its stages, is to cover any Iranian connection to the illegal cargo by exploiting the lack of sufficient security measures, especially in the intermediate ports.

Transit containers pose an especially significant security risk for every state that has a port due to the fact that these containers are almost never screened for weapons or other illegal goods without prior intelligence. The authorities prefer to allocate their resources to screening containers which are actually entering their country, rather than screening containers in transit, which have not officially entered the country, and which are then shipped elsewhere.

Furthermore, transit containers are sometimes left at the transit port for days and weeks at a time – often unchecked – until they are uploaded onto a ship to their final destination, Iran’s entire operation of smuggling weapons by means of maritime containers is based on the assumption that the illegal containers, which are in transit, will not be checked at the intermediate ports by the local authorities.

[....] We must recognize that sometimes intelligence about illegal cargo shipments does not arrive in time for it to be used by the security forces, as were the cases during the Francop and the Victoria affairs. Our proposal will virtually guarantee that containers loaded with weapons which were shipped from Iran and arrive at intermediate ports will be caught – regardless of prior intelligence – due to the 100% inspection regime.

In conclusion, the threat posed by the potential terrorist use of a maritime container and the smuggling of weapons by the same means is a global concern affecting all nations since – as the DHS put it – all trading nations depend on containerized shipping for the transportation of manufactured goods. We will not be able to achieve effective deterrence, take essential security steps, or close the gaps in the system without full international cooperation.


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