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Find out why this rhetoric about the Confederate flag and our national history is misguided and ultimately very dangerous.   We must discover the larger issue which is that God's name is being erased from public life, forbidden in schools, ignored and repudiated in much public policy and laughed at in popular entertainment.  We note that sales of products featuring the Confederate flag in response to last week’s Charleston massacre are curtailed, but items featuring the Nazi swastika and the Communist hammer and sickle remain freely available.  Not only are there growing numbers among us who are calling to put down the Confederate battle flag, but also those who mistakenly call for putting down the American flag as well as the Jefferson Memorial.

As our enemies work hard to manipulate perceptions, we continue as a nation to create "gun free zones" or an easy "target rich environment."  Today we see the ideas of church and arms are assumed to be at odds, as if loving your neighbor has nothing to do with the preservation and defense of life and property. This has not always been the case here in America. 

Although not the only problem,  Mr. Oama lacks the Basic Knowledge for One Who Would Be U.S. PresidentThere is no longer any question but that Obama’s Treasonous Betrayal of America: Documented, Obama is on the side of the enemy.  We have been documenting this unholy alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood now since 23 Feb. 2010. Let there be no doubt Something is Going On, Something is Terribly Wrong! 




After Dylann Roof allegedly massacred nine people at a church in South Carolina last week, lawmakers and race baiters alike from across the country began demanding that the Confederate flag be taken down from public venues like the South Carolina Statehouse because of Roof’s supposed affinity for it.

According to Alan Keyes, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and three-time GOP presidential candidate, this rhetoric was misguided.


I thought we had spent a lot of time healing those wounds, but whenever these politicians want to reopen them, they act as if Robert E. Lee and others who fought bravely under that flag of the Confederacy were simply doing some evil work regardless of the liberty they thought they were toiling,” he told Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg.

The point he made was that the Confederate flag stood for a lot more than just slavery. It also stood for the “great deal of sacrifice of blood and toil” made by those who “were defending their state’s liberty.” In effect, it stood for state’s rights.

Furthermore, Keyes pointed out that even the American flag hosts ties to slavery.


“The American flag, the one we revere, used to fly on slave ships plying the slave trade back and forth,” he pointed out.

The irony, Keyes pointed out, is that while our political leaders have been busy bickering over the Confederate flag, the families actually affected by Roof’s actions have gone on to forgive him.

“Because of their Christian hearts and faith, (they) have looked the individual in the eye with the forgiveness that Christ demands,” Keyes said. “And yet all the politicians are ready to tar and feather one another for supposed crimes because you’re not coming out about this and about that.” (H/T Newsmax)



The focus, argued Keyes, should be on following “the spirit of Christ,” not acting like the actions of one insane individual are somehow representative of all Confederate or Southern culture.

Please share this post on Facebook because Alan Keyes made a great point about how the Confederate flag stands for a whole lot more than just slavery.



"Mr. President! For God’s sake, and America’s sake, quit so often calling crimes that involve a black person “racist”! As the president who came to office, a black man promising to bring people together, a man ideally suited for that job since you were born both black and white, you had a God-given chance to actually proclaim and demonstrate that racial divides and prejudice had greatly diminished and that our society was truly becoming colorblind.

Instead, both at home and, even more sadly, abroad, you have continued to bring up and confess America’s past record of racial prejudice and indicate we “still have issues to resolve” pertaining to race – as if your very presence as twice-elected president of the United States doesn’t proclaim loud and clear that we as a people have largely, though not completely, put to rest any image of America as an ongoing “racist” nation. We are not!"

.... Hear God’s Word you claim to believe:

“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God..that you may be able to withstand in the evil day; and having done all, to stand.” [Ephesians 6, emphasis added]

Mr. President, look in the eyes of these sad, forlorn, lost evildoers – the Roof kid, the Colorado theater killer, the young New Englander who mowed down little children at school, the Columbine duo, the maniac who shot up the Jewish day-care center and then killed a Hispanic postman “just because he was there,” the increasing mall and workplace insane murderers, even the thousands of children hypnotized by vile and violent video “games” – look deeply into their inner beings (not their skin color or professed motives), and you’ll encounter demons from hell, minions of Satan himself, coming diabolically against anything that God loves.

God loves America, Mr. President. But during your watch, His name is being erased from public life, forbidden in schools, ignored and repudiated in much public policy and laughed at in popular entertainment. You declared, “Whatever America once was, she is no longer a Christian nation.”

Simple, stupid “racism” is not our problem, Mr. President. It is declaring that we are no longer a nation “under God.” And as our society increasingly moves away from God’s protective, loving hand, we can expect more and more horrific demonic evil."







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