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Analyst's note:  Absolutely must read and act. Please let me help you first connect-the-dots.  The American people must get to the bottom of all this federal government association with the Muslim Brotherhood (our sworn enemy) and who knows what else. We see federal government leaders within this administration using alias email accounts to conduct official business.  Now we learn that the U.S. says Pakistan's spy service has immunity from prosecution for Mumbai jihad mass murders

Yet again, Barack Obama and his administration does a favor for Islamic jihadists through an affidavit filed in a US court earlier in the week in which the US government said Pakistan’s ISI and its former chiefs, Ahmed Shuja Pasha and Nadeem Taj, “enjoy immunity” in the Mumbai attacks. The affidavit said,  “the ISI is entitled to immunity because it is part of a foreign state.”

Secretary Clinton's "Accountability Review Board" (ARB) declared multiple times in its unclassified report that although there were multiple failures in leadership, "management ability," allocation of security resources and communication, the board could not find "reasonable cause" to discipline (or even name) one person in the State Department.

We now ask "How Did a Gun Belonging to Ex-ATF Official End Up at Fast and Furious-Linked Crime Scene in Mexico?" How can we have Rampant Child Porn Rings at Federal and State Government Agencies?

You can read What Congressman ISSA put into the Congressional Record re Eric Holder on Fast and Furious.  We ask why is Obama providing 'breathtaking' lies and dishonesty: Americans died and are still doing so? We are not alone in believing that  Obama & 'friends' may go to jail over Benghazi ... at very least.  See the Closing House Floor Speech on Criminal Contempt re Eric Holder as Obama Exerts Executive Privilege in Showdown Over 'Fast & Furious' Docs

We understand the budding abuse of power coming at you from OUR federal government. Within the last few months, we published  Announcing Yet Another National Security Scandal with Barack Obama & Attorney Eric Holder Benghazi: Noose tighting with the set-up and the cover-up and The hidden real truth about Benghazi and 'My Re-Election Is Too Important... Stay Where You Are... LET THEM DIE.' connects even more of the dots that include Russia and Iran. 

We strongly suspect U.S. Arms Flow to Syria thru Al Qaeda Behind Benghazi Cover-Up?  We have often reported that Eric Holder's 'Fast and Furious,' is just the tip of the Iceberg'Wire tap applications' prove DoJ top brass knew.  It is public record that Eric Holder Claims Emails Using Words 'Fast and Furious' Don't Refer to Operation Fast and Furious.

In short, we believe that President Obama, his appointees, and czars must be held accountable for their actions .... NOW in such articles as 'Winds of Revolution' - The National Call to Action.  It is not just us .... take a look at Obama's List of UGLY 'Firsts'.  I have provided but a few of the available insights here. 

The atrocities against America and American's from this Obama administration just never seem to stop.  These "progressives" are the people we want to engineer the disarming of America .... I don't think so!

Listen to The Bob Anderson Show ... on Benghazi & former U.S. Marine prisoner still being chained to a bed in Mexico.


Listen to internet radio with Bob Anderson on Blog Talk Radio



He Served His Country Honorably. And Now His Country Has Abandoned Him!

John Hammar     Former Marine Lance Cpl. Jon Hammar, who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, is rotting in a Mexican jail, awaiting a trial that may never come on totally bogus and fabricated weapons charges.

       His parents claim he's being tortured and that they have received mysterious ransom demands from the prison (which is effectively controlled by a criminal cartel). And they've been told if they don't pay, Jon will be killed.

       Hillary Clinton's State Department has done nothing. The Mexican government has done nothing. The consulate has done nothing; and not so shockingly, Barack Hussein Obama has done nothing.

       That's unacceptable. So we're going to Blast Fax our elected officials... and we're going to Blast Fax Hillary Clinton's State Department and Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security...  and we're even going to Blast Fax Barack Hussein Obama right now.

       And we're not going to accept mere puffery or meaningless pontifications. They have the power to have this wrongfully imprisoned Marine released and we want him home for Christmas.  We will accept nothing less.



Arab video shows slain U.S. ambassador in morgue  - Why have no autopsy results have been released? However, four days after the attack, the Washington Times published a denial by AFP. The news wire said the Lebanese site had “removed the report and published a denial, saying that AFP did not report such a thing.” A video news report by the Libyan Free Press, which later was removed, also said Stevens was sodomized before he was killed.

Last month, Middle Eastern security sources further described both the U.S. mission and nearby CIA annex in Benghazi as the main intelligence and planning center for U.S. aid to the rebels that was being coordinated with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.



So many of these things are all tied together that require the American people to take action before America is destroyed. Yes, there is something you can do even if you personally can not march on Washington with your pitchfork.  We ask you to help in unraveling this entire mess.  Please join us in helping Special Operations Speaks to find the "string that will unravel" at least some of this treasonous action going on in Washington, D.C.







Dear Fellow Americans:


We all know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton demonstrated deep and outrageous incompetence with their handling of Benghazi. But new details may show it goes much farther than that– all the way to the point of criminal negligence.

A source from the closed door testimony in the Senate is now reporting that security personnel agents were not armed, and that their weapons were in a separate building. When the enemy attack began, the three agents on duty had to go to an entirely different area to retrieve their M4s, and only one of them made it back to the Ambassador.


And once that lone agent made it back, for reasons yet unknown, he still didn’t open fire on the attackers. That means that while terrorists were trying to kill our people and destroy our property, not a single shot was fired by our agents on embassy property.

For us, this scandal has been unacceptable since the Administration stood up in public and made bald-faced lies to the American public, refusing to acknowledge our real enemy and hiding their fault with the deaths of our men.

But for anyone not yet outraged at the depth and breadth of the failures in Benghazi, this should be the final straw.

The Administration is claiming that they didn’t order the security officers not to shoot. But for what other possible reason would they refuse to take necessary action to save lives and stop the terrorist forces? And why – when our Ambassador and other public servants are known to be in mortal danger – would security forces possibly be unarmed in the first place?

We must find out WHO gave the order to “STAND DOWN” (repeatedly) and WHY! That person should be held accountable for the four deaths.

Barack Obama and his liberal allies are handling these questions just like they have handled every question of this scandal.



They’re denying they did anything wrong, delaying every inquiry by the press or by concerned citizens, and deflecting any criticisms by feigning indignance that people would dare accuse them of wrongdoing.

At this point, two things are abundantly clear.

1)    The Obama Administration fundamentally failed at almost every aspect of the attack in Benghazi.

2)    The American people – including the families of those murdered by radical terrorists – will never know the truth of what happened without an independent investigation.

We a Special Operations Speaks are still doing everything within our power to force Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the attacks and the Administration’s response. But as we all know, Holder and Obama are as thick as thieves, and without unbearable pressure Holder will never cave.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Rep. Gohmert, who has bravely agreed to make all efforts to defund the office of Attorney General Holder until he relents.

Unfortunately, to this point Barack Obama has remained as intransigent as ever. And in the light of this new information, it’s easy to see why. For security forces to refuse to return fire as the terrorist attack reigned down upon them posits a very important question:

Is this Administration truly incompetent enough to fail so completely, or did they purposefully leave our embassy and our men abroad out to dry?

No matter what the answer is, the blood of our Ambassador and the brave men who died to protect our embassy rests firmly on the hands of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But if they let them die for some political purpose, there needs to be hell to pay.

If you haven’t yet signed our petition to call for an independent investigation of Benghazi, I urge you to take a few quick seconds and do so today. I know that it can seem terrifying to stand against an Administration this corrupt, but if we don’t, no one else will.



We can’t let them get away with their clear malfeasance. Even if they didn’t do the horrible act of willfully letting our men die, their shameful handling of the situation – and no-hesitation lies to the American people – are damning enough that we need to demand they be held accountable to the highest possible degree.

They need to be investigated by a special prosecutor. And, if the prosecutor uncovers what true misconduct as we expect, they need to be impeached.

Join us today, and help us finally uncover the truth, and restore honor and dignity back into the White House.




Larry Bailey
Captain (SEAL), USN (Retired)
Co-Founder, Special Operations Speaks

P.S. We’ve been pushing our resources to the limit to hold the Obama Administration’s feet to the fire and rally the America people together to find the truth. If we’re going to finally mount an attack powerful enough to take them down, it’s going to require people across this country working together to surmount their liberal machine.

Thousands of patriots have already stepped up and given generously to get the message out.  Will you join them? Your donation of just $5, $10, $25, or $50 will make a huge difference, letting us reach thousands more patriots just like you. Please give whatever you’re able today.

If you prefer to donate by check: 

Special Operations Speaks PAC
209 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE 
Suite 2109
Washington, DC 20003


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