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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read this stunning material.  I was through posting for the day till this article was just brought to my attention.  Clearly Gen Dempsey -- yet another Chairman of the Joint Chiefs who must be replaced --  and most in Washington are unable to understand that strict adherence to the tenets of Islam are guiding those within the Afghan army or police to kill our Warriors.  It is called jihad and is far more than just being Taliban members.  Like I've been saying political correctness and the unwillingness to understand this Islamist enemy will continue to kill murder our Warriors and those of our allies.



"BOGOTA, Colombia, March 27, 2012 – The United States will do more to prevent attacks on coalition personnel by members of Afghanistan’s security forces, but ultimately it will be up to Afghans to stop these tragedies from happening, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said here yesterday.

Speaking with reporters traveling with him aboard an Air Force C-17 transport jet, Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey said NATO will have to build up the Afghan counterintelligence function to stop Taliban members from infiltrating the Afghan army or police to kill NATO and allied personnel.

NATO Training Mission Afghanistan has increased training for the program and beefed up the vetting process, the general said.

“There’s an eight-step vetting process that includes everything from letters from tribal leaders to biometrics,” he said. “But where this will finally be solved is when they have the same vetting as we do, because they know who they are better than we do. And the same was true in Iraq.”

The United States still must balance its national security interests against the price service members in Afghanistan are paying, Dempsey said. “I’ll tell you definitively at this point that our national security interests are such that we have to take the additional risk that this brings,” he added.

NATO and U.S. leaders can explore other avenues as well, the chairman said, noting that the more closely NATO and Afghan forces are partnered at the small-unit level, the less likely a so-called “green-on-blue” incident happens. However, he said, big units partnered with other big units don’t seem to have the same effect.

The more individual partnering is, the chairman said, the less likely it is that such incidents occur. “So we are also looking at different ways to partner and work with them,” he said.

Officials will examine the situation and make recommendations in the near future, Dempsey told reporters. “It is a risk to the force, and it is a risk to the nation, and we have to stay on top of it,” he said.

The chairman also addressed the issue of the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The United States will withdraw another 23,000 troops from the country and get back to the pre-surge force of about 68,000 troops. How many to withdraw after that, and how fast, is under discussion, he said.

Dempsey said he needs to see what happens through this next fighting season before making a judgment. “There is a general consensus that the insurgency lost ground, lost momentum, last year,” he said. “What is key to see is what happens this fighting season.”

Another part of the equation is how well the Afghan national security forces do in the coming fighting season, Dempsey said. The police and army will be at the final number of about 352,000 later this year, he added, and also will have most of the capabilities they require to operate. That calculus also effects the decision on troop strength, he said."


I'm furious, but nothing compared to this Marine mother who's comments were shared with me. Her comments (shown below) to the Chairman of the Joint Chief's comments above simply must be seen by the American public as well as those in our federal gov't.

I am just 'furious' at what Army Gen. Dempsey says!

#1...does he have armed Afghans around him?

#2...as my former Marine Iraq vet says, 'Why does the USA cede the 'fighting season' to Afghan timetable? That always irritates him. Question for Dempsey: Who's 'fighting season?' I haven't talked to my son about this specific story yet, but how dare he say: 'What is the key is to see what happens this fighting season.' See what happens? This is the USA, supposedly a Super Power, with the US Marine Corps, which, if unleashed, could set the fighting season and win this war quickly with hands untied!

The worst, see the paragraph where it starts, 'The United States still must balance its national security interests against the price service members in Afghanistan are paying, Dempsey said, 'I'll tell you definitely at this point that our national security interests are such that we have to take the additional risk that this brings,' he added.

Ok, you have one furious Marine Mom here Gen. Dempsey. How do you think this makes our enlisted troops and their families feel? Furious, I will tell you that.


An associate of ours responded to the Marine mom's comments above with the following to which I can only say "Amen":

And within this piece of tripe lies the truth; these guys have so given into the idea of two Islams/two Afghanistans, that they cannot and will not be able to understand why all of this is so perverted. 

In addition; there is nearly nothing there that imperils national security, here. These are 7th century demonic slugs who could be and should be dealt with as ferociously and with as little mercy as they have shown. Anything short of that, and they will never be stopped. They must be eliminated without mercy. 

Dempsey and his “colleagues” – both like-minded American military and his Afghan “counterparts”, are the problem and our guys at this point, the victims. 

There is now very little evidence that anything we have been saying or doing is having any impact whatsoever. This sitting government and it’s herd of appointees have absolutely no interest, no motivation and zero chance of changing course. 

This is the wall and our guys are going to continue to pay the price until someone in DC feels the pain. And being as they have insured they have never had to serve and that their various broods will never have to serve, they will never be able to feel the pain.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but, it is time to bring back the draft!!

As for me, I've always believed in the draft, if for no other reason than to make sure that those in our military are not seen by the American public, and our electored leaders, as simply a group of mercenaries who have volunteered and payed to fight our wars.  Semper Fidelis


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