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Analyst's note:  We provide this as a public service announcement. Please don't miss the video. Our thanks to the patriots at Stand Up America.



Stand Up America Editor’s Message:

We find ourselves at a critical crossroad in American history. It is critical on so many levels that this may just be the most important election cycle in our history, if not in our generation alone.

The choice is stark, do we move in the “Progressive” direction or do we start to repair all the wounds to our republic and our Constitution. It truly is that simple.

We cannot repair all the damage all at once, but we can take the all important first steps on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. We know the two candidates were likely not your first choice, but they are the choices we have. We encourage you to vote your conscience, no matter which way you vote, even if it is a write-in, but at the same time we hope you remember that each vote really does count, and your vote may just affect us all.

Additionally, we also wish to remind you that this is not a national popular vote system we employ as a representative republic. This is a day where 50 states poll their citizenry and the outcome of each is how our President is chosen in the Electoral College.

It is also the time each state selects its Representatives and Senators to populate the next Congress. Our system of checks and balances is just as important as who resides in the Oval Office. So to that end, we hope over the next weeks and days that you pay as much attention to your Congressional votes as you do for the most powerful office on Earth.

Over the next several days and weeks until we vote for the Presidency nationwide, SUA has decided to devote our efforts to the resurrection of the republic in support of our constitution by providing this resource and conduit of thought.

Therefore as our educational designation with the IRS implies as a 501(c)4 not-for-profit organization – we want to accomplish several things, some of which include the following:

  1. Educate you the reader on important aspects of the election, the candidates, what they stand for, and what the truth is;
  2. Provide our readers with convenient links and facts so you can become an educator for your area;
  3. Dispel the lies, obfuscations, misinformation, “talking points”, and general spin;
  4. Expose the media bias and its place as a promoter for the left;
  5. Analyze the polls and current standing in the states of the candidates, after all, this is 50 state elections, not a national election;
  6. Describe and simplify the process, the laws, and the constitutional aspects of the election and -
  7. Encourage the discussion and discourse through to the time a winner is declared as President, Congressional seats, and what the future will look like as a result.

In the coming days, each day, new information will emerge here and this page will change often, mostly through additions. The dynamic approach we chose is meant to encourage your input, commentary, and suggestions – good, bad, or indifferent. Please join us by commenting below.

Our first edition begins with the following:

Important factual articles:

1,000 Reasons to vote against Obama/Biden – By  - CDN

Debt, Deficits, and Deceit: Factual Figures and Real Life Examples of Private and Public Corruption That’s Driving America into Bankruptcy!By Kevin A. Lehmann

18 Facts That Dispute Obama’s Lies About the Economy – By Kevin A. Lehman

Over 100 Reasons to Vote for Romney / Ryan - By Patrick Bohan

President Obama

10 Reasons to reconsider voting for the current President:

  1. He celebrates a communist;
  2. Obama has a ‘kill list’;
  3. Obama destroyed an entire industry, coal;
  4. Obama violated the War Powers Act;
  5. Obama violated the Logan Act;
  6. Obama violates his tax pledge;
  7. Obama, Joe Biden, and Eric Holder are responsible for trafficking illegally purchased weapons to Mexico that killed hundreds of people. Stimulus money was used to buy the weapons and Biden is personally in charge of approving stimulus money;
  8. Obama approved taxpayer dollars for losing green energy companies and fleeces America with the scams like Solyndra;
  9. Obama bypasses Congress and legislates from the White House. Example;
  10. Obama bypasses Congress and gives aid to the Palestinians.

More to come…


Mitt Romney

Foreign Policy Speech at VMI, October 8, 2012: 

More to come .....

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