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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must see and carefully study this stunning and chilling material.  Here is a ten-part course of study, from the Center for Security Policy under the direction of Frank Gaffney, that exposes the ongoing plan to overthrow America from within by the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic radical supporters .  This release and The Shi’ia Endgame – Chess Masters of the Middle East” - Part 2 Release doesn't get anymore serious when it comes to understanding this insider, well established threat to our national security. 

Major General Paul Vallely (retired, US Army)

MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)

MG Paul Vallely stated today that this release of the “Shi’ia Endgame” is the most security related, critical and historical document being exposed to the World in 2012.

It validates what many of us have been saying about the series of radical Islamic events and uprisings in the Middle East and the spread of Muslim radicals in many other parts of the Western world.

It also validates that this global caliphate is planned and funded in large part from Tehran and other radical elements. It is time the World wakes up to these realities, realities being exposed here at home.

Bart Bechtel, CIA Operations Officer (retired)

Bart Bechtel - Former CIA operations officer.

For many years, even decades, the United States and our neighbors Canada and Mexico have been systematically infiltrated with Hezbollah agents for the purpose of laying the groundwork to undermine the U.S. government and western society as a whole.  These agents have wormed their way into communities across the continent, using our own laws and hospitality to establish themselves ever deeper and out of sight.

Many so-called Lebanese businesses here in the U.S., in Canada, and along the U.S. Mexico border are actually Hezbollah fronts to launder money and facilitate financial and logistical support back home.  Hezbollah has penetrated elements of the U.S. government in attempts to influence policies that are beneficial to Hezbollah and its master Iran. 

The Hezbollah operatives hiding within our communities are a sleeper fifth column that must be recognized and confronted.


A new video series warns than an effort to overthrow the American system already is well under way through the “civilization jihad” of the Muslim Brotherhood, with the support of key U.S. government leaders, including Barack Obama.

Radical Muslims have penetrated “team Obama,” according to the series, which examines six individuals who have been allowed into high positions. The consequent danger is “acute,” according to the video makers.

Included in the conversation are the White House, director of National Intelligence, State Department, Justice Department, the Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security and NASA.

Unveiled are the long-term processes of subversion and deceit through which the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic extremists have infiltrated the American government and promoted their plan to implement Islamic law, or Shariah, in the United States and around the world.

Signs of capitulation already are evident in cases such as the Fort Hood massacre. The official military description of the attack by a self-described soldier of Allah, Nidal Hasan, who allegedly killed dozens at a Texas military base while shouting Islamic slogans, was “workplace violence.”

[....] The series explain how many of the well-known Islamic groups operating now in America share the ideals of radicals abroad, including, “Islam is our creed, Allah is our objective, the prophet is our leader, the Quran is our law, jihad is our way and dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

The strategy of the radicals includes keeping “infidels” ignorant, prohibiting “blasphemy,” demanding concessions, using educational tools, interfaith dialogue, Shariah-compliant finance, inserting Shariah into U.S. courts and placing Muslim Brotherhood partners in positions of influence.



The Threat Doctrine of Shariah & the Muslim Brotherhood


'Civilization Jihad' in America


Influence Operations Against Conservatives & the GOP



Suhail Khan, A Case Study in Influence Operations  


The Organizations Islamists Are Using to Subvert the Right


Electing Islamist Republicans


Advancing the Islamists' Agendas


Team Obama & the Islamists


Team Obama & the Islamist Agenda


What's To Be Done?

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