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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read and carefully consider the sacrifice of American life at the alter of arrogance, political convenience and political correctness. I am not buying the words about how much those in the White House care for the American troops and their families.  Are Our Elected American Representatives leading us to another 'Operation Frequent Wind'? 

It is no wonder that good men and women who wear the uniform in the service of our country sometimes mentally resist (PTSD) the reality of this war they must fight under the strategy of counterinsurgency (COIN), as they are lead by on-site "leaders" who are too often politically correct, and who are being heavily influenced if not guided from on high by the enemy in its various forms.  Note that the Muslim Brotherhood has deeply 'infiltrated' inside U.S. gov't. They are preparing the way for the rise of this Islamic kingdom or caliphate.

Under the tutelage of the Muslim Brotherhood that has infiltrated and/or indoctrinated our highest levels of gov't to include our White House, National Security Council, Congress,  Department of State, Department of Defense, FBI  and Department of Homeland Security, etc., this administration has provided our Islamist enemies the surety and timetable of American forces withdrawal from the Middle East.  The Islamist enemy thus had two choices:  (1) to wait us out or (2) to destroy as many of our sons and daughters as possible while our nation retreats.  The Islamists actions underway show clearly their choice.

See The basics about Islam... and you and also note in ‘The Project’ Part I — All Totalitarian Ideologies Are Threat to U.S.

More Proof of the Fruit of Counterinsurgency Madness!

American General 'Excuses' Murder of American Servicemen in Afghanistan due to 'Religious Stress'!




"New calculations from WND columnist Diana West suggest the most dangerous murder rate in the world exists not in war-torn Africa or drug-ravaged Columbia, but among U.S.-allied troops being killed by Afghan “friendly” forces.

More than 60 cases of Afghan “allies” murdering members of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF, were reported in 2012, a rise from 35 so-called “green-on-blue” killings in 2011.

Thus far, the White House has dismissed the killings as few and unrelated, despite rising numbers and repeated claims from the Taliban that the murders are part of an organized campaign to infiltrate the Afghan-Western alliance.
As West pointed out in a recent WND column, Obama campaign adviser and former senior Pentagon official Michele Flournoy minimized the attacks as a “very occasional” problem and a sign of “Taliban desperation.
[....] “That converts to 248 homicides per 100,000,” she concludes.

To put the rate in perspective, the U.S. murder rate is 4.2 murders per 100,000. Europe’s rate is 3.5; Russia’s is 10.2. Even in Central America, the world’s most murderous sub-region, the murder rate is 17 murders per 100,000.

Afghanistan’s rate, meanwhile, is listed as 2.4,” West writes, “unless, that is, you are an ISAF trainer-partner, for whom the murder rate in 2012 was [248] per 100,000.

It’s also important to remember that these are not battlefield deaths,” West writes in her WND column. “They are mess hall, gymnasium and barracks deaths – murders inside the community. It is not an unreasonable stretch, then, to compare the 25,000 partners and trainers among the larger group of 500,000 forces to a population of 25,000 university students among a larger community of 500,000 people. Imagine how 62 murders in a school year, even spread across a large statewide university system, would strike us – not as a ‘tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of a percentage,’ and, given the official silence, not taken seriously at all.

“It should be the Scandal of 2013,” West concludes.

[....] “Early in 2012,” West wrote in her column, “I opened a column with this question: ‘Is there a single public official who is examining – who cares about – the murder spree by Afghan security forces against Western troops and security contractors in Afghanistan?’

“Nearly one year has passed, during which 62 Americans and other Westerners have been killed by Afghan forces ‘inside the wire,’” she continued. “The president has yet to call for ‘meaningful change’; in fact, he has said nothing about it. The Congress has said nothing about it. During the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney said nothing about it. Such silence is a national disgrace, but it’s an answer to my question. No. They don’t care. Not about the men. Not about their families. What they care about is the story line – the fraud that has kept the national arteries to Afghanistan open, fueling the American-led ‘counterinsurgency’ fantasy that an ally, heart-and-mind, exists in the umma (Islamic world), if only Uncle Sam can mold it and bribe it and train it into viability.”"

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