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By: Rick Pedraza

Jerome Corsi says he warned the nation about President Barack Obama’s socialist indoctrination when he wrote last year's New York Times best-selling book, “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.” Now, he fears, the U.S. is becoming a “dual country.'


“I think it’s ongoing right now,” Corsi says. “We’re already becoming a dual country.”


The author, pundit and political scientist says that Obama is using open borders, economic integration, and the crises surrounding the financial meltdown to “advance the agenda of worldwide integration, economically on the way to political integration.'


[Editor's Note: Watch Jerome Corsi discuss the coming dual nation - Go Here Now]


The goal is simple: “redistribution of income.” It’s a trait deeply rooted in Obama’s youth as a community organizer and follower of the late Chicago radical Saul Alinsky. Alinsky, Corsi says, advised radicals in the ‘60s “to cut their hair and run for office. Say whatever was necessary to get elected; listen to the grievances of the people so you can appear to be one of them.


“But when you got elected, the goal was to redistribute income,” Corsi adds. “It appears to be the only consistent theme in the early days of the Obama presidency.”


Corsi believes the U.S.A. under Obama could make an alliance with Mexico and Canada. It’s a theme he touched on in his book, “The Late, Great U.S.A.”


How will this happen? It is the intent of the Obama administration, Corsi says, to legalize the estimated 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. to make it 'virtually impossible for any Republican to be elected president' again.


“President Obama said as much,” he notes. “He went on (Spanish language) Univision radio and told Spanish listeners that comprehensive immigration reform was going to be introduced by the Obama administration very soon.”


Corsi says Obama’s plan will include fast tracks set up for illegal immigrants to achieve citizenship under guest-worker programs, or “some other form of citizenship or entitlement they have by being here.


“I think the idea for Democrats on the left is that open borders imports an underclass which will vote Democratic for generations to come,” Corsi says of the administration's plan to nationalize illegal aliens. But Republicans, too, are responsible for the trend: their pro-business wing favors “cheap workers that can be used in the jobs that can’t be outsourced overseas,” Corsi says.


Corsi says the fact that 10 percent of Mexico’s population currently lives in the U.S. today is another sign of the U.S. becoming a dual country. He also notes there are 50 Mexican consulates in the U.S. to protect civil rights of Mexicans to live as Mexican national citizens, under Mexican law, within the United States.


Democrats also are seeking to gain control over the airwaves. Encouraging and promoting diversity and communication via media ownership is, essentially, accomplishing the same thing as bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, Corsi argues.


“President Obama says he is not in favor of the Fairness Doctrine, and that tends to put everybody asleep saying, ‘Oh, we’ve dodged a bullet,’” Corsi offers.


“But this whole idea of decentralizing radio stations -- where you would say that in any market area, no radio chain could have more than 10 percent of ownership of the radio stations -- this would be an attempt to attack syndication,” Corsi says of syndicated talk radio shows by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin.


“It’s an attempt to backdoor the breakup of conservative talk radio. And it will be a tragedy because commercial radio will suffer. If ‘Air America’ and Al Franken had been a commercial success, the Democrats wouldn’t need a government regulation in order to restrain the First Amendment,' Corsi says..


“It’s a totally political move,” Corsi warns. “I don’t see the Democrats trying to restrain MSNBC from being totally in love with Barack Obama.'


The Democrats, Corsi says, 'can’t tolerate criticism. You’ve got a president with a thin skin who doesn’t like to be criticized – and he’s going to attack the First Amendment as a consequence.”


[Editor's Note: Watch Jerome Corsi discuss the coming dual nation - Go Here Now]

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